How to Decide Between Towel Hooks, Towel Bars, Towel Rings and Towel Racks

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Towels are going to be in every bathroom that includes a shower or bathtub. They need to be hung somewhere. Towel racks, bars and hooks are common and effective ways to hang towels and they all come with their own stylistic benefits. They all can come in different materials that can fit into most bathroom styles. A good towel holder will promote comfort, convenience and style. When choosing these accessories, you want to find the perfect combination of personal preference, quality and aesthetic appeal.


Hooks, Rings, Bars and Racks

Every bathroom has a number of towels that need to be both stored and held in an accessible and efficient manner. If you have a closet, this is a perfect place to store your unused towels for when you need them. However, you will need some towels at the ready for when you need them. Whether they be for your shower, your sink or any other area of your bathroom. The four main ways to keep your towels at the ready. All of which will benefit your bathroom design in different ways. These are towel hooks, towel rings, towel bars and towel racks.

Most Common Finishes and Materials

One of the things that all four of these have in common, are the materials and finishes that are used with them. Some of the most common base materials include various types of metal, such as brass and steel among others. The variety of finishes can be quite vast. However, the most common finishes are stainless steel, chrome and brushed nickel. Matte black and white are also two very popular finishes for bathroom accessories, so keep that in mind as well. It is important to know what these are made of as well as the finishes used. More often than not, you will want to match these fixtures and accessories with the rest of your bathroom design. If purchasing these items separately, this is something that you need to take into consideration.

Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are great options for a bathroom in place of towel bars.  All of which can be convenient and effective. For example, if you do not necessarily have room on your walls for towel hooks, you can install them on your door in order to create a bit more space. Towel hooks on your door can be mounted directly on to your door. One of the most common ways they are used is through a hook fixture that you can hang over the top of your door.

More Towel Hook Information

This way, they can be removed and move to a different door if you decide that you don't want your towels there anymore. If you do install them on your wall, which is one of the most common places to install them, make sure you place them near your shower or bathtub in order to make your towels in the most convenient location as possible. This will likely be the same area in which you would put a typical towel bar. They are also convenient in the sense that it is very easy to hang your towel with little effort.

One of the best things about towel hooks is that they are very easy to make if you want to do a little DIY project. Because bathroom hooks are simple in design, you can get creative with this, using your preferred materials or items. Hooks are also great for holding larger items such as robes. Hooks are probably the best option for robes on this list. They allow the rope to stretch out to length and get completely dry. Even if you do incorporate other methods to hold towels, hooks will always serve as incredibly useful complements.

Towel Hooks - Pura Shower Hook Towel Hooks - Ice Towel Hook

Towel Rings

Towel rings are more popular for hand towels, but you can also use them for larger towels. Install one next to your sink in order to incorporate a conveniently located hand towel. This is one of the more beautiful and effective ways to hold a hand towel because of how important it really is in terms of comfort and accessibility. This is the best place to put your smaller towels that you use for hand washing. Many bathroom designs will have a small basket for their dry towels. When your current towel is wet, you can put it in your laundry basket and replace it with a dry one.

Rings are very stylish and beautiful accessories to include in your bathroom while simultaneously adding a great towel holding accessory. For example, a brass towel ring will be a beautiful complement to a rustic or vintage bathroom design. If you have a chrome centered bathroom design, you can find a towel ring for that as well. Though this beautiful accessory is the least common out of the four options on this list, it is still incredibly effective. If this is the preferred option for your bathroom plan, it is definitely worth consideration.

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Towel Bars

Towel bars are some of the most common fixtures you will find in a bathroom. They do their job wonderfully and they are simple yet beautiful pieces of furniture and decor. Towel bars come with the great feature of heating if you choose to go that route. Heating is an incredibly useful tool that a towel bar utilizes extremely well. Heating will keep your towels dry, and more importantly, it will keep them clean. This is especially important. The more you can optimize the cleanliness of your bathroom, the better off you will be. It is also important if there are multiple people using the bathroom and people are just grabbing the first towel they see. The cleaner you can keep your towels, the healthier you and your bathroom will end up being in the long run.

As far as where to mount your towel bars, you should have two things in mind. The first is how accessible your towel bar will be. You want to be able to reach a towel on your towel bar from where you are standing in your shower. If your shower has a door, it will likely have a bar on the handle so it shouldn't be an issue. If that isn't your situation, make sure your towel bar is within arms reach of your shower. You can include multiple towel bars, but just make sure that at least one is accessible to you at all times.

