Shelves add a unique storage aspect to your bathroom design.

Importance of Shelves

Shelves serve two main purposes in a bathroom design. The first is to give your bathroom an extra area to store some of your essential bathroom items. The second is to display whatever beautiful pieces of decor, which can also be any accessories you may have. Because shelves are so versatile, they are important components of any bathroom design.

Shelves as a Storage Option

The main purpose for shelves is to serve as a storage unit. Shelves can hold many small accessories and items in your bathroom including soaps, shampoos and most other toiletries. Shelves can be incorporated in your shower as well as on your bathroom walls. Due to the versatility of bathroom shelves, they can come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and qualities, giving you plenty of options as to which shelves you think would work the best in your bathroom design. One of the most overlooked places for a shelf is a shower, which is perfect for storing your every day shower items. Because storage is so important for the overall functionality and accessibility of your bathroom, shelves can be one of the most important fixtures for keeping your bathroom organized and clean.

Decorative Shelves

Not only do shelves serve a useful purpose as a storage aspect, but they can be a beautiful piece of decor as well. Shelves come in different colors and styles, so you have many options to choose from. Bathroom shelves are commonly made of wood and metal on the high end, but more budget materials are available as well.

Metal and wood are going to be the most durable and reliable materials to use, so they are definitely worth considering first. Decor in your bathroom is one of the most overlooked but important aspects to any bathroom design in, due to the effective it has at making your bathroom a comfortable and visually pleasing. You also have the freedom to put decorative items on your shelves, matching with the shelf itself. There is a multitude of ideas you can put into practice with your bathroom shelves in order to make them look beautiful.

Choose from a vast selection of bathroom shelves:

Shelf Placement

When placing shelves in your bathroom, its essential to know where the best placements are. Typically, the best places for shelves are right by your main fixtures, being sinks, toilets and showers. The reason for this is for easy accessibility to things on those shelves such as towels, toilet paper, soap, and other toiletries. You should definitely put accessibility at the top of your list of priorities as far as your shelf placement goes in order to have the most comfortable and easy bathroom experience as possible. Make sure your shelves are no higher than around your eye level to ensure that you do not have to reach too high to reach anything you might need.

Installation and Prices

There are three main installation methods for bathroom shelves. These three methods are adhesive, suction or screws. These three installation methods will work in different areas, and shouldn't be used everywhere. For example, if you want to incorporate a shelf next you your vanity, you want a sturdy and secure shelf installation because you will most likely not be moving it. If you want a shelf in your shower, consider a shelf with suction cups for a stable yet movable shelf.

Depending on what you personally desire, you may want to consider different installation types for different areas of your bathroom. As far as prices go, shelves will be some of the most affordable fixtures you can find. Depending on the type of shelf you want, (material, size, installation type) a bathroom shelf will cost around $100. High quality shelves be higher in price, so expect to pay around $300 to $400 for the best of the best.

Final Note

Shelves can add a creative aspect to your bathroom while adding an effective way to store bathroom essentials.

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