Big bathrooms are becoming more of a priority.

Big Bathrooms

Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in your house for good reason. You use your bathroom multiple times a day, every day. For this reason, your bathroom is going to need a be a comfortable, accessible and relaxing place to be. Over the years, people have been valuing the bathroom more and more. Because of this, the size of the bathroom is starting to grow to accommodate all of the needs that anybody may have. A big bathroom can incorporate a number of things that will increase the overall quality of your home as well. Many of the aspects of bigger bathroom will almost certainly make you more satisfied with your bathroom design. If you plan on incorporating a bigger bathroom in your home design, consider the following points so that you can be prepared for your remodel.

More Space

More Space - Belle Bathroom Vanity
More Space - Concert Bathroom Vanity

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom is having sufficient space. Several different fixtures are required to be in your bathroom to make sure it performs all of the necessary actions you need it to perform. Typical required fixtures include sinks, vanities, showers/bathtubs and mirrors. It should be noted that these are the absolute necessary fixtures for a bathroom and there are several other fixtures that can be used in a bathroom as well.

Other fixtures and accessories such and laundry baskets, towel bars and stools or seats can easily be implemented in the bathroom as well. Storage is also something that factors into this category. If your bathroom has sufficient storage, space will start to open up. If all of your toiletries and other items are stored in an organized pattern, your bathroom will benefit greatly. That being said, it is extremely important to make sure your bathroom has enough space to incorporate all of these fixtures.

Sizes of the Fixtures

The master bathroom, typically being the biggest bathroom in the house, has the biggest fixtures. Going along with the space you need in your bathroom, the size of the fixtures must be adequate as well. If you decide to use a bathtub in your bathroom, you must first decide if you want a freestanding or alcove bathtub.

A freestanding bathtub does require a lot of space in order to comfortably fit the bathtub. An alcove bathtub is built in directly next to a wall, allowing more space for other fixtures or just more space in general. Bigger vanities and sinks are important as well due to the nature of a big master bathroom. You can choose to go with one or two sinks if you have more than one person using the bathroom. Three sinks can work in some cases, but is generally unnecessary. A mirror should stretch the length of your vanity in order to stay consistent and help your bathroom look clean and organized.

Windows and Mirrors

If it isn’t possible to make your bathroom physically bigger, windows and mirrors can help make your bathroom feel bigger. Mirrors reflect the image of your bathroom to make it feel bigger while simultaneously adding a great design factor to you bathroom. For smaller mirror options, lighted LED magnifying mirrors are great for lighting your bathroom up and giving your vanity area a very useful accessory to add to your design. For windows, they can operate in a similar manner, in the sense that they can make your bathroom look bigger depending on how big they are. Both large and small windows can accomplish this. In addition, both windows and mirrors are great for lighting your bathroom as well.

Final Note

Bigger bathrooms are very rewarding to have in your home, due to the comfort and relaxation you will receive from them.