Benefits of a Simple Bathroom Design

Benefits of a Simple Bathroom Design

A simple bathroom design can be achieved through a number of easy and different ways. There are several characteristics that work very well in a simple bathroom design such as basic shapes, neutral colors and straightforward fixtures. A simple bathroom design is meant to convey a sense of comfort and order in order to help you enjoy your bathroom experience to the fullest.

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Basic Shapes

One of the best ways to create a simple bathroom design is to utilize the inclusion of basic shapes. Basic and easy shapes include shapes such as circles, ovals and rectangles. These shapes are not overly complicated and they are simple bathroom ideas and easy shapes to incorporate. Fixtures such as mirrors work very well when used as circular or rectangular shapes. Vanities and medicine cabinets in a simple bathroom design should typically be rectangular or have a rounded edge. Staying with basic shapes helps keep your bathroom simple and organized. This is also a great DIY project due to the simplicity

Neutral Colors

The use of neutral colors is extremely important for a simple bathroom design. Colors such as black, white and gray are perfect for a simple bathroom design because many other colors can work well with them. In addition, these colors are not bright or flashy, making your bathroom design more toned down and relaxing. These colors should be incorporated on the walls mainly, but will definitely work in almost any aspect of the bathroom.

It is important to focus on color for your simple bathroom design because it could make or break it. Neutral colors promote a sense of comfort and relaxation that other colors do not. For example, white is one of the most common colors in a spa bathroom. This is for a number of different reasons. First of all, white is plain but effective. It doesn't have any bright elements. Instead, it focuses on a minimalist design that promotes comfortable simplicity.

If you are going for a simple bathroom design, you should consider these colors. In addition to being neutral, these colors are also incredibly versatile. You can par any color with these neutral colors. This means that you have a number of possibilities when it comes to creating your own bathroom design. Because simple bathroom ideas is the focus of this style, you should keep your bathroom mostly neutral. It is okay to add splashes of color to add personality, however. Overall, color is probably a great place to start if you are going for a simple bathroom design.

Create Some Space

Creating space is one of the most important elements of a simple bathroom design, right up there with color. The creation of space promotes comfort, accessibility and relaxation. There are several easy ways that you can go about creating space in your bathroom. First of all, you should focus on optimizing the position of your fixtures. Make sure that your fixtures are position in the most comfortable and accessible positions. You should do this first because you want to make sure you will have room for the other elements of your design. Experiment with some plans or contact a design professional to assist you in this. You can't move forward with your design until this is taken care of.

Next, you need to focus on storage space. If you have sufficient storage space, your design will open up and you will have to worry less about clutter. There are several ways to maximize your storage space to increase the overall space of your bathroom. First, try some storage units. Storage units can be stand alone fixtures or they can be recessed into the wall. If you want a stand alone storage unit, make sure you position it somewhere that is both easy to access yet still out of the way from your main area. Storage is for items that you won't necessarily need every day, so it does not have to be immediately accessible all of the time for a simple bathroom idea.

You can also go with a recessed storage method. If this is something you want to consider, you need to take some steps ahead of time. First, you need to know where you can do it. Recessed storage requires sufficient space behind your wall in order to incorporate it. This can be difficult so this is definitely something you may want some professional help with. Once you know where you can put it, you can start to decide on size, design and any other aspect you may want in your storage unit. Because your storage unit will be in the wall, this is one of the most effective and easy methods of storage you could possibly incorporate in a simple bathroom remodel.


To go along with individual storage units, shelves are also great for conserving space. Shelves can come in many different shapes, colors and designs that can match perfectly with your design. Because the aim of this design is to be simple, there are a few shelf designs that will work best. For starters, you can incorporate a traditional wall mounted shelf. This is the easy type of shelf you will see in most simple bathroom designs. It is a flat shelf that is mounted straight on the wall. It is a simple bathroom idea that fits well in a simple bathroom design. DIY options are also a reliable route to go.

You should also consider recessed bathroom shelves. Much like recessed storage units, you will have to make sure that you will be able to utilize these where you want them. Thankfully, this process might be a little easier. Because shelves are so much smaller, they will most likely work in many more areas than a large storage unit would. Recessed shelves are simple yet beautiful, making them absolutely worth some consideration in your simple bathroom design.


Lighting is an essential to every room in your home, and a bathroom is no exception. Proper lighting helps immensely with accessibility and comfort. If you do not have enough lighting, risks or breaking anything or hurting yourself rise significantly. Luckily, there are many different ways to incorporate quality lighting in your simple bathroom remodel. First, switch to LED lighting if you have not already done so. Yes, it is more expensive in the short term, but you will absolutely see the benefits in the long term. This is something you should definitely consider for various reasons. First, it helps with your electric bill. Also, it gives you much better quality of lighting.

Natural light is also incredibly important for this particular simple bathroom idea. Not only is it a effortless source of light, but it gives you a natural connection to the outside environment. To incorporate natural light, you are going to need some type of window. There are many different types of windows that you can incorporate in your bathroom in order to do this. Of course, this will all depend on the overall design of your bathroom. When all is said and done, as long as you have a window design that you like, you'll get a beautiful addition to your design. Some bathrooms do not have access to windows, so unfortunately there is no way to incorporate natural light. If this is the case for you, LED lighting will be your best option in terms of simple bathroom ideas.

LED lighted fixtures are also very important. This is especially true if you don't have any windows. Make fixtures can incorporate LED lighting, but the most common are mirrors. This includes magnifying mirrors as well as standard wall mirrors. LED lighted mirrors work not only in a simple bathroom design, but many other designs as well. They are great for visibility as well as comfort. These mirrors also add an additional element of light to your bathroom. They should not be the main sources of lighting for your bathroom, but they are great complements.

Simple Bathroom Decor

When it comes to decor, you don't want too much of it. Because a simple bathroom design revolves around minimalist ideas and features, simple bathroom decor could clash with it. However, there are still plenty of options for you if you want to include some type of decor. For example, you can incorporate decorative properties in your fixtures and accessories. You don't want to go too overboard with this because you still want to focus on simple bathroom decor. Utilize some kind of simple design to ensure that your design is staying consistent. You can also incorporate some stand alone pieces of simple bathroom decor, such as plants or other home decor items effortlessly.

Benefits and Importance of a Simple Bathroom Remodel

A simple bathroom remodel can do a lot for a home and a bathroom. The feeling of relaxation and comfort is achieved quite effectively in this bathroom design. Because this bathroom design is focused on minimalism and accessibility, you will have a relaxing experience every time you use your bathroom. This is one of the most important things to understand about this kind of bathroom design. Sometimes, work can be stressful and draining. Because of this, you want to make sure you can come home to a relaxation and calming environment. This is one of the most effortless and rewarding aspects of including a simple bathroom remodel like this, so consider it for your next renovation project.

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