High quality bathroom flooring is an incredibly important part of a healthy bathroom design. The way a floor is designed and implemented can make or break a bathroom theme overall. Various different materials can be used to make a bathroom floor. However, in order to create a proper theme, you will have to consider various different factors. This guide will go over how your bathroom floor can set the tone for your bathroom design as a whole.

Why Bathroom Flooring is So Important

Why Bathroom Flooring is So Important
Why Bathroom Flooring is So Important

Of course, the flooring in any room is a big part of the foundation. However, it can often be overlooked when it comes to how big a part it plays in the overall design. In a bathroom, it is especially important to incorporate a high quality floor. This is the case for a variety of reasons. First of all, a good floor is essential for the health and safety of both yourself and the bathroom as a whole. Proper placement, sealing and construction will ensure that your bathroom floor is good for the long run.

Secondly, a bathroom floor will set the tone for the other inclusions in a design. For example, the color of your bathroom floor will play a big part in determining what other colors you may want to use. Most bathroom floors are made of some sort of white material due to the versatility it offers. However, essentially any color will be able to be used, as long as the material is right.

Different Types of Bathroom Flooring

A bathroom is different from any other room in the house, in the sense that it will come in contact with water much more often than others. Because of this, proper flooring should be used. In many cases, proper flooring will be a requirement for contractors, or clearance for the project will not be provided. With that being said, proper construction is also a must. In terms of material, there are plenty of great ones, and also many that you should stay away from.

Tile is one of the most common types of bathroom flooring. In fact, some type of tile will be the most commonly used in bathrooms around the country. Of course, different types of tile can be used, coming in different coatings, materials, shapes, sizes and colors. However, all of them will be used in a similar way. Tile is generally made of ceramic, porcelain, stone and other similar materials. Other options include hardwood, laminate and other similar materials, though these won’t include tile.

Flooring Designs That Shape a Bathroom Theme

A bathroom theme is one of the most important aspects of a complete and welcoming bathroom design. Perhaps one of the best places to start in a theme is the floor. As one of the foundational elements of a design, your floor should reflect the base of the overall bathroom design. There are a few components of a floor design that all tie together to make it a complete feature of the space.

Blank Canvas

Sometimes, the best flooring design is one that is clean and blank. This could be a great place to start if you aren’t sure what kind of design you want. For example, a beautiful white marble floor will work extremely well. Similarly, any other solid color will be good to at least consider. Try to stick with light or neutral colors. This is because brighter colors can often be a bit overwhelming.

Beautiful Tile Patterns

Tile patterns are extremely vast in terms of how many there are to choose from. A plethora of shapes, sizes and patterns can be utilized in order to create a beautiful foundation for your bathroom theme. Tile patterns are some of the best floor design options due to just how versatile they can be in terms of choices. This is also one of the best restroom decor ideas as well.

Natural Floor Designs

Even if you are not using actual natural materials, natural designs can be amazing for the foundation of a bathroom theme. Wood grain designs are perfect for a rustic space. On the other hand, a wavy water-like design could be a great option for any zen or spa bathroom.

Stone is Unique and Beautiful

Much like tile, stone is a versatile type of flooring. Depending on the type of stone you want to use, you have some great options. Consider a pebble floor for your shower if you want a natural feel to the area. You can also go with a flat stone floor, very similar to how tile would feel and look. In addition, stone is used in fixtures such as bathroom sinks and bathtubs, making it easy to match them with your floor.

Why Your Floor Affects Your Bathroom Theme So Much

There are several reasons as to why a bathroom floor is one of the most important elements in establishing a proper bathroom theme. First of all, it is one of the most noticeable pieces of the overall foundation. The walls, ceiling and floor are the three elements of the bathroom foundation. The floor and walls will generally be the most important in terms of design due to their natural positions in the room. In addition, you and others are far more likely to look down than up for any reason.

Think of your bathroom floor as the background of a painting. Without a nice background, the painting will feel empty. If the background is too overwhelming, the rest of the painting becomes hard to look at. It is important to find a good bathroom floor design in order to set up the rest of your bathroom design. To go along with that, the design of the floor you choose will determine what design possibilities you’ll have for the rest of the area in terms of shapes and colors.

Find the Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

A bathroom floor definitely needs to be beautifully designed if you want to take advantage of all it has to offer. However, you also need to make sure your bathroom floor is properly built, installed and sealed in order to keep your home safe. Water can cause very harmful damages anywhere in your home, but a bathroom will be especially important to protect. Luckily, essentially any bathroom flooring option will have some way to protect against water if installed correctly. Use durable, bathroom safe materials in order to keep your bathroom and home safe and beautiful.

In Conclusion

To sum things up, high quality bathroom flooring is something that every bathroom theme should take advantage of. The sheer variety of possibilities in terms of design makes a bathroom floor one of the foundational pieces of a good bathroom area. With many different materials to choose from, your bathroom floor can be anything you want it to be. Think carefully about how you want your bathroom theme to be presented and start with your amazing new bathroom floor today!