The Jewelry Industry

Just like any other industry, the jewelry industry has its own variety of styles and designs, giving a wide realm of possibilities. Jewelry is extremely popular and comes in many different forms, and chances are, you have bought at least one piece of jewelry in your lifetime, from necklaces and earrings to wedding rings, jewelry is a part of many people’s lives. Because jewelry is so treasured, it has an influence on other industries as well, such as the bathroom industry, specifically bathroom accessories.

Importance of Aesthetics

One of the reasons why people wear jewelry is because it is beautiful. Utilizing a selection of beautiful metals and gems, jewelry is incredibly attractive to look at. Because of this, the qualities of jewelry have translated into other aspects of life. When people see gold or silver, they immediately think of beauty, money or quality. Due to this, people want to start including it in other areas. For example, everyday items such as cars, shoes, purses and even phone cases are commonly utilizing a metallic color. You will even find items with inspiration from popular stones or gemstones.
Because the way things look is so important, think about this for your bathroom. There are many areas of your bathroom that could benefit from the inspiration of the jewelry industry. Accessories, fixtures and other bathroom items should be considered when going through this process.

Bathroom Accessories

As bathrooms become more of a valued room in the home, design and style are becoming much more important. This is why bathroom accessories are starting to look towards other design industries for ideas. This is where the jewelry industry comes in. Because companies want their bathroom accessories to be visually appealing for their customers, they look towards the jewelry industry in a number of different ways. For example, some of the most common finishes for accessories such as towel bars include silver, chrome and gold, all of which can be found in any given piece of beautiful jewelry.
Bathroom accessories are always evolving to fit stylistic needs as well as ergonomic needs. Both of these industries put a high focus on both comfort and design, so it makes sense that bathroom accessories are constantly trying to keep up as far as those two factors go. Sure, you probably won’t find diamond encrusted towel bars, but you will find very beautiful bathroom accessories at a number of different price points, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect accessories for your bathroom design.

Gold Finishes

One of the most prevalent and popular materials used in jewelry is gold. Gold is used in bracelets, rings, earrings and essentially any other piece of jewelry you can think of. This is obviously due to the rarity and beauty of the metal. Because this metal is so beautiful and attractive, it often translates well into other aspects of life. In these cases, it won't typically be the gold metal that is being used, but rather the color. The color gold is used in several different items around the home, especially in the bathroom.
Bathrooms utilize gold finishes extremely well. Fixtures and accessories can both benefit from a gold finish, especially if you match them. One of the most common ways to do this is a beautiful set of gold accessories. A towel bar, bathroom hooks, toilet paper holder or any other combination of accessories will be a great place to do this. Whether they are gold or not, it is always important to match your accessories. You can go with a glossy gold finish or a brushed gold finish for a softer look. There are several different ways to incorporate this finish, so see which accessories you might want to use.

Silver Finishes

Much like gold finishes, silver finishes will work beautifully in a bathroom design. Silver can be utilized in a number of ways. Also like gold, silver will work great in your bathroom accessories. Again, try to make them match with each other to make for a cohesive design. One of the best things about silver is that it is incredibly versatile. it matches well with most colors. Depending on the type of silver finish you use, you can create a number of different color and style combinations.
Because silver is incredibly similar to chrome, they are essentially synonymous. There are two main types of chrome. The first is a brushed chrome that will be less shiny. The second type, silver chrome, will be a brighter and more shiny version of the finish. If you want the shine to your accessories, go with a silver chrome. if you would rather have a flatter or less shiny look, the brushed chrome finish is for you. Matte chrome is also an option, which is very similar to brushed chrome. All of these finishes revolve around a silver base color.

Bronze and Copper

Though not used in much of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry, bronze and copper are very effective in bathrooms. These two materials get some inspiration from the jewelry industry however. Bronze can be used in a multitude of bathroom fixtures and accessories. For example, faucets and sinks are two of the most common fixtures that utilize it. It is a durable material that will be reliable for years to come. In addition, the material itself is one of the most beautiful for a bathroom.
Copper and brass are very similar in this regard. These two materials are more commonly seen in piping because of how durable they are when dealing with water. It is common to see a beautiful white ceramic sink with some brass or copper traps underneath. this makes for a beautiful vintage look and a comfortable environment. These may not be the most bright or beautiful materials, but they serve as wonderful accents. Consider each of these if you are planning a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets are often seen as the jewelry of a bathroom design. This is mainly because of how much they can be customized in terms of finishes, handles, knobs and designs. There are so many ways for faucets to incorporate beautiful elements commonly found in some pieces of jewelry. First of all, faucets can utilize several different beautiful finishes. Gold, silver, chrome, bronze and many other finishes can be utilized to give you a beautiful fixture.
In addition to a beautiful finish, many faucets can also incorporate some beautiful knobs or handles. Crystal handles are incredibly beautiful in several bathroom designs. these handles increase the quality of the vanity area. It can also set a tone for the rest of the bathroom. Try to match your sink with your faucet to create a unified and attractive area.


There are several bathroom fixtures that take advantage of the trends of the jewelry industry. It you want a beautiful lighting fixture, consider a chandelier. If your bathroom is big enough, this is definitely something to consider. Chandeliers are great at utilizing beautiful finishes and colors. In addition, they can also bring a great element of lighting to the area. The combination of design and functionality makes it a great a great fixture to consider.

Soap Dishes

Though a small fixture, a soap dish can be a beautiful accent as well as a functional accessory. Soap dishes are great for keeping your bathroom clean. they can be made out of essentially any material, but a beautiful crystal soap dish will work wonders. If you keep your soap dish clean, it can be one of your most beautiful vanity accessories.

Soap Dispensers

Much like a soap dish, a soap dispenser can be an extraordinary piece of design and functionality. Much of the same can be said as well. A crystal soap dispenser with a beautiful chrome top can add design and beauty to any bathroom design. Use the soap dish and soap dispenser together as a pair to create a luxurious bathroom environment.

Bathroom Accessory Sets

One of the best ways to ensure matching accessories is to buy them as a set. Not only will this be the easiest ways to match accessories, but it will most likely be the cheapest. Buying each accessory separately will almost always be more expensive than buying a set, so this is something to consider. Bathroom accessory sets will have a combination of several items, but they won't always have everything you need. If this is the case, buy what you can with an accessory set. Purchase the other accessories separately or in another set.

Focus on Both Design and Function

It is important to focus on both the design and the functionality of your bathroom. This is especially important if you plan on utilizing some inspiration from various pieces or aspects of jewelry. Sometimes, some of the fixtures that are very beautiful might not be the best in terms of durability or functionality. Of course, this will vary from fixture to fixture, but it is still something to consider.
Don't let this turn you off when buying beautiful fixtures. Many beautiful fixtures are both durable and extremely stylish. Just watch out for the delicate fixtures that are mainly for show. Functionality and comfort are the two most important elements of a bathroom design, so keep that in mind.