How Hotels Always Create Bathrooms That Look Luxurious

How Hotels Always Create Bathrooms That Look Luxurious

In order to properly care for their guests, hotels create luxurious spaces that are designed for comfort. This is especially true in hotel bathrooms. In order to create these luxury bathroom designs, hotel bathroom designers follow certain guidelines and trends. They are formulated to maximize the comfort and access of the area.

The Hotel Bathroom Checklist

When designing a hotel bathroom, the designers need to focus on a few key elements of design. These points are comfort, access, safety, cleanliness and looks. These four points cover every aspect of what makes a bathroom comfortable for the general hotel guest. When using a hotel bathroom, a guest needs easy access to each and every element of the design. All while feeling safe and secure, as if it was their home bathroom. However, the way the bathroom looks is what put the hotel bathroom over the top. This makes it as good as possible for the guest. Each of these parts work together to make a hotel bathroom unique and elegant.


of the main aspects a hotel focuses on, no matter what room, is comfort. If a guest does not feel comfortable, they are not likely to return to the hotel or even visit in the first place. This is very true for hotel bathrooms. Hotel bathroom designers add comfort by choosing the high quality bathroom fixtures and items on the market. Obviously, the more reputable and massive the hotel is, the more comfortable fixtures they are likely to afford. Each fixture is crucial to comfort in a hotel bathroom. Each one will need to be used at some point in time.

How Hotels Always Create Bathrooms That Look Luxurious How Hotels Always Create Bathrooms That Look Luxurious

Importance of Comfort

  • Bathroom Sink - A bathroom sink is perhaps the fixture that will be used most in a hotel bathroom. The shapes, size and type of sink need to be versatile and universal, being able to accommodate guests of all kinds. In a hotel, you will generally find a vessel sink, undermount sink or some type of integrated sink.
  • Faucet -A faucet needs to be easy to use by every guest in a hotel bathroom. They will generally be sensor activated or have some type of easy to operate handles or knobs. It should be easy to control water pressure and temperature for every use.
  • Shower - Showers are incredibly important to be comfortable for hotel guests. This is especially true if a guest is using the room for several days or weeks. The shower should be self-explanatory to operate, while incorporating all of the most comfortable features that are necessary for maximum comfort, such as hand showers and convenient storage.
  • Bathtub - A hotel bathtub is generally one of the most luxurious and attractive features of a hotel bathroom. These fixtures will often incorporate some amazing features that boost comfort exponentially. Jets, arm rest, back support, temperature control and various other features are incredibly luxurious.
  • Toilet - Toilets should be easy to use, comfortable and efficient in a hotel bathroom. No-clog toilets are essential for hotels, as well as easy flush technology. The shape and height of a toilet should be comfortable for the average person as well.
  • Bathroom Vanity - As one of the most used areas of any bathroom, a hotel vanity is designed with efficiency in mind. Hotel vanities will have certain cleaning items and provide you with a beautiful and comfortable area to use.


Along with comfort, access is an important factor to consider when hotel bathroom designers are designing an area. There are several key ways that hotel bathroom designers optimize the access in the space, each of which is planned and put into place.

Fixture Placement

The placement of bathroom fixtures in a hotel bathroom is designed to make the bathroom look as luxurious as possible while providing the most accessible layout. In general, most hotel bathrooms will follow certain layouts depending on the size and shape of the room. With that being said, there are a few key guidelines that are followed to make the area look luxurious and feel accessible and easy to use.

  • The bathroom door should be located in a place in which the door will not hit any fixtures or block any aspect of the bathroom when open or closed. This goes for both the main bathroom doors, vanity cabinet doors, shower doors and essentially any other door in the bathroom. This provides the space with a comfortable way to access each one of these areas without getting in the way of other elements of the design.
  • Floor space is incredibly important in making the room look and feel accessible. Open floor space allows a hotel guest to move freely throughout the room with no risk of tripping or bumping into any fixtures. The open floor space also radiates a sense of comfort and relaxation because there is a nice open space instead of a tiny, cramped area.
  • Fixture spacing is essential to get right in a hotel bathroom design because it provides the guest with the freedom to move from fixture to fixture without the area getting too cluttered or cramped. Also, fixtures should be placed far enough away from each other to give each one space, but close enough to each other to make each one easy to access.


Any successful hotel puts a great focus on the safety of their guests, mainly due to liability, but also to give their guests the most comfortable and assuring experience they can have. This is very important in a bathroom design because of the potential hazards that can arise naturally in the area. Water can splash onto the floor, creating slipping hazards, showers can be slippery and bathtubs may be a bit difficult to access comfortably. Because of this, hotels will generally try to implement some safety measures to make the bathroom experience as safe as possible.

