Mirrors In Your Bathroom

Mirrors have been staple fixtures in a bathroom for years and years due to how valuable and useful they are for so many areas of your area. Bathroom mirrors give you increased visibility, a necessary reflection and many other aspects to make your routine easier. These are some of the most important aspects of a bathroom design because of this. This guide will highlight the main uses for bathroom mirrors, the different types and how you can incorporate them.


Wall Mirrors

One of the most common mirrors for you to incorporate in your bathroom is a high quality wall mirror. Wall mirrors are an incredibly important pieces in your bathroom because of how useful they are. They also make your design more comfortable and convenient. For example, one of the most important things about a wall mirror is that it is absolutely necessary for your vanity area. A vanity area needs a bare minimum of three things. It needs a vanity, a sink and a mirror. Being one of these three key components, you want to make sure that you are getting the highest quality. You need a design that both matches your vanity area and is comfortable for you.

There are several things to consider when choosing a mirror for your vanity area. One of the first things to consider is whether you want LED lighting in your mirror or not. LED lighting is one of the best features to include in a mirror because it is both important for visibility and overall design.

Lighting and Visibility

As far as visibility is concerned, LED lighting will help you with your daily routine, including makeup, shaving and essentially any other task you need to perform in your vanity area. There are two main ways to power the LED lighting. The first, and the most common for a wall mirror, is through hardwiring. This will be the best solution for the long run.

The other way is through the use of batteries. Different mirrors will take different batteries, so this is something to take into account. Another thing to consider is what kind of frame you want for your mirror. There are many different and beautiful frame materials and finishes that you can choose for your particular design. For example, some of the most common frames are composed of either wood or metal of various types. A chrome or brushed nickel finish will work beautifully for a metal frame. Various types of wood, including oak, maple and ash are popular. Take this into consideration if you want to go with a wooden frame.

The type of material you choose should go well with the other aspects of your bathroom. This is so that your bathroom can hold a sense of consistency and cohesion. A growing trend for mirrors of all types is to be rimless. This will give your mirror a smooth and sleek design that will work well in modern or minimalist bathroom designs.

Magnifying Mirrors

One of the other very popular mirror types to include in your bathroom will be a magnifying mirror. Magnifying mirrors are incredibly versatile. Various features can be utilized along with the many finishes and materials that you can find them in. Like wall mirrors, magnifying mirrors are capable of incorporating LED lighting. LED lighting is a little more useful in magnifying mirrors because of the close up look. These mirrors are perfect for any kind of cosmetic or close up task, so the LED lighting will help greatly with visibility and convenience. Along with the LED lighting, some magnifying mirrors will have sensor technology. This is one of the best features of an LED lighted magnifying mirror because it is so convenient and effective. All you need to do is get in front of the mirror and the mirrors lighting will turn on.

Lighting and Positioning

Just like wall mirrors, the main two ways to power magnifying mirrors is through either hardwiring or batteries. Hardwiring will require one time installation while you will have to replace batteries every one in awhile. Magnifying mirrors will also have the option of wall mounted and deck mounted, as well as a choice of number of arms. Deck mounted mirrors will generally have one arm with a face that can be pivoted. You can find a fixed arm or a bendable arm that will allow you to adjust the mirror to your liking.

Wall mounted magnifying mirrors are generally a bit more versatile in terms of positioning. These mirrors will usually have one to three arms, giving you many possibilities as to how you want to mount and position it. They can also be folded into the wall to save space. Many magnifying mirrors will be made of either metal or plastic. It is recommended that you go with metal so that your magnifying mirror will last a long time. This will serve as a beautiful and durable fixture.

Floor Mirrors

Although not as common as wall mirrors or magnifying mirrors, they can serve as a very beneficial aspect of your bathroom design. One of the best things about a floor standing mirror is that they will allow you to see a full reflection of yourself. This is great if you want to see how an outfit looks from your head down to your shoes. These mirrors are the biggest type of mirror that you will be able to use in your mirror in terms of how much space they will take up. However, that shouldn’t deter you from considering one.

Floor mirrors will generally not come with LED lighting. This is because they allocate most of their design to beautiful framing and high quality mirror faces. Although these are big mirrors, they can be stored against your wall for easy storage. You can also decide to go with a long vertical mirror that you can mount right on to your wall. This is extremely useful if you do not want to go with a traditional floor standing mirror.

