How to Design a Unique Bathroom

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A unique bathroom design revolves around personality, unique bathroom fixtures. In addition, it is an overall unique and elegant design plan. To design a unique bathroom, there are several elements of design you need to take into consideration. Each one needs to be carefully chosen and thought out. These elements include everything from unique bathroom accessories to unique bathroom flooring, and everything in between. Design elements such as unique bathroom vanities, furniture, bathroom sinks and various other necessary elements of a unique bathroom design are all extremely important. This article will highlight everything you need to know about designing a unique bathroom design. In addition, it will help how you can design one yourself.

Unique Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture is an absolute must in any bathroom design. Of course, if you are planning on a unique bathroom design, unique bathroom furniture is exactly what you should be looking for. Unique bathroom furniture comes in various different forms. All of which bring a different function and design element to your specific bathroom design.

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Bathroom Vanities

A unique bathroom vanity will serve as the focal point of your bathroom design in many cases. The use of this unique fixture will allow you to fully utilize your personal design choices and build your design out from it. Unique bathroom vanities will generally come in two different installation types. First, wall mounted vanities will open your unique bathroom to several different possibilities. A unique wall mounted vanity can come in various shapes. Choose one that you think will suit your specific design the best. For example, if you have a small bathroom, a corner wall mounted bathroom vanity will be perfect for opening up the space in your design. It will also bring in a unique bathroom fixture.

Freestanding bathroom vanities can also work well in a unique bathroom design as well. A unique freestanding bathroom vanity can use some very beautiful and unique elements of design. If a freestanding bathroom vanity has legs, there are many different options in terms of how they can look to make your bathroom feel unique. A unique freestanding bathroom vanity will be a perfect piece for your bathroom. Especially if the vanity is positioned in the optimal location. Whether you are in the market for a freestanding bathroom vanity or a wall mounted bathroom vanity, a unique bathroom vanity should feel personal and beautiful. A perfect inclusion to your unique bathroom design plan.

Double Bathroom Vanities

For larger bathrooms, larger bathroom vanities will most likely be needed. Unique double bathroom vanities are perfect for unique bathroom designs. Especially those that are being used by more than one person at any given time. They are generally larger than single bathroom vanities. Unique double bathroom vanities can use a bit more stylistic or functional elements of design. The increased counter space allows for the use of more unique bathroom items or unique bathroom sinks. Keep this in mind if you are designing a larger bathroom design. A double bathroom vanity is almost always more efficient and more affordable than including two separate single bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Cabinets

Storage is important in every bathroom design. In terms of unique bathroom storage solutions, consider some unique bathroom cabinets. Unique bathroom cabinets offer sufficient storage space. Especially if you are struggling to incorporate extra space for any cleaning products, medicine, or small bathroom accessories. These are especially important for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms that do not have bathroom vanity storage. Consider a unique bathroom cabinet if you need additional storage space. Also, consider organization in your unique bathroom design.

Bathroom Sinks

As one of the most important bathroom fixtures in a unique bathroom design, a unique bathroom sink will spice up a bathroom while adding a necessary bathroom fixture to your plan. Unique bathroom sinks can be installed in a number of different ways, making the possibilities endless in terms of creating a beautiful bathroom vanity and sink area.

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Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Working well in small and large bathrooms alike, unique wall mounted bathroom sinks are very elegant bathroom fixtures. These unique bathroom sinks can be mounted on a stable wall or surface with no bathroom vanity required. Because bathroom vanities are so common, the use of a unique wall mounted bathroom sink will give a bathroom design plan a different outlook on the traditional bathroom fixtures you should have in a design. In addition, these unique bathroom sinks will open up the space in your unique bathroom design. This is especially effective in smaller bathroom layouts.

Vessel Bathroom Sinks

One of the most beautiful fixtures in a bathroom, unique vessel bathroom sinks can utilize many different finishes, shapes and designs in order to bring personality and style into a bathroom. Because vessel bathroom sinks sit on top of a countertop, they can display beautiful colors and textures that are impossible for other types of bathroom sinks to do. If you are looking for a unique bathroom sink to incorporate in your bathroom design, a vessel sink should be one of the first options to consider.

Drop-In Bathroom Sinks

Unique drop-in bathroom sinks can be some of the most unique bathroom sinks due to the uncommon installation type as well as the various situations in which they can be used. Installation is simple, and they can be made of many different unique materials. Ceramic, as well as different types of metal are some of the most common materials, with a great selection of finishes available as well. These unique bathroom sinks are perfect for a unique bathroom design that focuses on more classic design elements, but can be used in essentially any bathroom that includes a vanity or countertop.

