A shower area is perhaps the most important area of a bathroom design. It is used every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Due to this, it is important to optimize the area in every possible way. One of the most crucial aspects of a shower area is organization. An organized shower area will help with access, convenience and even safety. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of shower baskets and shower caddies. This guide will go over why shower baskets and shower caddies will improve your shower’s organization.

What is the Difference Between Shower Baskets and Shower Caddies?

What is the Difference Between Shower Baskets and Shower Caddies?
What is the Difference Between Shower Baskets and Shower Caddies?

There are a few key differences between shower baskets and shower caddies. However, there are also many similarities. First of all, we’ll start with the differences. The main difference is that a shower basket will be mounted in a shower only. In contrast, shower caddies will be portable, allowing you to take them in and out of the shower with you. In some cases, a shower caddy can be mounted inside of your shower with the ability to be removed and carried around your bathroom. Shower baskets will be designed a bit differently than shower caddies. Shower baskets will be designed to be mounted in a shower without being removed. They will be designed to be carried around the area, with some models having the ability to be fixed in a shower area.

Benefits of Shower Baskets

Shower baskets are staple bathroom accessories for your shower area. They hold your bathroom items, soaps, shampoo and other similar items. There is a vast selection of different shower baskets, ranging in quality, design and price. No matter what type of shower basket you choose, they will all function in a relatively similar way.

Shower Baskets are Durable

Because they will spend the majority of their lifespan in a shower, shower baskets must be able to thrive in a wet space. High quality shower baskets will be made of materials such as solid brass and finished with a high quality finish as well. For example, some of the best shower baskets are made of solid brass with chrome or stainless steel finishes.

Various Mounting Options

In terms of installation, shower baskets will be mounted in three main ways. These mounting types include hardware installation, self-adhesive installation and suction cup installation. Each of these will have its own set of benefits. Hardware will be the most common in high quality shower baskets. It uses hardware to secure the shower basket in a fixed location. Self-adhesive uses one or more strips to attach the shower basket to the wall. A suction cup simply uses suction cups to attach the shower basket to a flat surface. Some can even be used as recessed wall mounted storage options.

Maximize Your Organization

The main purpose of a shower basket is to store your shower items in an organized manner. Again, organization is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a shower area. It improves safety, but allows you to access all of your shower items whenever they are needed. Shower baskets do this well. For example, shower baskets can have one, two or three baskets in one. This is perfect for storage space. In addition, they can be mounted almost anywhere. When choosing a shower basket, make sure you are choosing one appropriate for the situation.

Benefits of Shower Caddies

Shower caddies are very similar to shower baskets, but they have several unique benefits. These unique benefits mainly come from the fact that a shower caddy is portable. However, there are a few other features that make a shower caddy different from a shower basket. Here are some of the things you should look out for when choosing between the two.

Shower Caddies are Portable

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of a shower caddy is the ability to to move it around your bathroom. For example, a shower caddy will often come with some type of handle that makes it easy for you to move it around your bathroom design. The sheer variety of different shower caddy designs allows you to find the shower caddy handle that you love. In addition to that, shower caddies are light and easy to carry. Anybody can use one as long as you have somewhere to hang it or place it.

The Versatile Nature of a Shower Caddy

Because a shower caddy shares many things with a shower basket, several options will be available for you. However, the differences between the two will make your decision making process a bit different. For example, shower caddies can be used as both caddies and baskets in some cases. This will allow you to only require a shower caddy if you don’t want a dedicated shower basket for some reason.

Shower Caddies are the Best of Both Worlds

As we mentioned, shower caddies offer convenience and organization. In general, every bathroom should have a shower caddy, even if you have shower baskets installed. The comfort it brings to a bathroom design can not be overlooked. Both shower caddies and shower baskets are important to the health of a bathroom design.