Why You Should Utilize as Much Space as Possible

Because your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in your house, you need to utilize as much space as possible in order to get the most out of it. There are a number of different ways to do this, and many of them are easier than you think. For example, some aspects of your bathroom are probably not being used that much when they definitely could be. This includes spaces such as walls, floors, empty corners and other similar spaces. You should be looking to all areas of your bathroom in order to find the places that could benefit from some kind of improvement. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to utilize all of the space in your bathroom to the optimal standards.


Your wall is one of the most useful areas in your bathroom, or any room for that matter. Your wall can incorporate a number of different fixtures, but shelves are some of the most useful if you are trying to utilize the maximum amount of space. There are many different ways to implement these aspects to maximize storage. Shelves can hold smaller items that you can reach at your convenience, and are great for storing any type of personal hygiene items or similar objects. There two main ways they can be implemented in your bathroom. You can either get a wall mounted shelf or a recessed shelf. Wall mounted shelves can be installed in many different ways as well, giving you several different options that can benefit your bathroom design and fit its needs. Shelves can also display your items while serving as a beautiful piece in your bathroom at the same time. Recessed shelves are amazing features for a bathroom design if your design will allow it. Recessed shelves will require you to do some renovations to your wall, so you need to make sure that you will be able to do this before you commit to it. Because these shelves are indented into your wall, you will be able to store items conveniently while also adding a unique design element. Shelves can be very affordable, and if you want to increase your storage space they can be the best option for you. Both of these storage options are extremely effective when it comes to utilizing your wall space.

Medicine Cabinets

Another great way to utilize your wall space is through the use of a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are great for storing any items you might need to keep in your vanity area that you might need easy access to. Medicine cabinets can also double as mirrors, giving you a great combination of fixtures that can make your bathroom more efficient. Similarly to shelves, you can store essentially any items that will fit. Medicine cabinets are great for taking up wall space while being beautiful additions to a design. They are also very good for smaller bathrooms that struggle to incorporate some efficient and effective storage. They are definitely also effective in large bathrooms too, so if this is your situation it is still something that you should definitely consider. Mirrors are incredibly important in any bathroom design, so always consider a mirror on your medicine cabinet. With that being said, medicine cabinets are all around great fixtures to incorporate in your bathroom design.

Rugs and Carpets

Using your floor space can be tricky at times, especially when it comes to storage and decoration, but it can also be easy if you do it right. For starters, a rug can be great for both decorative features as well as comfort. There are many different types of rugs and carpets that you can use in your bathroom in order to both maximize the comfort level and increase your overall bathroom design. Rugs are also very effective for keeping your bathroom warm, so that is something to take into consideration as well. If you have a bare tile floor, this should be something you are doing. Comfort is an incredibly important part of any room of your house and rugs are one of the best ways to do that. Rugs are affordable and beautiful if you use them correctly. The two main places in which you can use rugs are in front of your vanity and right in front of your shower. These places are usually the area that you need to make the safest and the most comfortable. These rugs should be good in wet conditions so that they can be reliable for you while being durable for years to come.

Vanity Area

The vanity area is a necessary and important part of any bathroom design for a variety of reasons. Your vanity is another area that is used for storage while being the place where you are going to be spending a majority of your time while you are in your bathroom. As far as storage space goes, a good vanity is a must. Wall mounted vanities are some of the best vanities to go with if you need some increased storage. The most effective way to use your vanity is through the use of the vanity itself. Vanities will typically have doors or drawers, so you will have a choice to make in terms of how you want to use them. After that is decided, you can store a variety of different items in them. Drawers and doors will operate a little differently in terms of the sizes of the items they can store, so that is something to consider as well. Another way you can use storage with your vanity is to store items underneath it. Wall mounted vanities will be the most effective when it comes to this regard. Store your items in bins so that you can easily organize them and access them whenever you might need to.

Empty Corners

This is one of the most overlooked areas in your bathroom in terms of how much space it can save you. You can include a number of different fixtures that were designed for corners. For example, many smaller bathrooms benefit from including a corner sink or vanity. This allows for more free space in your bathroom which in turn, will allow for more comfort. Corner sinks are just as effective as any other type of sink, so if you need to use one of these sinks there isn't really a trade off at all. The only issue you might have is that these sinks are typically a little smaller, because they are meant to fit in a corner comfortably. The same types of things can be applied to corner vanities. You can also include shelves in your corners as well if you so chose. corner shelves are another great way to store items while using them as efficient tools. Corner shelves are great in a shower area because of how effective they are at creating space and opening up the shower a bit. This will be great for organizing your shampoos and soaps to keep your area clean and safe.


One of the best ways to fill some empty spaces in your bathroom is through the use of decor. Decor is a simple yet effective way to fill some empty areas of your bathroom because of the many different possibilities that can be thought of. You have the ability to decorate your bathroom however you want so that you can make it fit to your standards. Because comfort is so important, this is something you should definitely be doing. You can use some of your bathroom fixtures as pieces of decor in and of themselves, but it is important to use individual pieces of decor as well. Some of the best options for decor include clocks, paintings, lights and other similar pieces. When all is said and done, you should have some decor that makes you feel as happy as possible so that you can fully enjoy your bathroom design.

Empty Spaces

Sometimes, the best thing you can do in a bathroom design is to just keep some empty space. If you feel as though your bathroom has too much clutter, try to empty the area a little bit in order to create a better sense of comfort, peace and accessibility. This is especially important if your bathroom design is focused around minimalist or modern elements. Sometimes, less is more in terms of how comfortable and efficient a bathroom design can truly be. You should always be looking at different areas of your bathroom to see what you can remove without removing the main necessary elements of your bathroom.

Space In Your Bathroom

Space is an important part of a bathroom in terms of both comfort and design, so you should always be trying to optimize it. There are many areas in which you can utilize the space to its fullest potential through the use of fixtures, decor or other similar methods. Take your time to review your bathroom plan and find the best areas for this to work.