Mirror Placement

Mirror placement is something that is often overlooked in a bathroom design. The way your mirrors are placed in your bathroom will affect a number of different things that will make or break a bathroom design. With all of the mirrors that are available to you for your bathroom, there are so many different possibilities that you can take advantage of. Wall mirrors, floor mirrors, lighted mirrors, magnifying mirrors and makeup mirrors are all different mirrors that you can use and there are many more styles that you will be able to find. This short guide will go over some of the benefits of having good mirror placement in your bathroom.

Strategic Mirror Placement

Aside from your vanity, there are a number of other locations in which you can place a mirror to get the most out of your bathroom design. If you decide to incorporate wall mirrors, you can get the added effect of making your bathroom look bigger. This is especially useful if you have a smaller bathroom. You can also include mirrors on your door or cabinets in order to add more convenience factors to your bathroom design. Mirrors are always a helpful tool when you are going through your bathroom routines, so make sure you have at least one in your bathroom.

Vanity Mirrors

It is almost essential to have a mirror above your vanity for a number of different reasons. For example, because a vanity is where you will be spending a majority of your time in your bathroom, a mirror is necessary so you can see everything you are doing. You need this area to brush your hair, brush your teeth, shave and apply makeup among a number of other things. Vanity mirrors can come in a number of different styles and designs that can come with their own unique benefits. One thing that you definitely need to take into consideration is the width of your vanity.
When you are incorporating a mirror for your vanity, you always need to take into consideration the width. If you have a 40 inch vanity in width, you need to find a mirror with the same width. Whether your mirror is rectangular or circular, you need to be taking this rule into account for the sake of consistency and uniformity in your bathroom. This is one of the most important things to remember, because if you use a number of different widths and sizes all over your bathroom, you are going to see the immediate issues with consistency in your bathroom design.
As far as design goes, the options are essentially infinite in a sense. There are many different heights, frames, colors and finishes that you can incorporate in your bathroom mirror. LED lighted vanity mirrors are very popular because they are extremely useful when it comes to visibility and accessibility. In addition to that, your mirror will have a beautiful and stylish lighting feature built into it.
If you want a frame on your mirror, there are several different materials and finishes that you can go with. If you want to go down a more natural route, a beautiful selection of wood is available to be incorporated in a mirror frame. You can find maple, oak, ash and a number of other types of wood as well. If you want a sleek metallic finish, you will be able to find stainless steel frames, brushed frames and similar other styles. Matte black is a popular finish for other bathroom fixtures and accessories so it might be something to consider here.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors are right up there with vanity mirrors in terms of importance. Everybody either needs to shave, wax, use makeup or do something that they need a close up view for. With that being said, your magnifying mirror should be placed strategically and effectively. There are a few different areas of your bathroom in which a magnifying mirror will be extremely effective. The first, and probably the most popular place for a magnifying mirror is in your vanity area. This is mainly because your vanity is where you keep all of your cosmetic tools and products. Because of this, this is the perfect place for a magnifying mirror.
There are two main installation methods for a magnifying mirror that you should take into consideration before you buy. The first and easiest way to incorporate a magnifying mirror is through a deck mounted or freestanding magnifying mirror. This mirror will be mounted on the countertop of your vanity or simply placed there so you can move it around where you want to move it. This is great for if you need to move your mirror around for any reason.
The second way to install a magnifying mirror is through a wall installation method. This is great for an eye level view so that you don't have to bend over every time you need to use it. The mirrors are also a bit more versatile as far as positioning goes because they can have a number of maneuverable arms instead of just one arm. Some deck mounted mirrors can have a bendable arm, but they are somewhat limited in most cases. If the mirror has one to three arms as well as a pivot for the face of the mirror, you may be able to accomplish a bit more.
LED lighting is still an option in these mirrors as well, in fact, it is definitely recommended that you choose to include it in your magnifying mirror. This will give you maximum visibility and it will make your bathroom a more comfortable place to be overall. As far as frames go, you can incorporate the same as wall mirrors, but rimless magnifying mirrors have been a growing trend over the past few years, so that is also something that you should definitely consider.

Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are sometimes the most overlooked mirrors in a bathroom design because many people think that they are big, bulky and just exist to take up space. With that being said, yes, if you have a smaller bathroom, this might be the case. However, if your bathroom can fit a floor standing mirror, you should absolutely consider it. A floor standing mirror is great for bathrooms that might include a walk in closet or some other kind of addition that gives you access to your clothing. This is because this is the perfect mirror for seeing a full reflection of yourself. If you want to see how any of your outfits might look to start your day, you will be able to see from your head to your toes in one big reflection. You should definitely consider one of these mirrors if you have the room because they are incredibly rewarding.

Additional Features and Options

If you don't want to spend the money on a mirror specifically made for your floor with a stand and possibly even a swivel, you could just thing about incorporating a tall wall mirror and simply placing it on your ground for a cheaper price. However, designated floor mirrors will definitely give you the most in terms of how you can position them and the overall effectiveness. As for the additional features, floor mirrors are relatively bare in terms of the bells and whistles. They still include the same beautiful frames and materials, but many models won't include LED lighting. If you look hard enough you will be able to find them however. These mirrors are definitely worth consideration if you want a complete bathroom design, if you have a larger bathroom.

Makeup and Travel Mirrors

Makeup and travel mirrors are important for on the go use as well as bathroom use depending on what you prefer. It is recommended that you have a number of these mirrors in both your bathroom and your car because you really never know when you are going to need them. These mirrors are typically able to be folded and compact, usually coming sets. They can also come separately, but you will most likely be able to save some money if you buy them together. This will be better anyway because it is always better to have more than one. High quality makeup mirrors will be made of durable metal with a sleek finish, but you can also find some makeup mirrors that are made of wood or plastic.

Where to Use Them

It will ultimately come down to which colors and styles you want, but high quality should always be prioritized when it comes to mirrors. As to where you should keep them, you don't need to have them out on your vanity all the time because it might cause some unnecessary clutter. Keep them in a neatly organized drawer so that you can have an effective and accessible way to get to them. As far as pricing goes, these mirrors will be some of the cheapest you can find because of their size, so you should consider incorporating a few in your bathroom.

Wall Mirrors

In addition to the mirrors listed above, you may just need a mirror to fill up an empty space on your wall or just give you an additional mirror for another area that may need it. Mirrors are extremely good at increasing the visibility in a bathroom while doing an equally good job at making the bathroom look bigger. An additional wall mirror will be great for both of these two aspects.
If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, try using a larger horizontal bathroom mirror that you can place at about eye level. This will give you the illusion of a bigger bathroom and most likely make you more comfortable. Another great aspect about mirrors is that they are also beautiful pieces of decor. With all of the beautiful frames and shapes that you can find on the market today, you will not have any trouble finding a mirror that will work for your specific bathroom design. If you are struggling to fill a blank wall, this is definitely something to consider.


There are a number of different factors that play a part in the price of a bathroom mirror. For starters, the size of the mirror will generally play a big role. The bigger the mirror, the more it will cost in most cases. Of course one of the most important things to take into consideration is the build and quality of the mirror. A smaller mirror that is built well and uses high quality materials will most likely cost more than a poorly made large mirror with low quality materials. It is important to look at what goes into a mirror before you purchase it to ensure that you are getting the highest quality.
LED lighting will also play a role in the pricing too, but it is definitely worth the extra money. Depending on the features you want your mirror to have, the more money you will likely have to spend. With that being said, high quality mirrors should not be overlooked due to how incredibly important they are to a comfortable bathroom design.