Space Creation With Wall Mirrors

One of the most rewarding effects of mirrors in your bathroom is the illusion of space creation. Of course, mirrors do not literally create space. However, if they are placed correctly, they will be able to make it seem like your bathroom has more space than it does. With that said, you can't just place mirrors wherever you want and expect this to work no matter what.

There is a certain strategy that will work for your particular bathroom design based on the size and shape of it. There are a few rules of thumb you should follow in order to utilize this strategy. For starters, you absolutely need a mirror at your vanity. This will help you with a variety of different things at your vanity. These include hand washing, brushing your teeth and all of the other tasks you may have to do there. Once you have your vanity mirror, you need to look at a magnifying mirror.

Space Creation With Magnifying Mirrors

Your magnifying mirror will not be one of the main components for creating space, but it will help for a complete vanity. This mirror will help you with other tasks that you need to take care of in your vanity area. Because of this, it will make your vanity area feel bigger and more accessible. Now that your vanity area is taken care of, you need to look to the other areas of your bathroom. One of the best strategies is to find a focal point in your bathroom and angle your mirrors towards it. This will create an illusion of depth in your bathroom in order to make your bathroom feel bigger.

For you to really accomplish this, you may have to put some mirrors in different corners of your bathroom. Consider areas in which you might otherwise think. It is important to remember that you should not overcrowd your bathroom with mirrors because it could create a pretty hectic situation. Mirrors are also great at reflecting light. You can place your mirror in a location that will reflect light without causing a glare in your bathroom. If you place your mirror near a window, it can reflect some of the natural elements that are outside. This makes for a beautiful connection to nature. You can also use medicine cabinets with mirrors to help you with anything regarding this.

Design Features

One of the other most effective features of bathroom mirrors is simply the beautiful design elements that they give your design. As previously mentioned, there are many different materials, finishes and colors that you can use in a mirror frame. If you like a more natural design that focuses on a zen environment, you will want to use some natural tones and materials. A beautiful wooden frame can be one of the most beneficial features of this kind of design for a variety of reasons. Because you will be using your mirror on a daily basis, you will always notice the beautiful wooden frame. You can pick from a variety of woods that will work differently and uniquely from one another. You should always make sure that the wood that you choose will work with the tones of the rest of your bathroom design.

If you want to go for more of a modern or sleek bathroom design, consider metal frame. There are a number of beautiful metals that you can use for your mirror frame. Stainless steel is one of the most popular metals for frames because of how durable it is as well as how easy it is to clean. You can essentially find any of the common metals for a frame of your choosing. Chrome and a variety of brushed metal finishes are very common frame finishes as well, so this is something to consider.

Another possibility that you have is to go with a frameless or frameless mirror. If you want to focus on minimalism or minimal accents, this can be one of the best ways to do so. LED lighting is also a design feature as well, because it can accentuate some of the best parts of your area. Mirrors are great for functional and design purposes, so consider both of these when you are choosing your perfect bathroom mirror.

Single vs. Multiple Mirrors

A choice you are going to have to make if you have two sinks or vanities, is whether you not you need two single mirrors or one larger mirror. They both have their pros and cons. One of the best things about using multiple mirrors is that they are easier to clean, they can give your room a more vertical look and can separate the two vanities or sinks. This is good for spreading out a bathroom space and creating a little more room for other things you may want to include in your design. On the other hand, you can use a larger single mirror in order to bring the bathroom closer together while simultaneously creating the illusion of space.

Bigger mirrors will be able to reflect more light, which will in turn give you a bit more visibility for your bathroom. These mirrors are also great if you have a double vanity that multiple people will be using. If you do have a double vanity, it is a much better idea to just use a larger horizontal mirror instead of two separate mirrors so that your room feels more uniform and cohesive.

In Conclusion

Mirrors are some of the most important aspects of a bathroom design because of how many benefits they have in many areas of your room. There are several different types of mirrors that can benefit your design in different ways. Wall mirrors, magnifying mirrors and floor mirrors are all effective in different ways. Make sure that you are incorporating the ones that you need. Space creation, design purposes and functionality, are incredibly important fixtures for any bathroom design. It will ultimately come down to what you want to use in your bathroom. It is important to note all of the points to help you with which decision you should make.