Why You Need to Keep Your Mirror Fog Free

A bathroom mirror is a vital part to any bathroom design. It is essential for a complete vanity area and it reflects light in a way that promotes maximum accessibility and visibility in your bathroom. If you allow your mirror to gather condensation, a few things will happen. First of all, your mirror will get damaged over time, due to an excessive amount of water gathering in one place. Secondly, you won't have a functional mirror if there is a coating of water on the surface, preventing you from seeing a reflection. A clear and clean bathroom mirror is critical if you want a functional bathroom area. Because a bathroom have many fixtures that produce steam, mainly the shower, your bathroom will most likely experience fogging at some point. Mirrors fogging up is a common occurrence is virtually every bathroom. Regardless of the kind of mirror you have, defogging methods will work on any type of mirror. You don't need to worry about any aspects of your mirror getting ruined as long as you are careful and thorough. Try the following methods to prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up in the future.

Defogging Products

The most upfront way to prevent mirror fogging is to use a specifically designed product made for the job. The benefit of this kind of product is that it is specifically designed to do the job and there is a wide variety to choose from with a range of different prices. Defogging products definitely have different pros and cons to them, so if you are looking to keep your mirror fog free, consider getting one of the more trusted high end cleaners to ensure that you aren't wasting your money. This might take a little bit of trial and error to accomplish, so you might need to try a few different products to know which products will work best for your particular mirror. However, this is probably the easiest and most effective way to defog your mirror, as long as you are not using cheap product. Just make sure you don't damage your mirror in the process and make sure you are using safe cleaning materials.

Soap to Defog

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to defogging you can use a common household item to do the job. You can either use dish soap or a bar of soap. First, lightly rub the soap (a few drops for dish soap or rub the bar for bar soap). After the mirror is covered, lightly rub the soap off with a microfiber cloth or similar material until the mirror regains its shine. If you are still slightly worried about whether or not the soap is going to show up on your mirror, you can spray window cleaner on your mirror to wipe away any excess soap. If this process is done correctly, your bathroom mirror should remain clear, even when exposed to steam. This process will not last forever however, so doing this about once every week or two will keep your mirror nice and clear. Don't worry, this will not cause any damage to your mirror in the long run. Another commonly used method besides soap is to apply shaving cream to the mirror. Simply apply shaving cream to your mirror, and then wipe it off with a paper towel. This should keep your mirror clear of fog for up to three weeks if done correctly. Again, this won't cause any harm to your bathroom mirror.

Air to Defog

There are two common methods as to how you can let air defog the mirror for you. First, try opening a window so that the air flow can carry the water in the air outside, preventing the mirror from collecting it. Another way to use air by an electronic air vent or a dehumidifier. Both of these are designed to prevent rapid condensation. Both of these methods are also one of the most common ways to defog a mirror in the modern bathroom. If you allow a constant flow of air in your bathroom, your mirror will almost never fog up unless their is an overwhelming amount of moisture in the air with very little air flow. Because moisture is the reason that a bathroom mirror fogs up, as long as there is somewhere for the moisture to escape to, it will be difficult for your mirror to fog up. This is one of the more affordable ways to defog your mirror, especially if you have a window, although dehumidifiers can be quite affordable as well. Any kind of ventilation is highly recommended for both the cleanliness of your mirror as well as the overall health of your bathroom. Sometimes a nice flow of air can do more than benefit your bathroom mirror, making your bathroom feel more fresh and clean.

Final Note

Keeping your mirror from fogging up gives you one less thing to worry about and keeps your bathroom looking fresh and clean.