Semi-Recessed Bathroom Sinks

If you are looking for a unique bathroom sink with a unique installation type, a semi-recessed bathroom sink might be exactly what you are looking for. This unique bathroom sink is a great option to consider if you are looking for a middle ground in between a vessel bathroom sink and an undermount bathroom sink. Semi-recessed bathroom sinks can offer a very unique bathroom fixture into your bathroom to mix up the traditional look and feel of a bathroom sink and vanity area.

Unique Bathroom Accessories

No unique bathroom design will be complete without the inclusion of unique bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories perform essential functions that make a bathroom experience easier and more comfortable, which will ultimately improve the overall quality of your design. Unique bathroom accessories come in various different forms, each of which serves an important role in the performance of a unique bathroom design.

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Toilet Paper Holders

As one of the most important bathroom accessories in any design, unique toilet paper holders will perform their function while adding an incredibly beautiful and sometimes overlooked element of style. Unique toilet paper holders can be mounted on the wall or on your vanity in close proximity to your toilet in order to maximize accessibility. In addition, you can also think about incorporating an elegant and unique freestanding toilet paper holder.

Both wall mounted and freestanding unique toilet paper holders can be designed incredibly well, with various beautiful finishes and design elements to consider. For example, a unique freestanding toilet paper holder can incorporate a toilet brush holder and sometimes a short towel bar, in addition to the main toilet paper holder. This alone is a unique bathroom accessory that should be considered for any unique bathroom design plan. Consider unique freestanding toilet paper holders for a subtle yet extremely useful bathroom accessory.

Towel Bars

Every unique bathroom design should have at least one unique towel bar. Unique towel bars are some of the easiest bathroom accessories to incorporate in a design due to the many different finishes that can be used. Chrome, brushed nickel and gold are some of the most common finishes for towel bars, but for a more unique towel bar design, consider matte black, matte white and more unique metallic finishes.

Unique towel bars should also utilize uncommon elements of design. For example consider some unique posts that make the ends of the towel bar unique and stylish. The possibilities for unique towel bars are quite vast, and important for a cohesive and harmonious unique bathroom design. For larger bathrooms, a unique towel rack might be the remedy. Unique towel racks can hold more towels than a singular towel rack, making them great options for bathrooms used by more than one person.

Bathroom Hooks

Although this bathroom accessory can sometimes be overlooked, unique bathroom hooks can be exactly what you need to complete a unique bathroom design. As one of the smaller unique bathroom accessories in a bathroom, unique bathroom hooks can be used in many different areas of your bathroom, including on your wall, your door and even on the side of your bathroom vanity. A unique bathroom hook should easily reflect the overall theme of your unique bathroom design while also including the perfect amount of personality to the room. Your unique bathroom hooks should ideally match your other bathroom accessories in order to create a comfortable environment that is accessible and beautiful at the same time.

Unique Bathroom Home and Decor

Tissue Box Covers

A bathroom vanity area is a place for a great number of your bathroom accessories and toiletries. Something to always remember to have in a bathroom design is a tissue box, which requires a tissue box cover. A unique tissue box cover will not only protect the tissues and tissue boxes, but they also add incredible design elements to your bathroom vanity area. Unique tissue boxes can utilize a vast number of different patterns, colors and finishes in order to mesh well with your other unique bathroom fixtures and accessories. In a more vintage design, consider a gold tissue box cover. In a modern design, you might want a matte black tissue box cover. Unique tissue boxes can be overlooked, but they will greatly increase the design quality of your bathroom vanity area.

Laundry Baskets

A unique laundry basket can add a surprising amount of design and functionality to your bathroom design. First of all, a bathroom design will greatly benefit from having a unique laundry basket in the bathroom rather than in a different room. This will increase comfort, functionality and accessibility in a unique bathroom design. In addition, unique laundry baskets can be beautifully designed, with many different materials to choose from.

Waste Baskets

A waste basket is absolutely necessary in a bathroom design in order to keep your area clean and organized. Unique waste baskets are very similar to laundry baskets in the sense that they add great stylistic elements into bathroom designs. Metallic finishes are very popular, but for a more unique material, consider wicker, wood or other unique bathroom materials.

Unique Bathroom Flooring

Most bathrooms will have some type of tile, laminate or stone as the main base material. However, Consider some more unique options to lay the groundwork for a very unique and personal bathroom design.

Wooden Bathroom Flooring

Wood can be quite common in bathroom flooring. However, you can expand upon the wood design aspect in order to use some that are more unique and uncommon. For example, bamboo will use a very elegant natural feel to your bathroom design. Bamboo can be used in both narrow and wide plank style, all while being water resistant. In addition, it can utilize unique patterns that other types of wood can’t.

Pebble Bathroom Flooring

Another unique bathroom flooring technique, pebble flooring will add a natural element of design to a zen bathroom design. Pebble flooring can be textured or untextured in terms of feel. This helps to conform to your exact wants and needs. The natural stone will allow your bathroom to connect to nature. Stone is one of the more unique bathroom flooring techniques to consider. The size and shapes of the pebbles can vary depending on your specific desires.

