Clean your shower with these simple steps.


What You’ll Need

When getting ready to clean your shower, you will need the following items. Items you will need include tub/tile cleaner, sponge, spray bottle, dry cloth, glass cleaner and baking soda/vinegar depending on your preferred cleaning materials. In addition, you may have glass shower doors. Consider using a squeegee so that you can cleanly and quickly dry your doors without leaving any marks. Make sure you have all of these items before you start cleaning your shower. This will ensure that you don't have to keep getting up and getting items that you don't have with you.

Remove Everything From Your Shower

Before you do anything in the cleaning process, make sure that you remove everything from your shower area. Make sure all of your shampoo bottles, soaps and other cleaning items are removed from your shower so they are not covering up any spots that you may otherwise miss.
If you have any shelves in your shower, make sure you check them to remove anything they may be holding. If you can easily remove the shelving from your shower, you should consider removing that as well. You may have a shower curtain instead of a glass door. Remove that as well in order to have easy access to all areas of your shower with relative ease. Make sure you put all of your items that you took out of your shower are organized. Use a bin or a tray so you don't misplace anything.

Scrub Your Shower

Spray your shower walls with you tub/tile cleaner (depending what your shower is made of).  Use your sponge to scrub your walls from the top down. Then, all of the residue from your shower walls run down to the bottom. Make sure you are scrubbing down, left to right and not in circles. Do this will all of your walls.
If there are some tough spots that are not coming off with the sponge, use some baking soda in order to help remove it. If you have glass shower doors, use either glass cleaner or spray vinegar on it in order to clean the glass. It is recommended that you complete this process this at least two times. If you feel as though a third time in needed, you can do that as well. Let the shower sit for about ten minutes. After you let your shower sit for about ten minutes, you can get ready to rinse it off.

Rinse Your Shower

Now that you let your shower sit, you can now rinse it. You are going to need to use hot water to rinse the walls and door of your shower. If you have a swivel or detachable shower head, you can use that to rinse your shower off. Make sure you cover all areas of your shower. Do this in order to ensure that there is no cleaning product or vinegar left over to stick to your shower. After your shower is rinsed thoroughly, take a dry microfiber cloth and carefully dry the interior of your shower.

Final Steps

Once all of these steps have been completed, go over your shower and makes sure you didn’t miss any spots. If everything is up to your standards, you can begin to move all of your shampoos and other shower items back into your shower. Then get everything back to the way it was before. You should consider cleaning your shower at least once every two weeks. It wouldn’t hurt to clean it once a week either.