Warming Up Your Bathroom

For you to enjoy maximum comfort in your bathroom, you need to enjoy a comfortable temperature. One one the most uncomfortable things that can occur in a bathroom is a flow of cold air. This is especially uncomfortable if you are getting a shower or doing something similar. You should always make sure that your bathroom is warm enough for you to enjoy your bathroom experience at all times. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to warm up your bathroom design and how you can implement to fit your specific area.
Warming Up Your Bathroom - Bathtub
Warming Up Your Bathroom - Mirror

Bathroom Rugs

This is one of the easiest ways to warm up your bathroom. Instead of stepping out of the shower to a cold tile floor, put some bathroom rugs down so that you can have a soft and comfortable place to walk. Rugs are also some of the most accessible options as far as floor warmth. You can quite literally find bathroom rugs that range from less than ten dollars to well over one hundred dollars. Of course, you want to find a bathroom rug that fits your budget well while maximizing on quality. As far as where you should put your rugs, there are two main areas. One area is in front of your vanity. This is important because this is one of the areas in which you will be standing up the most, unless you have seating there of course. While you are standing at your vanity, you need to warm up your bathroom to stand so you can be as comfortable as possible. The second most important area to incorporate a rug is in front of your shower. it is important to note that the bathroom rug you put here should be meant for when you are stepping out of the shower. This means that you should be looking to include a bathroom rug that can withstand water and condensation. You should be looking for this in your vanity bathroom rug as well. The bathroom rugs are great for both warming up your bathroom and traction, keep you from slipping when you get out of your shower. You can also incorporate bathroom rugs in other areas of your choosing to maximize comfort. The best thing about bathroom rugs is that you have the freedom to choose from a variety of styles, designs, shapes, colors and sizes so that you can have your perfect bathroom rug. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your design consistent. Make sure your rugs match each other, as well as your bathroom design as a whole.

Bathroom Heaters

This is one of the most straightforward ways to heat up your bathroom. Including a heater comes with its own benefits and some drawbacks as well. For one, if you get a heater, you will most likely have to plug it in, meaning that you will have to pay a bit more on your electricity bill. Running a heater can be expensive if you are doing it on a regular basis. It is recommended that instead of blasting your heater at all times, keep the heater running on a low setting consistently in order to keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature at all times. However, although there are some downsides, heaters are extremely efficient at heating your bathroom. This means that you will only have to run your heater for a short amount of time. If you aren't too worried about your electricity bill, you can run your heater on high for a little while to warm up your bathroom and have a comfortable bathroom. It really depends on how you want to use your heater. As far as pricing goes, heaters can be expensive, but you will also be able to find affordable heaters on the market that can be implemented in your bathroom design. This will generally depend on both design and quality. It also will depend on the size of the heater as well. Larger heaters will be able to heat more space in a shorter amount of time, so they will typically be more expensive than a smaller heater. This isn't always the case, but it is something that you remember and take into consideration. Overall, a heater will be one of the quickest and sometimes the most affordable option for warming up your bathroom.

Incorporate Natural Light

Natural light is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to warm up your bathroom. This can be done in a number of different ways, mainly windows. There are several different styles of windows that you can incorporate in your bathroom design to allow the flow of natural light. One of the most beautiful and effective ways to do this is through the use of skylights. If your bathroom can allow skylights, this can be one of the most rewarding ways to go. Skylights will give you the benefit of natural light while also allowing you to have the most privacy as possible. This is an incredibly useful aspect of skylights because some areas do struggle with privacy. This is something to consider if you are having issues in this regard. You can also incorporate wall windows if you have a more open area and want to add some beautiful aspects of design. There are a number of different beautiful styles that you use to highlight the best areas of your bathroom while letting in a good amount of natural light. Every window should have some kind of curtain or shade so that you can maintain a certain level of privacy while still allowing the flow of light. Natural light is incredibly important for your health and the design of your bathroom. The connection to nature will make you feel better and more comfortable while saving you money and adding a beautiful design element to your home.

Heated Floors

This will probably be one of the most immediately expensive ways to heat up your bathroom, but you will see that it is probably the most effective and long lasting method. Heated floors are incredibly effective because they will heat your entire floor and the room in general. Heated floors work by installing electric heating coils or water-heated tubing under your home's floors in order to create a warm temperature for the area. They will be a bit more expensive, with the average cost being around $15,000, with some installation being a bit lower and some being a bit higher. When it comes to any bathroom rugs or carpets, you should not use them in tandem with heated floors. A rug or carpet will sometimes block the full effectiveness of the heated floor itself, unless you find a rug or mat that will have little to no effect on it. Heated floors are one of the most comfortable ways to warm up your bathroom while being the best way to save space. If your floor is heated, you don't have to worry about any space heaters and you do not necessarily need a thermostat. With that being said, the heated floor will be the only source of heating that you are going to need. You can still pair it with other types of heating methods, but the floor itself will be enough.

Towel Warmers

One of the best feelings in your bathroom is a warm towel. This can be accomplished through a few different ways. One of the more trendy and popular ways to do this is by incorporating a towel warmer. Towel warmers are great for increasing comfort in your bathroom. Keep these close to your sinks and shower to give you the best access to your warm towels. They will mainly come in the form of a towel bar or a towel rack. A towel bar is meant to hold one to two towels while a rack can hold multiple towels, usually around three to six. These are great for any bathroom design because of how much more comfortable it will make the environment. Not only are warm towels an incredible benefit in terms of comfort, but the towel warmer will help keep your towels clean and healthy. If you leave your towel wet or moist, bacteria will be able to grow easier. This will affect the quality of your bathroom as well as your health. You want all areas of your bathroom to be healthy and functional, so this is definitely something you should consider. Heated towel bars and racks should be in your bathroom design because every design will benefit from them. They are a bit more expensive than regular bars and racks but they are absolutely worth the money.

Warm Tones and Warm Bathroom Colors

Warm Tones and Warm Bathroom Colors- Tribeca
Warm Tones and Warm Bathroom Colors - Baketo
Though it won't actually add any source of heat to the bathroom itself, warm tones are very important for the feel of the bathroom in terms of comfort. Warm bathroom colors such as red, orange and yellow are extremely effective when thinking of a warmer environment. Another great color is white. White will help with relaxation, comfort and brightness in your bathroom. If you think white is a little bit too bland for you, the brighter warm colors will be great to implement. Use them sparingly but effectively in order to create a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment. Warm tones can be a great starting point for your design if you are trying to make a warmer bathroom environment.

Warmth Is Important

A warm bathroom will allow you to be comfortable at all times with the multiple different methods that you can choose from. Whether it be any one of the points listed in this guide, any combination of points or through any other method you may think of on your own, a warm bathroom will only serve to benefit your home overall as well as your every day routine.