<How Hotels Always Create Bathrooms That Look Luxurious How Hotels Always Create Bathrooms That Look Luxurious

To prevent any accidents such as slipping or falling, hotel bathroom designers will do several things. First, grab bars are incredibly useful, no matter who is using them. Though needed for ADA compliance regulations, grab bars are also incredibly helpful for every individual using the bathroom. In addition, floor mats an shower mats are great for keeping a solid grip on the floor, helping to prevent any slipping. Aside from the safety provided by these, they are also great elements of design in a hotel bathroom.


Cleanliness is not only an great factor for the health of the bathroom design, but it conveys a sense of order and luxury to the hotel guests. There are some elements of a hotel bathroom design that make cleaning the area easy and simple. For example, many hotel bathrooms utilize fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain. These fixtures are made with materials that are easy to clean, such as ceramic, glass and other types of metals, among several other materials. Finishes such as chrome, stainless steel and other metal finishes are used as well for the same reason, and they are also very good looking.

Aside from the easy to clean materials and finishes, hotel bathrooms also provide the guest with a space that is designed to stay as clean as possible. This is done through fixture placement and optimized bathroom design. The more in order a hotel bathroom is, the more better it will be to a guest. A clean hotel bathroom is essential to create for hotel bathroom designers, because it can often make or break the overall space.


Of course, a hotel bathroom can be comfortable, safe, clean and accessible. It also needs to look elegant and beautiful. This is often done by making a layout of great bathroom fixtures and items. These fixtures are often made of high quality and stylish materials. These materials should match each other in order to create a hotel bathroom space that is cohesive and pretty to look at. A bathroom that has a cohesive theme will be much easier on the eyes.

In addition, the way each element of the hotel bathroom looks is carefully thought out and created with care and attention in mind. Each fixture is carefully chosen in terms of versatility and function, while being a great addition to the environment. The same is true with bathroom accessories. Each bathroom item utilizes a great series of design elements that are perfect for both function while contributing to the design of the bathroom. In general, the aesthetics of a hotel bathroom is one of the most important factors of design. It is the first thing a guest sees when using the bathroom. It is crucial that it is at the forefront of a design plan.

Multi-unit Hotels

Multi-unit hotels promote rooms that are similar in design in order to give the customer an easy way to find what they are looking for. An example of this would be a hotel that has 40 single rooms and 80 double rooms. Instead of having 120 single listings, you will see 2. These are great for large amounts of people that need hotel rooms for the group. Because all of the rooms are similar, their bathrooms will also be very similar. These bathrooms need to optimize on quality without spending too much money. Because of this, multi-unit hotels have the task of choosing the best products.

How Hotels Choose Their Hospitality Products

Hotels face the task of making all areas of their rooms great for each customer. The bathroom is one of the most important elements of design for them to focus on. One case study goes over several hotels and how they learned to optimize their products for guest comfort. One of these hotels, The Wit Hotel in Chicago, needs to provide more health-conscious options for its guests. It did this by looking at current menu items and making them into healthy options. A hotel will look at the current fixtures and decide which ones are in need of the most improvements to comfort.

The Arenas Del Mar hotel in Costa Rica knew their customers valued energy efficiency. They also focus on the overall state of the environment. Due to this, they sought after green tech products to include in their rooms. They use solar energy to heat their water that is being used in guests rooms as well as staff rooms. Also, they even use their energy-saving auxiliary water heaters as a backup whenever there are any cloudy days. They only use natural cleaning products as well. Built on a nature preserve, the Arenas Del Mar understands where their priorities must be. These choices make guests feel more comfortable and cared for than they would in a typical hotel.

How Hotels Build Relationships

It is no secret that hotels need to build a good relationship with their guests, However, they also need to build relationships with those who help to make the hotel a comfortable place to stay. These relationships are built with designers, architects, suppliers and contractors, among others. These are very important because of how all of the pieces work together. The hotel must be of high quality in all aspects in order to care for guests.

First of all, these designers know what needs to go into a hotel in terms of comfort. This is a very specific skill that hotels need to use. They will know everything they need to do to make a guest comfortable. This will include the area the hotel is in, what types of guests will be using it. In addition, it includes any other factor that may be looked for. They also know the space in terms of sizing, design and comfort. Each of these people and companies will bring an element of quality to the hotel.



By working with these entities, hotels can take advantage of many great aspects. For example, hotels and other large projects can often get bulk discounts. This can allow them to get better products at economical prices. Not only is this great for the hotel, but it is also great for the guests. The bulk discounts on these products allows hotels to make the design as beautiful as possible. Hotels will also be working directly with the designers, architects and contractors. This is very important for the overall hospitality level. It is also great for the physical look. Both the hotel and these others will combine what they know to make the perfect hotel space.

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