Upgrade your bathroom accessibility with these tips.

Bathroom Accessibility

Having easy access to all aspects of your bathroom is extremely important if you want to maximize comfort. Easy accessibility makes your bathroom routine easy and comfortable and really helps in the long run. Chances are most aspects of your bathroom can be improved in order to make things easier overall in your bathroom, so take a look around and see what you can do. This can be accomplished by incorporating several different types of fixtures and accessories including grab bars, stools and other similar items.

With the inclusion of these accessories and a number others, you can get closer to an accessible bathroom design. Not only do you want to make sure that your bathroom is comfortable, but you want to make sure it is safe as well. This is especially important if you have other people using the bathroom, especially children. Easy access means less accidents. You should always try to maximize accessibility in your bathroom in order to increase your overall comfort and safety.

Open Space

The more open space you have in your bathroom, the more accessible everything in your bathroom will be. One way to achieve this without physically making the square footage of your bathroom bigger, is to clear extra or excess material from your bathroom. This can be as simple as making a list of bathroom items that you absolutely need, items that you want and items that are just taking up space.

Go through your list and decide what you really need and what you think you want in your bathroom. Remember that the goal of this list is to free up space, so you will ultimately need to get rid of some of your bathroom clutter. You can also do this by increasing your storage space. Including shelves, cabinets and other similar fixtures can allow you to move your items around so that they are placed in an organized manner. The placement of your fixtures is one of the important aspects you should take into consideration.

Walk-in Showers

This is one of the most important fixtures for an accessible bathroom, especially if your goal is to design a handicap accessible bathroom. Walk-in showers and bathtubs are essential with that aspect in mind. Walk-in showers and bathtubs offer a simple, easy and accessible for everybody, so even if you don’t require a handicap design for your bathroom, you will still benefit from the accessibility.

The design benefits to these styles can be rewarding as well. For example a walk-in shower allows you to incorporate sliding glass doors or something similar. Of course, walk in showers tend to be more spacious in and of themselves because of the main focus being on the shower itself. With no bathtub included, there is more room for shelves or baskets in order to increase accessibility and promote comfort as far as your shower experience goes. Because bathtubs are becoming less popular in bathrooms this could be a very good option for you to consider.

Grab Bars

Implementing grab bars into your bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the accessibility in your bathroom. One of the most common places to put grab bars is your shower. This is one of the best places to include a grab bar because it helps prevent slipping in the shower and it also helps you stabilize and maintain your balance in the shower. Not only are they effective in the shower, but grab bars can be effective anywhere in your bathroom.

Wherever you feel like you need a grab bar, it can most likely be placed there. Grab bars are versatile in the way that they can be installed vertically or horizontally. They also some in several different shapes at several different angles, giving you more freedom as to how and where you install them. If you are looking for an easy installation method for your grab bars, there are a variety of self-adhesive grab bars that can be mounted anywhere in your bathroom quickly and easily.

Toilet Accessibility

As a fixture you will be visiting multiple times a day, you want to make sure that your toilet area is easily accessible. This means having enough space to be comfortable and having enough area for accessibility. Make sure that before you design your bathroom, you have enough space to sufficiently accommodate a toilet.

This is another area where you can include grab bars, depending on your circumstances. Grab bars on either side of your toilet are great for a handicap bathroom or for overall comfort. This is an especially important matter for older or handicapped individuals and can be seen as an essential aspect to certain bathroom designs.


Proper lighting is key to ensuring that you have an accessible bathroom. Make sure that all parts of your bathroom are sufficiently lighted in order to make locating items and moving around much easier. Try using all types of lighting to help you achieve this. Countertop mirrors and wall mirrors with LED lighting are effective for your morning and nightly routines. Ceiling and floor lighting are great for the overall lighting of your bathroom. Try experimenting with what kind of lighting fits the best with your bathroom design.

Fixtures That are Operated Easily

In any bathroom design you need accessible bathroom fixtures. What makes these accessories accessible, is how easy they are to use. You should always make sure that you have easy-to-use accessories in your bathroom. There are several ways that you can go about this. First, focus on quality. Quality is one of the most important things to take into consideration here. There's several ways to spot good quality in your fixtures. For starters, you can look at the build quality. The build quality will tell you several things. First, it will tell you that the fixture will last long. In addition to that, it will most likely also be easy to operate. One thing to note, is that price is not always telling of quality. Look at what the fixtures are made of and who they are made by. These are much more telling signs of a high-quality bathroom fixture.

If you can, you should try to go to a bathroom showroom. A showroom will allow you to physically touch any fixtures you might want. This is incredibly important if you are having any issues with online shopping or even in-store shopping. If your fixtures are hard to use or feel stiff, this is something to do. For example, a high-quality faucet will give you precise temperatures, water pressure and it will be very smooth to use. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, it is important to focus on quality. If you don't, you might end up regretting it in the future. High quality fixtures will increase your bathroom's lifetime.

Fixture Placement

You should also take fixture placement into account. This is a very important element to any bathroom design. This is especially true when it comes to accessibility and comfort. Many bathrooms follow a simple fixture layout pattern. First you need to know what fixtures need to be where. In almost every bathroom, you will see the toilet next to the vanity. This is because you are going to need to wash your hands after every time you use the toilet. In addition to that, the shower is usually very close to the toilet. All the fixtures work together, so it is important that they be placed close to one another. Don't make the space too crammed, because it could end up hurting the maximum comfort potential.

If you have a large bathroom, you'll be able to space these fixtures on a little more. However, it is important that you do not put them too far apart. Make sure everything is close enough for you to comfortably access it when you need to. When all is said and done, you should have a design that you think is optimizing your accessibility. It is important to follow these guidelines, however. Make sure you have a combination of a design you like, and a design that makes you comfortable. Comfort and accessibility are key to any bathroom design.

Importance of Comfort and Accessibility

Comfort and accessibility are two of the most important elements of the bathroom design. You should always make sure you are prioritizing these two elements. With increased accessibility, you experience increased comfort. As mentioned above, there are several different ways to increase the accessibility in your bathroom design. Walk-in showers are great for an easy and relaxing shower experience. Open floor space is crucial to maximize the comfort of your design. Proper fixture placement is also a very important aspect to take into consideration. Make sure all of your fixtures are easy to use beautifully designed.

You shouldn't just use one of these methods, however. Make sure you are trying to incorporate every element of accessibility into your specific design. The more methods you use, the more comfortable your bathroom will be in the long run.