Increase your home value with these simple tips and projects.

Home Value

The value of a home takes many different things into consideration. For example, something as basic as a fresh coat of paint can make your home much more appealing. Small improvements over time can be very beneficial to your home value. In addition to the small improvements, large improvements here and there are also very important to the value of your house in the long run. You want to keep your home up to date and constantly improve on it in order to increase the value over the years.

Bathroom Remodel

An up to date bathroom is extremely important in increasing the value of your home. The bathroom is one of the most closely inspected rooms in the house along with the kitchen. A very clean and beautiful master bath can really make a buyer consider your house more for purchase. Features such as double vanities and luxury bathtubs are helpful in this regard especially.
Flooring is also very important in a bathroom remodel as well, being one of the main eye-catchers. Hardwood or a beautiful tile design are great choices to go with. New fixtures are almost a must-have if you are trying to increase the overall value. If you have old fixtures that look worn out or out of date, you will definitely want to replace those fixtures. Just make sure you are spending an appropriate amount of money on your remodel in order to make sure you get a decent return.

Fix Any Existing Problems

Look around your house and see what you can fix. These issues can range from small chips in the paint to water damage. Do everything you can to ensure that your house is in the best shape it can possibly be in. Sometimes, small problems can turn somebody off from buying a house. It only takes a fresh coat of paint or a brand new floor to drastically improve the quality of your home design. One thing you should always consider is whether or not you need professional help or advice. Some projects can be done by yourself if that are simple or you have sufficient experience, but never be afraid to contact a professional or research for a bit before you dive into any projects.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is right up there in importance with a bathroom remodel. Because the kitchen is another room that people will frequently be in, an upgraded set of fixtures/appliances will be instrumental to increasing the value. Clean surfaces and counters are also important to the appeal of your kitchen.
That being said, if you keep your bathroom clean, there is a much higher chance that your bathroom will survive for a much longer period of time. You should look around your bathroom in order to locate any fixtures or aspects that need to be replaced in order to make sure your kitchen looks and functions as well as it can. It is important to note that you should be picking kitchen fixtures for the long run in order to save as much money as possible while extending the lifespan of your bathroom.

Finished Basement

A finished basement is another great way to add value to your home. Finished walls and floors are great looking aesthetically and add more comfort to the basement as well. Another thing you should do with your basement is keep it open and spacious. This makes it more of a welcoming space for living. If your basement has enough room, consider adding a bathroom into your basement as well. This can be an extremely beneficial addition to your basement because it adds a convenience level as well as increased luxury. A finished basement offers a sense of completion to the home, giving buyers an added incentive.

Improve the Exterior

The first thing somebody is going to see when looking to buy your house is the exterior. Clean up the siding of your house if it has any grime or dirt on it, trim your hedges and pull weeds in the garden to make your house look as presentable and appealing as possible. This can also include any roofing replacement or improvement that may need to be done as well. Go around the outside of your house to see if there is anything you can improve to increase the overall aesthetic quality.

Replace Old Fixtures

In any area of your home, you want to make sure that all of your fixtures are up to date. If you are looking to sell your house, but your fixtures are on the verge of breaking, it will turn people away. The way to fix this is to make sure you are keeping up with your fixtures. this does not mean you should go out and buy a group of brand new fixtures right before you sell your house. At this point, it is a bit too late. Throughout the course of your time spent at your home, you should be maintaining your fixtures regularly. This will help them last longer and be in better shape when you go to sell your house.
Common fixtures to look out for are the most used ones. For example, kitchen and bathroom sinks are heavily used so you need to watch out for them. Any vanity or countertop that is chipped or damaged should be fixed as well. Look around your house to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed before any big decisions are made. This is important to do because it can impact the value of your house quite a bit. You should set aside a day to go through your home and make sure everything is in selling shape.

Fresh Coats of Paint

Repainting your home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase the value of your home. Paint is relatively cheap depending on the type that you get, so this should be a great option for anyone. One thing to consider is that neutral colors are the most appealing. This is mainly because neutral colors allow people to change the color easily whenever they want.
As far as preparedness, there are a few things you need to do before you start painting. First of all, make sure everything except the surfaces that are being painted are covered. The last thing you want is to be happy about increasing the value of your home and then getting paint all over the carpet. To avoid this, tape plastic sheets to the ground to eliminate any possible messes. You also need to make sure that you have all of the proper materials. Make sure you have paint rollers, paint brushes and other essential tools needed to paint a room.

Replace Worn Carpets and Rugs

If you have any worn carpets or rugs, you will want to get them replaced before you sell your house. There could be several problems with your carpets. First of all, if your rugs or carpets are clearly ripped, you need to replace them. Rips and tears are usually found near baseboards, but they can really happen anywhere. This is something to look out for.
If your rugs or carpets have any stains, this is something you should address immediately. You could have small stains that can be removed easily with stain remover, so do that. If you have larger stains that won't go away, you might need to replace your carpet. Often, it will be better to contact a professional to do this, but if you know what you are doing, it will be cheaper to do it yourself. Brand new carpet can make a home feel welcoming and fresh, so this is something to consider.

Get Organized

It is always important to be organized. When it comes to increasing the value of your home, this is no different. Organization can come in many different shapes and forms, so make sure your home has an appropriate organization setup. Ways to do this include closets and cabinets that can store a variety of items. The good thing is that most homes already have closets and a variety of cabinets. this means that you most likely won't have to make any additions.
You could add shelves if you do want some extra storage space. Shelves are both beautiful and very useful, so they are definitely worth consideration. If you are looking for a bit more storage space, shelves are versatile options. They can work in any room and add a great element of design.

Final Note

It is important to remember the amount of money you put into your renovations shouldn’t be excessive. You want to make sure you are improving the value of your house while making a profit at the same time. You should not wait until the last minute to do this however. It is crucial that you are always taking care of your home. This way, when you want to sell it, it will be ready to go. Keep this in mind for however long you will be living at your current home to ensure an easy selling process.