Mosaic Bathroom Flooring

Mosaic bathroom flooring is a great way to go. It is commonly used in different types of decor, especially on the wall. This is why it is seen as one of the more unique bathroom flooring options. Shapes and textures are combined into one bathroom design element. This is a great option for a unique bathroom flooring option.

Unique Bathroom Lighting

Unique bathroom lighting is an important element of a bathroom design. For a unique bathroom design, you can get creative with the lighting you want to use. For example, floor lighting is a great option for large bathrooms. Floor lighting can also come in a plethora of different designs. Lamps, recessed floor lighting or anything else can be used. Ceiling lighting will give your design an equal amount of possibilities, if not more. Ceiling lighting can include recessed, chandeliers and hanging lights among others. Unique wall lighting is very similar to ceiling lighting in terms of design. You should always make sure you have some type of unique lighting. Especially if you are trying to create a unique bathroom design.

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Importance Of Researching Your Unique Bathroom Plan

Before making any final decisions about your unique bathroom design, it is crucial to do proper research on each and every element of the plan. A great way to do this is by creating a simple list or spreadsheet. List all of the fixtures, accessories, fittings, flooring and wallpaper, as well as every other aspect of your desired bathroom plan. Double check to see if everything is compatible with each other.

This is an incredibly important step to take in the planning process. Each fixture should have the proper amount of space, plumbing requirements and accessibility should be met and the blueprint of your design should be optimized to fit each element of the layout perfectly and comfortably. After you do your own research on this, you may want to think about hiring an interior designer to help buff out any mistakes you might have made and get some additional advice from an expert.

Benefits of Interior Designers

Interior designers are always available if you are struggling at any point in the process. However, unless you are highly trained in interior design or have sufficient experience, it is always recommended that you hire a professional for advice. Interior designers will give you the ins and outs of your bathroom design. This will include what will and will not work in terms of positioning and plumbing, ensuring that all of your unique bathroom fixtures and accessories can function properly.

In addition, they will also help you plan the optimal layout for your fixtures as well as different possibilities as to how you can optimize comfort and aesthetics. Not to mention they can likely give you an accurate estimate for the overall cost of the remodel, additions or purchases you will need to make for your unique bathroom design.

Importance of Setting a Budget

One of the most important things to do before you plan out your unique bathroom design is to set a budget for the entire project. This is a crucial first step. The last thing you want is to complete your unique bathroom design layout, only to find that it won’t fit your budget, or you could’ve spent much more on it comfortably. This is also something that you may need professional help with, as it is something that you want to get right the first time. A budget will dictate what you can and can't include in your design, so a correct budget will get you on the rails and help you make all the correct choices.

Possible Issues You Could Encounter

Budgeting Issues

One of the main problems you may encounter is a budget problem. This could be an easy fix if you take your time and plan your design slowly and carefully. Of course, the best way to solve this problem is to solve it before it happens. Make sure you know how much you can spend on every fixture before you purchase anything. You should also know labor costs, renovation costs and other necessary costs that you may need to incur into your budget. If you already overlooked your budget, you may have to spend less than you may have wanted on other elements of your unique bathroom design. This is easily avoidable, so take the necessary budget steps before you make any final decisions.


Some bathroom fixtures may not be good with each other. If you are not careful, you could accidentally purchase some fixtures that do not fit with each other. Common examples of this could be an accidental purchase of a three hole faucet for a single hole sink. Another example could be the use of a wall mounted sink. It could also work as a vessel sink. However, it turns out not to be true. Make sure the proper research is done before selecting your products in order to have an easy bathroom renovation or update.

Clashing Design Elements

Because you are designing a unique bathroom, some of your fixtures and accessories might end up clashing. This should be part of your bathroom design plan before any purchases are made. You may want to choose a single finish that you want all of your bathroom accessories or fixtures to have. This is a perfect way to create a cohesive design with a uniform look. For a more unique look, pick contrasting colors that look good together. One thing to avoid is simply just throwing any number of random finishes or colors into a design. This will inevitably lead to an uncomfortable bathroom environment.

Insufficient Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a unique bathroom design. For a complete unique bathroom design, you will absolutely need to incorporate sufficient lighting. Depending on your personal preferences, your lighting could be very basic or very extravagant. Try to make your light fixtures match the theme of your unique bathroom. This will help form a seamless bathroom design. It will also create a flow between all elements of your bathroom.

Damages in Transit

If you are ordering your unique bathroom fixtures online, you get the benefits of shopping from the comfort of your own home. You will also get them delivered right to your front door. However, there is one rare issue you may encounter. There is always a small chance that your fixtures or accessories can get damaged in transit. Although this is uncommon, it is something you should be prepared for.

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