Importance of a Guest Bathroom

A guest bathroom is an essential part to any complete home design. If you ever plan on having guests for an extended period of time, you are definitely going to need to know what you need to furnish and decorate your guest bathroom to be sure that your guests are comfortable and relaxed. Everything should be accessible and in an easy to reach area to ensure maximum comfort. This guide will highlight all of the essential aspects of a bathroom design and how you will be able to create the perfect guest bathroom.

Guest Towels

Towels are essential to any bathroom design and it is important that your guest always has access to clean ones. For starters, make sure there are clean towels available at all times. These towels should be clean, dry and draped neatly over a towel bar or a towel rack. You should always have your towels out in an accessible and easy to see area because often times, your guest won't be familiar with the bathroom area. Because of this, you should not keep your towels in a closet without having some towels out for your guest. You could definitely use your closet to store some of the towels that aren't being used, but you should always make sure that a towel is accessible to your guest at all times. As for hand towels, there are two different routes you can go. The first way to incorporate a hand towel is right next to your sink on a towel ring or towel bar. This towel should be extremely durable and reliable, not to mention you should make sure it is clean before your guest arrives. The benefits of this towel is that it will be reusable and beautiful in terms of design. If you want to go another route, you can incorporate some disposable hand towels. Keep these towels in a nice metal or wooden tray to accent your vanity area perfectly. Disposable towels are great for cleanliness because they are used one time only and thrown away afterwards. This is a popular method for guest bathrooms because of this. All in all, you should always make sure that there are dry, clean and comfortable towels for your guest to use at any given moment.

Provide Essential Toiletries

One of the best ways to make your bathroom more guest friendly is through the incorporation of bathroom toiletries. These items include generic things like soaps, shampoos and any extra personal care products like toothbrushes and toothpaste. Basically, you should try to make the bathroom similar to what a hotel bathroom would be like. You need to look at the shower area as well as the sink area because these two areas are crucial for maximum comfort in a bathroom design. For the sink area, you need to have a soap dish with a fresh bar of soap or a soap dispenser with a fresh bag of soap inside of it. The last thing you want to hear from a guest is that there was no soap to wash their hands after they were done using the bathroom. This can give off a sense of either laziness or neglect for both your guest and the bathroom, so it is crucial that you remember this for when your guest is coming to your home. You should also make sure that the shower area is properly stocked as well. Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner are great things to include to make your guest feel more comfortable. You don't necessarily need to incorporate full sized bottles of shampoo because more often than not, your guest won't be spending more than a few days. If you put a full sized bottle in your shower it might end up making a mess. The same thing can be said with conditioner. Keep some small bottles in your bathroom so that your guest always has something to wash with. The bottom line is that you need to make sure that you always have toiletries for your guests to use in case they don;t bring any for themselves.

Keep It Clean

One of the best things for your guest bathroom is to keep it clean. This goes for every bathroom whether it is for a guest or not. If your guest walks into a cluttered bathroom, chances are that their experience won't be a good one. You always want to make sure your guest is as comfortable as possible, because it can give them a bad impression of your home as a whole, and it might make you feel bad as a host. There are several different things you can do in terms of keeping your bathroom clean, clear and comfortable. Keep your countertops clear by wiping them down regularly and dusting them every week or two so that you can ensure that your surfaces are clear. You should also focus on your floors and cabinets. Clear floors are absolutely necessary if you want a clean bathroom and want your guest to feel as relaxed as possible. The more open space that is in your bathroom, the more of a chance that it will be comfortable. Keep your cabinets organized so that your guest can easily locate anything they might need. A cluttered cabinet can be uncomfortable to navigate, so this is definitely something to consider. This also means keeping things organized. Keep all of your items in accessible locations in order to maximize comfort and improve the overall bathroom experience.

In Case Of Emergencies

You never know what could happen, so you want to make sure that your guest bathroom is definitely prepared for any given emergency. One of the most important things that you can include in your bathroom design is an emergency first aid kit. There are many different types of injuries that can occur in a bathroom so this is important to keep handy. Razor cuts, stubbed toes, nose bleeds and other similar injuries are always possible, so take it is definitely something that you need to include in your bathroom, preferably in your vanity or medicine cabinet so that it is easy to reach. Another thing you should consider is emergency lighting. This should be one of two things, but you should preferably have both. The first thing you should make sure is in your bathroom is a collection of candles, or at least one. This way if there is a power outage, your guest will have at least something to light up the space for the short term, until the power comes back. You should keep matches or a lighter in an accessible place as well so that you can light the candle easily. The other light source you should have is a flashlight, preferably an LED flashlight. This will give you a bright light to find exactly what you need in case of a power outage. Keep some spare batteries in a cabinet or wherever your flashlight is in case the batteries run out unexpectedly. If there are other reasons you might be cautious of an emergency, don't be afraid to stock your bathroom with any important items that could help.

Keep Sufficient Lighting

You need enough lighting in your bathroom to ensure a comfortable experience for your guest. Try incorporating a small night light in case your guest is staying overnight to make sure they always have a source of light, especially if they are unfamiliar with your home or bathroom layout. Aside from that, you should think about incorporating some LED lighting in all of your bathrooms, providing you with bright lighting as well as a long lasting lighting. LED lighted mirrors are also very useful due to the unique combination of fixtures they provide. if you have windows in the bathroom, make sure you are using them to their full potential. For example, get some beautiful curtains that will allow for privacy while also allowing a nice flow of natural light into the bathroom. Natural light has been shown to be a comfort booster in any room of your home, so it is definitely something that you should try to do if you can. You want to be absolutely sure that your guests have sufficient lighting because it will become a much more comfortable and relaxing environment. Not only that, but sufficient lighting is important for the safety of your bathroom as well. The last thing you want is for your guest to get hurt because the lighting wasn't up to par in your guest bathroom. The most important things to consider are comfort and accessibility when you are trying to come up with a great design for a guest bathroom.

Quality Fixtures

Just because this is your guest bathroom, doesn't mean that you should treat it any differently than any other bathroom in your house in terms of the quality of the fixtures. A guest bathroom needs to focus on comfort and quality, meaning that the fixtures need to fit your standards before you think about including them in the guest bathroom. Focus on the main fixtures. For example, a toilet, bathtub/shower, sink/vanity and other main fixtures that you may have in your master bathroom, for example. You don't need to replicate your master bathroom, but you should definitely make sure that the main fixtures are present and they are comfortable for your guest to use. You should also make sure that all of the comfortable accessories are there as well. As mentioned previously, comfort is extremely important for a guest bathroom, and this is one of the best ways to do it.