Matching Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are an important aspect to any bathroom design. Bathroom accessories are important for functionality, comfort and accessibility. Although the main uses for bathroom accessories is these three features, it is also important to make sure that the design of your bathroom accessories matches well with other accessories as well as the overall design of your bathroom. Try matching your accessories to other aspects of your bathroom to create a beautiful bathroom design. This guide will highlight the importance of matching accessories and how you can do it in your design.

Importance of Matching Accessories

Bathroom accessories greatly benefit from matching with one another. If you have a set of bathroom accessories in your bathroom but they are all different colors and styles, it will benefit your bathroom design to replace some of those accessories so that they all match with each other. For example, you don’t want to have some accessories that are brown and then others that are red. Those colors don’t go well together when spread throughout the bathroom. You will generally want to have all accessories be of the same finish or color so that your bathroom design appears more organized and stylish. If your colors are mismatched, it can create a sense of discomfort. It is very important to make sure your bathroom has a feeling of cohesion to it in order to enjoy it to its fullest.
Not only should bathroom accessories match with each other, but they should also match with the surrounding environment of your bathroom. For example, if your bathroom colors are navy blue and white, your bathroom accessories should be the same colors. This promotes a feeling of organization and cohesiveness for your bathroom design. There are other colors that could too, besides the existing colors in your bathroom. For example, if your bathroom is black and white, you can try colors such as gray, gold or any other color that you like with that color scheme.

Vanity Accessories

Some of the most important accessories to match are your vanity accessories. Because you use your vanity every day, it should be maxed out in terms of both comfort and design. By matching your accessories, you will be able to achieve both rather easily. The first thing to focus on is the design of your vanity. You want your accessories to not only match each other, but go well with the vanity as well. If you have an all white vanity, consider white or black accessories. You can really choose any color you want to fit your preferences. However, make sure these colors don't clash with the other colors in the bathroom. Now that you have chosen your color, you can focus on your accessories.
You want to make sure your accessories are the same shade of the color you choose. This will help your vanity look more uniform and aesthetically pleasing. If you do this, you will immediately see the difference on your vanity and in your bathroom as a whole. This will automatically increase your overall comfort level and you will begin to notice this every time you use your bathroom. You can choose any number of different accessories to include on your vanity, depending on your needs. The most common vanity accessories include toothbrush holders, soap dishes/dispensers, trays and other similar items. Mix and match these accessories to your liking and create your perfect vanity area.

Toilet Paper Holders

Because a toilet paper holder is somewhat independent from the other accessories, it might be hard to match it. There are a few things to consider when it comes to this issue. A safe way to create a cohesive design is to match it with your toilet. If you have a white toilet, like many people do, consider a white toilet paper holder. Many bathrooms already use this strategy, so it is something to take note of. Your other option is to match your toilet paper holder with the rest of your accessories. This is a very common practice as well. This is especially rewarding if your bathroom accessories utilize a beautiful finish. It's important not to overlook your toilet paper holder because it is one of the most used accessories in your bathroom design.

Towel Bars, Hooks and Rings

The accessories that you don't want to overlook are your towel holding accessories. These mainly include the towel bars, hooks and rings in your bathroom. These fixtures are not only important for functionality, but they serve as beautiful design elements. First, you should look at your towel bars. Towel bars are typically chrome, brass or matte, being the most popular materials and finishes. Depending on your overall design, it will vary in terms of what you decide to include in your bathroom. If you have a modern bathroom design, you should strongly consider utilizing a matte finish. Matte white and matte black are two of the most popular color in this regard. Brass is good for a rustic or vintage bathroom design. Chrome is one of the most versatile finishes, so it is always a safe and beautiful option.
Now that you have your finish for your main towel holder picked, look to the other ones. Many bathrooms have towel rings next to the sink. These are typically for hand washing and other vanity activities. They usually accommodate a hand towel that can be used for a multitude of different things. You should definitely make sure that your towel ring matches your towel bar. This is because you want your bathroom design to be both consistent and good looking. As far as towel hooks go, you want to focus on the same aspects. Try to match the finish with your towel bar and ring. Not all bathrooms have a bar, hooks and rings, but if you do, this is an important step.

Matching Decor

the way you decorate your bathroom is a very important element to a design. decor can come in many different aspects, including the accessories you use. Aside from your functional accessories, it is also important to focus on individual pieces of decor. This could be wall decor, art, plants or any other piece of decoration. If you have some empty wall space, consider some beautiful wall decor. When trying to match your wall decor with the rest of your bathroom, try to come up with a theme. If your bathroom is starting to gather a theme, try to further it through the use of wall decor. Wall decor is the most visible type of decor, so keep that in mind. Consider photographs, art pieces or other similar pieces for this area.
There are other pieces of decor that can be useful as well. Plants are very versatile in essentially any bathroom design. No matter what you are trying to match in terms of color or finish, plants will always serve as effective complements. Consider plants that are bathroom friendly and can survive in a wet environment. Another piece of decor to consider is freestanding decor. This type of decor can come in very many different forms. From floor pieces to countertop pieces, you will definitely be able to find one specific to your bathroom design. The bottom line is that you need to find decor that matches the overall theme or colors of your bathroom. Keep this in mind as you put the finishing touches on your design.

Fixtures and Accessories

Not only is it important for your accessories to match each other, but they should also match with your fixtures. There are several ways to go about this. The first and most straightforward way to match them is through a monochrome color scheme. Choose one color for your bathroom and make your design center around it. Popular colors for bathrooms include white, black and light blue to name a few. It is encouraged that you choose a color that you like, without going with something too over the top. Try to stay relatively neutral, but don't be afraid to use some brighter colors.
Another way to do this is through contrasting colors. Contrasting colors give your bathroom a great element of design in the form of beautiful opposites. It is recommended that you use a relatively neutral or softer color in your main fixtures. Use a brighter or bolder color in your accessories. One of the most beautiful and popular ways to implement this is by using white in your main fixtures and black in your accessories. As previously mentioned, matte black is a beautiful option for your accessories, so this is worth a look. You can also do the opposite if you choose that route. You can definitely experiment with this, but just be careful that you don't clash colors.

Accessory Sets

If you are having trouble with matching your accessories, try to find an accessory set. Accessory sets are composed of a number of different accessories that match each other perfectly. This is perhaps the easiest way to ensure that you are matching your accessories properly. One of the best aspects of purchasing an accessory set is that they are generally cheaper than buying each one separately. These sets will generally include items such as toilet paper holders, towel hooks and towel bars. Vanity accessory sets might include any combination of soap dishes, dispensers, toothbrush holders and other similar items. Many accessory sets will vary in terms of what items they include, depending on the seller or company. This is definitely something to consider no matter what your situation is.