Safety and accessibility are important for a kid friendly bathroom.



First and foremost, it is important to protect your child’s safety. This means rounded edges on fixtures such as sinks are a must in order to avoid cuts from sharp corners. Another thing to consider is the height of vanities and similar fixtures. Smaller children have a higher chance to hit their head on a corner. Make sure your vanity is at a high enough height to make necessary precautions. Another thing you may want to consider is the inclusion of non-slip rugs and mats. Put a non-slip mat by the sink and outside of the bathtub or shower especially, because those are the two most common places for not only kids, but everybody to slip and risk a possible injury.


You want to make your bathroom safe while making it still accessible. Children need to still be able to access all of the fixtures they need, while keeping it safe and easy. For small children, consider getting a small step stool. A step stool is a very common product to get for your bathroom because of several reasons. First, children will grow, so don’t invest too much into smaller or shorter fixtures for your kids. As they grow, kids will need regular sized bathroom fixtures. Second, using a step stool, children will start to get a source of resourcefulness and independence by needing to pull out their step stool in order to reach their toothbrush and other toiletries they need for their morning and night rituals. It is important to note that you also want to choose durable materials for your fixtures for your kids to prevent any damage. Sturdy fixtures are always a great way to go non matter what.


Because you are dealing with kids, consider a few things. A larger sink may prove to help keep the area around your sink clean. A bathtub-shower combination will make bathing easy for both kids and parents. Consider the color of the bathroom as well. If this is strictly a kids bathroom, make it more colorful and animated to appeal to the kids. Keep in mind that sometimes a bath isn't the most fun activity for children, especially once they get out of infancy. It is important that you make the bathroom as comforting and appealing to your children as possible, to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Final Note

When designing a kid friendly bathroom, remember to keep it safe, accessible and a comfortable environment for the children.