Symmetry adds uniformity and neatness to your bathroom.

Importance of Symmetry

Symmetry is an important aspect in just about everything you see in everyday life. This makes it a versatile aspect of a bathroom design. In almost every aspect of your bathroom, having things looking symmetrical is important to the design of the room as a whole. This not only includes your floor plan, but the balance of your fixtures as well. Off balance fixtures or messy bathroom tendencies will serve to be negative effects for your bathroom in the long run. The more neat and thought out your bathroom looks, the more comfortable it will feel.

The Floor Plan

Symmetry Floor Plan
Symmetry Floor Plan - Double Bathroom Vanity

Symmetry and balance are essential when planning out a bathroom that is going to be designed or remodeled. The room itself does not need to be symmetrical is terms of the measurements. However, you do want your room to generally consist of right angles for the corners in order to keep a consistent geometric pattern. Exceptions to this can include bay windows or other things similar. Measurements should be mostly symmetrical in the sense of a balanced room as far as the perimeter goes. Of course, not many bathrooms are perfect symmetrical shapes but you should still make sure the aspects of your bathroom floor plan are symmetrical. For example, if your bathroom has alcoves or indents, make sure all the measurements are consistent and even in order to make your bathroom look organized and complete.

Symmetrical Fixtures

Your bathroom fixtures are generally pretty easy to make symmetrical.  The placement of the fixtures is the more important factor to consider. For example, when installing a wall mounted vanity, it is beneficial to the overall design of the room to place it either in the corner of a room or in the middle of a wall depending on the size and shape of the bathroom. This is mostly to promote the conservation and creation of space in your bathroom. If an equal amount of space in on both sides of your vanity, the area will will look more aesthetically pleasing and space for either more fixtures or decorations becomes available.

Wall fixtures such as mirrors should also be placed in a similar manner. A mirror will typically be placed over a vanity, and if the vanity is centered, the mirror will already have a reference point to placed in the correct manner. Most bathroom fixtures are very symmetrical and you won't have to adjust anything. If you plan to include any abstract bathroom fixtures with shapes that are not typically uniform, this will obviously not apply to you, but you still want to make sure most aspects of your bathroom are symmetrical.

Windows and Lighting

The way windows and lighting are placed are critical to the design layout of the bathroom. You will typically center your windows on a wall at any given height. This is given that the window is at a reasonable height (meaning that the window isn’t on the floor or any other unreasonable place). Windows are mounted at various heights depending on how big the windows are. Typically in a bathroom, you will find smaller windows, but bigger windows exist as well.

For windows, mounting them at the right height is important for the consistency of your bathroom design. As for lighting, it is different depending on the lighting you have. You may have one ceiling lighting fixture. If so, it is important to center it in order to disperse the lighting evenly in the bathroom. As for countertop or floor lighting, they are more maneuverable and can be placed more freely.

Final Note

Symmetry makes a bathroom spacious and comfortable for your everyday use. You should look to all areas of your bathroom to implement this. Symmetry can be a valuable aspect you a bathroom design.  Consider implementing it into your design if you can. If you need help with a bathroom design, contact a professional.  This can make the process much easier. You should also look online for different forms of inspiration. Look at all of your options to find the perfect design for you.