LED lighting is a growing trend in bathrooms everywhere.

  • Wall Mirrors
  • Magnifying Mirrors
  • Cost Benefits
  • Other Benefits
  • Versatility

LED Wall Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are bathroom fixtures that are becoming more and more popular among consumers. Wall mounted mirrors are generally rectangular or in an oval/circle shape. The difference between the two basically comes down to personal preference. The main benefit of having an LED lighted mirror is the two for one deal of having a mirror with light built into it. This can come in the form of a wall mirror, medicine cabinet. LED lighting is not only increasingly popular, but it is starting to become a mainstream staple bathroom component. Wall mirrors are an essential component to every bathroom, especially ones with a LED light built into it, so make sure the one you choose is the perfect fit for your bathroom design.

LED Magnifying Mirrors

Another very popular way to incorporated LED lighting into a mirror is the magnifying mirror. Magnifying mirrors are generally mounted on a countertop or on the wall, making them easily placed anywhere in your bathroom. Lighting on magnifying mirrors gives you a clearer view of what you are looking at in your mirror, especially if your bathroom lacks sufficient lighting. These lighted mirrors are available in several different designs, giving you the flexibility to choose any style you want. Aside from the lighting on the mirror, you don't want to overlook the magnification that is just as important. Magnification factors typically come in factors of 3x, 5x and 7x but you can usually find other factors of magnification in order to incorporate your perfect mirror.

Cost Benefits

LED lighting is becoming more and more common in many bathrooms. It has proven to be both cheaper, longer lasting and more effective than traditional lighting. LED lights are extremely efficient as far as energy usage goes, consuming up to 90% less power than traditional lighting. Since the electricity usage is dramatically lower than traditional lighting, the power cost is lower. In addition, you generally will never have to replace LED lights as they last up to 50,000 hours. Another beneficial addition is that the mirrors themselves can range anywhere on the cost spectrum. Of course, the higher end mirrors will be a little more expensive, but definitely worth the price. In general, you will most likely pay more up front, but you will definitely experience the benefits for years to come.

Other Benefits

LED lighting comes with a number of benefits that other types of lighting do not offer. First, LED lights do not heat up as much as incandescent lighting, making them safer to the touch. Along with safety, LED lights are often brighter and directional. This means that they can accentuate parts of your bathroom effectively and efficiently. This is a great benefit in addition to other bathroom lighting. As mentioned before, one of the best benefits of LED lighting is how it is being increasingly incorporated with other fixtures such as mirrors and medicine cabinets, giving you a few more options as to how to light your bathroom without using only ceiling lights.


Not only can LED lights be used in your bathroom effectively, but they can be used in many other ways in your house. Lighted wall mirrors or lighted magnifying mirrors can be used in the bedroom as well as the bathroom. In general LED lighting can be used in any room, the popular choices being the kitchen, bathroom and living room, due to the directional aspect of LEDs.

Final Note

LED lighting is very cost efficient and effective for long term lighting situations. It offers a long lasting solution for lighting no matter where it is in your house.