How to Fill the Empty Space in Your Bathroom

How to Fill the Empty Space in Your Bathroom

A bathroom needs to be optimized for all aspects of use and functionality. Sometimes this can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Space optimization is one of the important factors. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to fill the space in your bathroom in order to make use of the bathroom as a whole. This guide will go over some of the best ways for you to fill the empty space in your bathroom design.

Identify Empty Spaces in Your Bathroom

The first thing you need to do for this process is identifying the empty spaces in your bathroom and if it would be better to fill the space or not. There are a few places you should look to first in order to start this process. Firstly, look at the main fixtures of your bathroom and look at the empty space between them. Determine if there is enough space in between them to know whether or not something useful or meaningful can fit there. Once these areas are identified, you can start to brainstorm what may fit in the space the best.

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Look to Your Bathroom Floor

Your bathroom floor is one of the most basic foundational aspects of your bathroom design as a whole. However, it is not typically seen as one of the most obvious in terms of filling the empty space because it basically is supposed to be empty space. One way to make your floor space look full is through the use of mats or bathroom friendly rugs. Choose a color that matches with your existing design well, and implement that into your bathroom easily. Bath mats and shower mats should be included as well for both aesthetic and safety more importantly.

For a more foundational way to make your bathroom floor at least seem full, is to style it with a certain design. This could be a beautiful bathroom floor tile pattern. It could also be an elegant pattern or design on different materials. Your bathroom floor is incredibly important as a foundational piece of your bathroom design as a whole in terms of looks. Once your bathroom floor is taken care of, you can turn to the more obvious space that should be filled with something.

Bathroom Walls are Important to Fill

Much like your bathroom floor, your bathroom walls should be filled as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean the bathroom walls should be overwhelming, but they should be filled to a point where there are not any blatantly open gaps on the wall. Again, there are plenty of ways to fill your bathroom walls effectively in order to make the bathroom look much more complete. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of bathroom mirrors, a great type of useful bathroom wall décor. You will already have a bathroom vanity mirror, but you can also add some more. The use of mirrors can not be understated, as they fill up the wall space while making the bathroom look bigger as a whole as well.

Aside from mirrors, useful bathroom wall décor can also be used. There are different types of useful bathroom wall décor, serving different, but somewhat similar purposes. There is wall décor that is strictly décor, such as several bathroom wall art ideas. Paintings, photographs, sculptures and other types of wall art can serve as magnificent forms of bathroom wall art ideas. Other bathroom wall decoration ideas can be used as well.

Bathroom Wall Decoration Ideas

Your bathroom wall is also necessary for certain bathroom wall storage ideas that can also double as useful bathroom wall décor. For example, bathroom shelves are incredibly useful bathroom wall decoration ideas due to the functionality and storage space they bring to a design. Bathroom shelves can be installed through hardware, adhesive or even recessed installations. Each of these can deliver a great source of bathroom wall storage ideas, as many variations are available to you.

Another form of useful bathroom wall décor can be cabinets or other similar bathroom wall storage ideas. Cabinets serve as incredible storage solutions for a bathroom, doubling as both storage and stylistic pieces. Other than cabinets, you can include some more unique storage methods. Recessed cabinets, hanging storage options and other similar storage options are great options to consider, especially when trying to fill the empty wall space in your own unique design.

Filling the Space in a Small Bathroom Design

Small bathrooms may not need much to feel full, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find a good starting point. However, small bathroom décor ideas can be much more vast in options than one might think. For example, a small bathroom may not have much space to work with, but it will almost always benefit from some type of small bathroom décor ideas. This can be anything from a small piece of wall art to a small set of countertop décor pieces.

There are other creative ways to fill empty space in a bathroom as well, especially with limited space. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of bathroom fixtures in and of themselves. Beautiful bathroom fixtures can be used to fill the empty space in a bathroom effectively. This may require some small renovations, but nothing so great that it would require a complete overhaul to the design.

Bathroom Decorating on a Budget to Fill Up Space

Filling up space in a bathroom can sometimes feel like a waste of money if you are just aimlessly filling up space for the sake of it. Focus more on bathroom decorating on a budget in order to fill the empty space in a bathroom effectively. The first step is to set a budget unique to your situation. If you are working with a small bathroom, your budget can be relatively small. If you don’t have the space, there is no sense in overcrowding the area just to fill the gaps. On the other hand, larger bathrooms may require a higher budget in order to keep the gaps smaller.

Bathroom Storage Solutions are Perfect for Filling Empty Space

If you are struggling to find the perfect piece to fill in some of the empty space in your bathroom, see what you can do in terms of functionality. This is where storage solutions will shine in a bathroom design. There are several great options to consider when trying to fill the space in you bathroom while also not wasting any space. Drawer units are perfect options to consider in this regard. Drawer units are not only amazing ways to store some of your medium to small sized items, but they are great functional pieces of a bathroom.

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