Cleaning your bathtub is made easy with this simple guide.


Bathtub Maintenance

A clean bathtub is a very important aspect to your bathing experience. If you have a shower/bathtub combination, you are going to want to clean your bathtub area pretty frequently, especially if multiple people are going to be using it. Out of all of the fixtures to keep clean, a bathtub is the place you want to clean the most.

Clear the Area

The first thing you want to do when starting the cleaning process is to remove all of the loose items in your bathtub. Often times, people will keep shampoo bottles and other soaps and body cleaning products sitting on ledges or shelves in their bathtub/shower area. If you are doing a full cleaning of the bathtub, you will want to remove all of these things. After everything is cleared out of the area, make sure you have it all organized so that it is easy to put back later. Make sure you have a storage bin or some other kind of container to keep all of your things while cleaning your bathtub in order to keep everything organized and easy to find when you are finished cleaning your bathtub.

Clean the Walls First

Now that you are ready to clean the bathtub, the first place you want to clean is the surrounding area or the walls of your alcove bathtub. If you have tiles in these areas, use a tile cleaner to clean from the top down to the bottom. This is so that the residue falls down onto the tiles that were not cleaned yet, ensuring that the upper tiles stay clean during the process. After you do this, rinse off the tile cleaner and other residue with water. Soon after you rinse it off, dry it with a clean cloth or rag to finish the process.