Mini Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are essential for every bathroom design, no matter what size it may be. These sinks can fit in a variety of different bathroom shapes, sizes and styles because of their smaller builds. Because small bathrooms are compact and can’t really spare any space for extra room, so they will be a focus. You should make your small bathroom sink both beautiful and effective for your small bathroom design. This guide will go over everything you need to consider when choosing a mini sink for your bathroom, including types of sinks, where to utilize them, faucet pairings and other important aspects.

Why They Work

Small bathroom sinks are perfect for small bathrooms for a few reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is the size. Small bathroom sinks typically measure around fifteen to twenty inches in length, but can go a little over or under that measurement. Because they have this compact length, you have many options as far as installation goes. Some of the most common installation types are vessel sinks and wall mounted sinks. Vessel sinks are good if you have a small vanity to put the sink on. Wall mounted vanities are very versatile due to the amount of places you can install them. You can virtually put a wall mounted sink anywhere on the wall, but one of the most popular places to install it is in the corner which works well for conserving space.

Best Places for a Mini Sink

Although mini sinks can essentially be implemented essentially anywhere in your bathroom, there are some places that will definitely work better than others. If you already have a vanity that you love, this will be the most obvious place for your sink. If you are replacing a sink, you should try to find one that resembles your previous sink in order for it to be as compatible as possible with your vanity. You can also consider a vessel sink if that is something that you want to explore. If you don't have a vanity or don't plan on having a vanity as part of your bathroom design, wall mounted sinks are incredibly useful in a small bathroom design. These sinks can be mounted on a flat wall surface or in a corner. Both of these areas are great for a mini sink. It will generally come down to your specific bathroom design, so it may vary where you will need to put your sink. The corner is a great place to install your sink if you are trying to conserve space, while a sink that is mounted flat on the wall will make for more of a focal point. Both of these sinks are beautiful if used in the right design. In general, mini sinks are very similar to normal sized sinks in terms of how they can be installed and placed in your bathroom.

Sink Styles

If you are planning to incorporate a small bathroom sink, there are several different styles and shapes that you can choose. For a corner sink, you can choose a rectangular, rounded or triangular shape to fit your preferences. Sinks with sharp corners like rectangles and triangles are great for modern bathroom designs with their sleek and smooth edges. These are the three most common shapes that you will find as you are shopping for your corner or wall mounted sink. If you want to go for a more soft or traditional design, a rounded corner sink could be the best choice for you. As for vanity sinks, the same will apply. A beautiful small vessel sink is a great choice for your small bathroom due to their beautiful designs and easy installation. Vessel sinks can be a bit more versatile when it comes to shape compared with wall mounted sinks. Because the sink is placed on the top of your counter, you will have a bit more freedom as to what you sink looks like. The whole sink will be on display with this style. Explore finishes and colors to make for a beautiful small vessel sink. Lastly, small drop-in or undermount sinks are very nice if you are trying to maximize counter top space while incorporating a beautiful sink. These will only work if you have a counter of vanity that you can put the sink into, so it is definitely something that you need to take into consideration before you buy. Each of these sink design will benefit a bathroom differently and uniquely, so make sure you are choosing the sink that works the best for you in terms of both design and functionality.

Faucet Pairings

If you already know what kind of sink you want and where you want to put it, you now have to know what kind of faucet that needs to be paired with it. Like sinks, there are many different types of faucets that you can implement in your bathroom design. Because you will be working with a small sink, you need to find the proper faucet to pair with it. If you have a mini wall mounted sink, there are two choices that you have in terms of installation. The most common installation type that you will most likely want to use is a wall mounted faucet. This will pair nicely with a wall mounted sink due to the limited space you will have on the sink itself. You can install both of these fixtures at the same time to make it a bit easier for you as well. The other installation type you can use is a deck mount. This will be a little more difficult to pull off because many small wall mounted sinks won't have enough room to accommodate it. Deck mounted faucets will work much better if your sink is on a vanity because you will have a bit more room for it. As far as the types of faucets that you can use, there are many different options you have. For example, you still have the choice of essentially any number of levers, any type of finish and any type of material. Just because you are using a small sink, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice anything in terms of design. You can still use your preferred faucet styles to create your perfect bathroom design.

Materials and Finishes

Mini sinks are versatile not only because of their sizes, but because of the many different materials and finishes that you can find. One of the most common materials that you will be able to find is ceramic. Ceramic is one of the most versatile and most common materials you will be able to find in a bathroom sink. Not only is it versatile, but it is very durable and it works well in a bathroom environment. It works with many different faucets and is compatible with many different types of bathroom hardware. If you aren't sure of which material you want to use for your sink, ceramic is one of the best ways to go. Other materials include metal, glass and sometimes even stone. These materials are less common, but they can be extremely beautiful ways to incorporate a luxury material into your area. Stone will work very well in a rustic bathroom design that uses natural tones and materials. Glass will work well in a modern or luxury bathroom design due to the natural beauty of the material. Glass sinks will generally be used as vessel sinks, so this is something to consider. Metal sinks are typically used as drop-in or undermount sinks because of how effective it is in terms of both design and durability.

Increased Space

One of the most important things that you need to consider if you have a small bathroom, is how much space you have and how much space you need. Small sinks are perfect for this scenario. These sinks are designed to be both functional and serve the purpose of creating and saving space in your bathroom. Space is so important because it is one of the biggest determining factors as to what makes a bathroom design comfortable. If you are cramped or are having trouble moving around in your bathroom, you will absolutely not feel as comfortable as you could be. This could be because of fixtures that are too large, clutter on your floor or other similar issues. One of the best places to start is with your sink. Replace your sink with a mini version of it in order to increase space and convert your bathroom into more of an open and comfortable area. This is something you should be focusing on in every area of your bathroom as well as all of the areas in your home.

Is a Mini Sink a Good Option For You?

A mini bathroom sink is a versatile and useful fixture to include in essentially any bathroom design, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side. If you do happen to have a small bathroom, whether it be a guest bathroom or one of your main bathrooms, a small bathroom sink will definitely be a benefit to it. If you have a larger bathroom, large sinks will be appropriate, but smaller sinks could serve their purposes as well. They will work great for kids or if you have a smaller area in the bathroom that needs its own sink. Either way, small sinks are great fixtures in their own right, and should definitely be something to consider when designing your bathroom space.