If you have a pool house, a bathroom installation can be one of the most important projects that you can undertake. When planning this project, there are several things you need to consider before you make any final decisions. The addition of a bathroom in a pool house introduces several benefits that will be instantly advantageous. These benefits will help with convenience, health and the state of your home, just to name a few. This guide will go over how you can build the perfect bathroom in your pool house and the benefits it brings to your home.

Have a Plan for your Pool House Bathroom

Have a Plan for your Pool House Bathroom
Have a Plan for your Pool House Bathroom

The first thing you want to do when building a pool house is to have everything perfectly planned out. There are several steps to this process that need to be accounted for before any physical work is done. Each of these steps are incredibly important and shouldn’t be rushed in order to avoid any mistakes or problems.

Plan a Budget

The first thing you should do in terms of planning this project is to set a budget. This budget includes each and every aspect of the project. The budget does not only cover the cost of the actual project, but it also covers labor cost, consulting fees and essentially any other part of the project that need to be accounted for. A budget should be carefully thought out and planned in order to get a good idea of how much you will need to spend on your new bathroom pool house. A perfect budget will have some wiggle room and give an accurate representation of the overall costs you will need to take on.

Know the Bathroom Location

It is especially important to know exactly where your pool house bathroom will be located. This is important for several reasons. First of all, you need to know if your planned location will work in terms of plumbing access. Your bathroom needs to be in a location that allows for access to the necessary plumbing fixtures, shower fittings and pipes to name a few. You will likely need to contact a professional for advice or guidance. Second, your pool house bathroom needs to be in a comfortable and accessible location. It should be close enough to the entrance of the pool house so water does not get all over the floor and cause some possible damages.

Narrow Down Design Options

Once you have essentials covered, you can start to plan out exactly how you want your pool house bathroom to look. Express your creativity and plan out the perfect pool house bathroom. In general your pool house bathroom should resemble the current design of your pool house as a whole. Themes can be great to utilize because they create cohesive environments. As long as the designs you have in mind are realistic, narrow down your choices and pick one that resonates with what you really want.

Consult with Professionals

Unless you have significant experience or training in this area, it is in your best interest to consult with professionals through the planning process. This is an incredibly beneficial resource to take advantage of. This will ensure that all of your bases are covered and that the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures

Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures
Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures

A pool house bathroom can be any type of bathroom you want in most cases. Whether it is a half bathroom or a full bathroom, any option is on the table. There are some fixtures that you will definitely need to have which will be the traditional bathroom fixtures. This will include fixtures such as toilets, bathroom sinks, faucets, vanities and other fixtures you will typically find in a half bathroom. If you want a full bathroom, you will want to include a shower and any other fixtures you think will be necessary for the design.

In addition to the necessary fixtures and fittings, you should also make sure you have the ones you want, not just the ones you need. This can include accessory stands, trolleys, stools and any other fixture or accessory that will help you increase the overall comfort of the area. Comfort is one of the most important elements of a high quality pool house bathroom, so this is absolutely something to consider when choosing your fixtures.

Add Personality to Your Pool House Bathroom

Aside from the necessary components of a pool house bathroom, you also want to make sure you have the luxuries. Because a pool house bathroom is mainly for use when out by the pool, it will be a little different than a typical home bathroom. This is where you can add some of the more decorative or personal items that you may want. A pool house bathroom can be an incredibly comfortable and welcoming place, especially since it is by your pool. Include some pieces of decor that make your pool house bathroom feel unique and personalized in order to turn your bathroom into an oasis.

Why a Pool House Bathroom is Important

Planning and designing your pool house bathroom will come with several amazing benefits. These benefits are not only good for personal health, but for the overall health of your home as well. Below are the most impactful benefits of including a pool house bathroom by your pool area.


One of the most obvious benefits of including a pool house bathroom is that it will be incredibly convenient. The bathroom will be located right by the pool instead of in the house, which is very nice for quick access. In addition, it is set up perfectly so that you won’t have to get water in your house. Pool house bathrooms are incredibly convenient, which definitely makes them worth consideration if you do not have one already.

It Protects Your Home

If you have a pool house bathroom, you will have a dedicated bathroom by the pool. This is great for the health and structure of your home. Tracking water into the house is very harmful to a home, especially with hardwood floors or other types of flooring that can be damaged by water. In addition, water tracked in your home can also increase the risk of slipping.

Increases Resale Value

Aside from the physical benefits introduced by a pool house bathroom, it can also increase the resale value of your home as well. This is a great investment to make if you plan on selling your home at all in the future. The resale value of a home is incredibly important, especially in the unsure housing market today.

You Get More Privacy

If you have a pool house bathroom, your guests will be able to have as much privacy as they need. In addition, it is also nice to have a bathroom so close to your cool that can provide that amount of privacy. Privacy is incredibly important for most, so it is great to have a pool house bathroom.

Should You Consider a Pool House Bathroom?

In general, a pool house bathroom has a lot to offer. Out of all the benefits in this guide, each one will serve to help you and your home in many ways. Whether you want it for convenience or necessity, a pool house bathroom is a great addition to any home that can accommodate it. Consider all of the factors in this guide to decide if a pool house bathroom is right for you.