Showers are used every day, so make it a good experience.

Choosing Your Optimal Shower

When choosing your shower, there are many things to consider, so you want to make sure you take everything into account before you decide on any aspect of your shower. Because you are likely using your shower every day, it is an investment that is very important to the way you live your life daily. For many people, the day usually starts and/or ends with a nice shower to wind down and relax from a long day of work. The shower experience is something that remedies your mind and body in order for you to get the most out of your shower. The shower system is arguably the most important area in your bathroom. For many bathroom showers, there are many different components that go into a quality design and you want to make sure all of the bases are covered. That being said, you want to break down every aspect of your shower and take the process step by step.

Shower Area

When looking to include a shower in your bathroom or renovate for a new one, there are two ways to go. You can either incorporate a bathtub/shower combination or a stand alone shower. If you plan on a shower/bathtub combo, you will most likely be in the market for some sort of alcove bathtub most commonly. These are bathtubs that can be fixed into the wall of your bathroom, almost like a puzzle piece. These bathtub/showers are generally composed of fiberglass mostly, or acrylic material. If you aren’t concerned about including a bathtub in your bathroom, then you are most likely looking for an independent shower. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may have more space for a shower, because it would be in place of where a bathtub would be, which is a fairly large bathroom fixture. This will result in having a comfortable amount of space for your shower. You also want to make sure your shower area will be easy to clean. If your shower is a hassle to clean, your bathroom becomes much more stressful to use.

Shower Heads

Shower heads may be the aspect of your shower that has the most impact on your shower setup and experience. The most common type of shower head is the wall mounted adjustable shower head. They generally stem from the wall and have a swiveling head that can cover much of the shower. The benefits of this type of shower head are that it is usually the most affordable and it performs its function well. If you are looking to build a traditional shower setup, this might be the way to go. Another type of shower head is the detachable or handheld shower heads. These are the preferred choice for those who may need assistance with showering or for those that just prefer the maneuverability and ease to use a detachable shower head. Lastly, there are rain style shower heads. Rain style shower heads are shower heads that are usually fixed to a permanent location and spray water directly downwards, hence the name “rain” style.


If you don’t want your shower to be made of fiberglass or acrylic, consider some sort of tiling for your shower floor and walls. Tiling can be composed of several different materials, all coming with their own style and design factors. These materials include travertine, granite, marble, slate and several others. A benefit of tiling is the versatility that they bring to the table. The first is the size of the tiles you can incorporate. A popular way to go for the floor is to incorporate smaller tiles (around 1-2 square inches per tile). For your walls, you can either do the same as your floor, or you can use bigger tiles. The reason why you do not want to use bigger tiles on the floor is the increased risk that you can slip and fall. This isn’t a common occurrence, but the increased risk of injury may not be worth the risk. One of the best things about designing your own shower is the fact that you get to personalize your shower and decide what you want your perfect shower to look like. The ability to combine styles and customize your shower to your liking makes tiling your shower area a very rewarding way to bring your personal design into your bathroom.

Shower Accessories

Lastly, you want to make sure you have the right assortment of shower accessories. One of the most important accessories to include in any shower is some type of shower basket. This is essential because this is where all of your cleaning supplies and toiletries will go so that they are easily accessed. Shower baskets can come in many different shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options as to which shower baskets will work best in your shower design. Baskets can be mounted in corners for maximum space conservation, or the wall if you want more of a shelf like feel or you just prefer it that way more. Another accessory you may want to include is a shower seat, depending on your situation. If you or a family member needs support in the shower. a shower seat should be something to consider. To go along with that, grab bars are helpful for support and to help prevent slipping. Shower mats are helpful in this situation as well. There are plenty of additions you can make to your shower to create your perfect shower, so it is encouraged that you find accessories that fit your own design the best.

Final Note

There are many components to consider when it comes to your shower design. Every component deserves a sufficient amount of attention and research to ensure that you get every part of your design exactly the way you want it.