Take the necessary steps when remodeling your bathroom.

Turn the Water Off

Turning off the water is the one thing you don’t want to forget to do, but it can easily slip your mind. This is definitely the first thing you want to do. An accidental bathroom flooding situation while removing fixtures is the last thing anybody wants.

Remove Everything From your Bathroom

It is important that all loose items are taken out of your bathroom, such as shampoos, soaps, towels, rugs and all other similar items. Take everything out from under your sinks and inside of your vanities as well. It is also recommended that you take down your shower curtains and your toilet seat covers just to strip everything down to the bare bones. You basically want to take everything out of your bathroom that you can, as long as those things are safe to remove without causing any damage to your bathroom. This is also very important because if you happen to forget to turn your water off, you run the risk of water damage on anything you forget to remove.

Remove All Doors to Make Space

By opening up the space in your bathroom, the remodeling procedure can be done in a much more effective manner. Opening up space can be done through many methods. You should removing all doors from your bathroom, including the main door, closet doors and shower doors, if possible. When removing doors, make sure you are sure how to remove the specific door on each of your fixtures. When all doors are removed, you have more space to move freely and maneuver through your bathroom.

Plan your Budget or Set a Budget

Before you do anything, make sure you have the created an overall plan. You should also set a budget for the total project. Set your budget for fixtures, accessories, tiling, wallpaper or paint and all labor costs that will be associated to the remodel. We also recommend adding an extra contingency budget. This will take care of any unforeseen costs that may incur during the remodel.

Final Note

A bathroom renovation is a big step for your home. Taking the necessary precautions and steps is important to ensure a smooth renovation process.