A beautiful bathroom design incorporates both texture and stylish patterns.

Texture and Patterns

Every bathroom benefits from some kind of unique design. Design can be found everywhere in a bathroom, whether it be on fixtures, wall or floors. When designing your bathroom, you want to make sure you have this in mind. If you find the right combination of personal preference as well as practical implementation, you can get a very beautiful design aspect added to your bathroom. Often times, a texture or pattern can break up the boring aspects or monotony of your bathroom. The right textures and patterns are crucial to the style and comfort of your bathroom, so make sure you spend the proper amount of time to decide which ones will work for you.


This is something that is often overlooked in many bathrooms. To get the most out of your bathroom, you need to incorporate texture to bring out your design. Texture is often defined as the appearance, feel or consistency of a surface. For the overall design of your bathroom, texture can be a great feature to incorporate. Texture can be implemented in a number of different ways. One way to do this is to implement a beautiful texture on your floor mould. There are many possibilities for floor moulding texture, so it is important that you choose one that best fits in with your bathroom design. Overall, you should be looking to all aspect of your bathroom in order to implement some kind of texture. One thing to consider is that it is okay, and even recommended that you leave some areas with no texture in order to keep your bathroom design fresh.


Patterns can be used in several different ways in your bathroom. The first thing to note is that patterns can be used in more ways than you think. Patterns don’t just come in the form of wallpaper or tiles, but can be used in many other aspects of your bathroom. The layout of your bathroom can be put in a pattern that will be most effective and accessible for your everyday use. Of course, patterns can definitely be used and should be used in a decorative manner as well. Patterns on shower curtains, floors and walls to name a few, are great ways to incorporate patterns in your bathroom design. As said with textures, it is okay to leave some areas of your bathroom with no patterns, for the same reasons. You don't want to overwhelm your bathroom space with excessive patterns.


Texture can also be implemented by tiling. Tiles add a beautiful texture, which is why they are used in many bathrooms everywhere. The size and shape of tiles vary greatly, giving you many options for your tile design. Tiles are traditionally square to stay in a consistent pattern, but other shapes can accomplish this just as well. For example, shapes such as hexagons and octagons can work as well. As long as the shapes are consistent, you can make many different styles work. Not only are they used for design, but they are used to resist water as well.

Final Note

Patterns and texture are very useful to a bathroom design, while benefiting the efficiency of your bathroom as well.