Matte finishes have been on the rise in recent years and are breaking through in modern design.

Why Should You Consider A Matte Finish?

  • Stylistic Benefits
  • Excellent Quality
  • Unique Design
  • Versatile Incorporation

Stylistic Benefits

Every few years, a new bathroom finish seems to be the new greatest trend. Some finishes such such as chrome, brass and other similar finishes all have their moments, but one finish is bursting onto the scene with a sleek and smooth design; matte finishes. Matte colors don't just look good on cars. Matte finishes are some of the most visually appealing finish styles in recent years. Matte paint is generally used to give objects a very smooth and constant surface. This color style takes a turn away from the common glossy style and eliminates shine and reflection. Black and white are universal matching colors that go extremely well with most other colors. While matte white and matte black are the most common colors, other colors can be used as well, given they match well with your overall bathroom design. To get the most out of your matte finished faucets, consider pairing it with a matte finished sink for an even more striking design. Another great way to pair matte finishes is with something contrasting, such as chrome. With this trend on the rise, now might be the time to start considering if a matte finished bathroom might be the direction that you want to go in.

Here are some examples of the matte finish being used:

Why is the Matte Finish Worth Consideration?

Matte finishes are excellent at covering up any imperfections or blemishes such as fingerprints or even small nicks. The reason is for the lack of glossy or polished material that tend accentuate inadequacies. This is helpful for bathrooms that are going to deal with high traffic, such as a guest bathroom, children's bathroom, commercial bathroom and similar others. Matte finishes are also incredibly accessible as well, being available on essentially any bathroom accessory or fixture. This will allow you to experiment with a number of different colors, items and designs in order to make your bathroom as beautiful as possible. With the versatility of the matte finish, you have many possibilities as to where you can implement this particular finish. In addition to that, matte finishes are just becoming more appealing in every aspect of life. It is being included on cars, football helmets and various other aspects of the home including flooring. The matte finish exemplifies a modern and sleek style.

A Bold and Versatile Design

Matte finishes are great for the modern bathroom as well as a number of different designs. If you are trying to get away from the traditional or vintage style of bathroom and move closer towards a modern bathroom, implementing some matte finished bathroom accessories could be a good place to start. Matte finishes eliminate light reflection, cancelling out any glare that may have been present in your bathroom as well. Because matte finishes are starting to gain popularity, more colors are becoming available as well. Virtually any color you can think of is available in matte. One thing to keep in mind however, is that black and white are the most common matte finishes for bathrooms over anything else. Black and white are neutral colors that are compatible with many bathroom colors. You can also include other neutral colors such as gray, which will essentially have the same effect. With that being said, those are just the most versatile and common colors used, but virtually any other matte color can work if your bathroom design will allow it.