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Towel Racks

Towel Racks are very similar to towel bars but they do have a few key differences. The main difference between the two is the amount of bars. A towel rack will have a series of bars instead of one single bar. This is great for holding a number of different towels separately instead of laying them one on top of the other. These bars can be horizontal or vertical depending on the kind of rack that you want or how much space you have. Many racks also have both options, giving you several possibilities. 

Floor standing towel racks can be moved to your preferred location. They can also be folded up and stored in a closet or another convenient location. Similar to towel bars, towel racks can also be heated. This gives you the same benefits of a clean and dry bathroom area and very clean towels. If you have many people using the bathroom or you would just prefer to have a greater number of towels available, a towel rack will be the perfect option for you.

Towel Rack - Loft Towel Rack Towel Rack - Duemila Towel Rack

Heated Towel Bars and Racks

One of the best fixtures to incorporate in your bathroom design is a heated towel rack or bar. These are important for several different reasons. First of all, a heated towel bar is an extremely convenient and comfortable way to hang your towel. After every time you use a shower or take a bath, you will have a fresh warm towel to use to dry off. This will increase your overall comfort level as well as the quality of your bathroom design. If you incorporate a heated towel bar you will immediately see the Comfort difference. Towel racks operate in the same way but can hold multiple towels. A heated towel rack will heat multiple towels at once, giving you plenty of towels for any amount of people to use.

The second great benefit of heated towel racks and towel bars, is the health benefit. This is the one aspect that many people are not really aware of. However, this is one of the most important elements of your bathroom design. Heated towel racks and bars will keep your towel dry, preventing any buildup of bacteria or mold. If you keep your towels somewhat damp or wet, bacteria can build up and it can make your bathroom a less healthy environment. This is absolutely something to consider if you're in the market for a towel bar. Most aren't that expensive, and they serve incredible benefit to your bathroom in many ways.

Which One Should You Choose?

All of these different methods will hold your towels in different ways, so it can be hard to choose between them all. A typical bathroom design will have towel bars and a towel ring, or something similar to that. This really depends on what you want personally and what you think will work the best in your bathroom design. In some cases, you can incorporate all four of these options. They all provide unique benefits. They should all be considered when thinking about your bathroom design.

Your choice will ultimately come down to what you personally prefer. The good thing to note here is that it doesn't matter what the size of your bathroom is. Bars, hooks, brings and racks can work in many different size bathrooms. You may have an issue incorporating a towel rack because they tend to be a bit bigger. However, you can always incorporate a wall mounted towel rack to help with this problem. If you have a very small bathroom, it is suggested that you use a small towel bar or hooks and rings. If you have a larger bathroom, you may want to consider using towel bars and towel racks. No matter what the size of your bathroom is, you should probably use a towel ring or small towel bar. Put it next to your sink to incorporate a hand towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to choose only one of the options? - A: Depending on the size and scale of your bathroom design, it is quite possible to incorporate all of these towel holding accessories. However, you do want to make sure that you do not overwhelm your bathroom with towels and towel holders. Choose one that you like first, then decide if you need additional accessories to hold any spare towels you may have.

Q: Are towel racks necessary? - A: Towel racks are very effective in terms of holding your towels. Being freestanding or wall mounted, towel racks are quite useful. They are one of the larger towel hanging methods, so it is important that you have enough space for them. With that being said, they are not necessary, but they can prove to be very functional and convenient for several different bathroom designs. Towel racks are perfect for large spaces.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I get a heated towel bar? - A: Heated towel bars are great for both comfort and convenience in your bathroom. Having a heated towel will provide you with a heightened level of comfort for a better bathroom experience. Overall, heated towel bars should always be considered for a high quality bathroom design.

Q: What is the cheapest option? - A: In general, towel hooks will be the cheapest option. This is mainly due to the small size and ease of production. In addition, they are very versatile in the location they can be mounted. Towel hooks are very affordable and versatile. They should be considered when it comes to how you want to hang your towels.

Q: Can towel racks be heated too? - A: Yes, towel racks, not just towel bars, can be heated. Much like towel bars, heated towel racks will provide you with a higher level than comfort. In addition, you can hang multiple towels on a towel rack. They will give you more heated towels to choose from each time you need one.

Q: Where should I put a towel ring? - A: Towel rings hold hand towels. Due to this, they will be placed next to a sink. They can be placed in other locations as well, but this is the most practical and convenient in almost every case. Towel rings are great bathroom accessories.

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