Designing an outdoor shower requires you to take multiple things into account. These things include design, size and location among others.

Outdoor Showers

If you have the space for it, an outdoor shower can be one of the most relaxing and beneficial additions to home. These areas are great for a variety of reasons, some of which you may not have thought of. Outdoor showers provide you several aspects of comfort and functionality. Because of this you may want to consider one for your home design.

Why You Might Need One

There are several reasons as to why you might need an outdoor shower. For starters, it is a quick and easy way to clean yourself. There are a number of situations as to why this is important. Also, there are numerous areas in which this could come in handy. For example, the most common place you will find an outdoor shower is at the beach. You don't want to track sand in your home, so an outdoor shower is absolutely necessary. Essentially every home or hotel near a beach should have one to ensure that you and your home are clean. This is especially important if you visit the beach multiple times a week.
You also might need an outdoor shower if you deal with a muddy environment on a daily basis. For example, if you have a mountain home, you may want to consider this. Mud is the last thing you want in your home. It's hard to clean and is a pain to deal with. Because of this, an outdoor shower can be one of your best friends. This is especially important if you do a construction or something similar. Anything with which you might have mud or dirt on you could definitely warrant an outdoor shower.

Poolside Showers

One of the most common reasons for an outdoor shower is to work in tandem with a pool. Pools always need to be clean and clear of dirt. Because of this, an outdoor shower can be one of the most helpful additions. Outdoor showers are quick and efficient ways to clean off before you use the pool. This is especially important if you have guests over frequently. It is important that everybody get the grass and dirt off of their bodies before they get in the pool. This will help with keeping the filters clean as well as keeping the water nice and clear. If you have any type of permanent pool, this can be one of the best additions to your home.

Plumbing and Permits

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have everything taken care of before you install your outdoor shower. Make sure that your plumbing situation can accommodate your shower in the location you want it. You will also need to make sure to check if you will need a permit to install your outdoor shower. It is important to not overlook these two key aspects.
If you are concerned or have any questions regarding these issues, contact a professional. You will most likely need to do so regardless, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Don't hesitate if you have any questions at all. An outdoor shower can be a quick installation process if you have all of the preparations in order.


The size of your outdoor shower will likely be around the same size, if not bigger than a normal bathroom shower, with a few changes. Outdoor showers can tend to be slightly bigger than indoor showers because you have a lot more space to work with. The more space you have, the more likely you will be to have a comfortable and relaxing shower experience.
The size of your shower will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. This could vary depending on a number of different aspects. For starters, you might want a bigger shower if you have multiple people using it. This will help with keeping the area clean. You also might want a larger shower for comfort reasons. Because comfort is one of the most important elements of any shower design, you should definitely consider this.


The design of your outdoor shower is perhaps the most important aspect of this process. You want to go with a design that is nothing less than exactly the way you want it (or what your budget allows). Much of your shower design should revolve around the design of your house or the natural environment in the surrounding areas. If your shower is connected to the side of your house, try picking a design that meshes well with your house design. If your shower is further away from your house, try some more natural tones or materials in order to blend in well with the surroundings while still incorporating a beautiful design.
A very common design element of an outdoor shower is a seating addition. Seating is one of the best aspects of outdoor showers. This is mainly because outdoor showers are typically bigger, giving them space to include elements such as these. Whether it is a wall mounted seat or simply shower chair, you should consider something like this. Overall, a shower seat is one of the most attractive elements of any shower design.


Outdoor showers are typically composed of a few main materials. The most common materials used are various types of wood, stone and plastic. Depending on where you plan on putting your shower, you will be able to incorporate any combination of materials in order to get your perfect final product. Because the shower will be outdoors, you want to make sure these materials are durable and ready to withstand any possible weather damage. This is crucial for the lifespan of your shower and will absolutely help you save money in the long run.

Accessories and Shower Head

Lastly, you need to choose a shower head and accessories for your shower. As far as shower heads go, consider using a hand shower or a rain style shower head. These are two of the most common shower head styles for outdoor showers, but many outdoor showers incorporate all kinds of shower heads, so choose the one that you like the best. For accessories, it is recommended that you have a shower mat and a shelf at the very least. Towel hooks on the outside of your shower are very helpful as well.

Hand Showers

Hand showers can be a great design element in terms of both comfort and functionality. Again, comfort is an essential aspect of any and all shower areas, so this is something to focus on early in the process. Hand showers are both versatile and easy to use. This is very important in an outdoor shower, mostly because of how you will be using it. Because outdoor showers are used to clean all areas of your body, this will be something that will come in handy more often than not.
There are also several different types of hand showers that you can incorporate. It is recommended that you use a hand shower that doubles as a standard shower head. This will allow you to use the shower essentially any way you want. Whether you want to clean certain parts of your body or clean your whole body, this will be a great way to help with that. There are many types of hand showers available for you, so this is definitely something that you should consider.

A Great Changing Area

Not only is an outdoor shower a great place to shower off, but it serves as a convenient changing area. This is especially great if you have a larger shower area. If you have a pool or live near the beach, this is a great addition to both your shower and your home. If you have guests or multiple family members that use your pool or go to the beach with you, this is essential. A private changing area that is located outside of the home will give you an additional area that may be needed.

Things to Look Out For

There are several things that you need to take into consideration before you install your outdoor shower. First of all, make sure you are allowed to do it. Before you do any planning at all, you need to take care of this. Contact a professional to ensure that you can do this. You will need to know where you can place the shower as well as any plumbing issues.
You should also be wary of the pricing. A good thing to know is that outdoor showers aren't as expensive as indoor showers in most cases. They are relatively affordable, giving you a lot of room to work with in the buying process. However, you should still be cautious of overpriced shower elements. It is easy to find an overpriced type of wood or accessory, so be on the lookout. Make sure your shower fits comfortably within your budget.

Is it Right For You

If you live by the beach, an outdoor shower is essentially a must. The same can be said if you work with messy materials such as dirt, mud or anything similar. If you don't need an outdoor shower or wouldn't use one frequently, you might not want one. All in all, it is a good idea to have one if you are going to need it often. You should not go through the process if you won't be able to use it anyway.