Choosing Bathroom Styles

One of the best ways to break up the monotony in your bathroom is to combine styles. If you have the same style for an extended amount of time, especially in your master bathroom, things can get somewhat boring. You can choose to mix some different bathroom styles to create a very welcoming and beautiful design.
Though mixing bathroom designs can be very rewarding, it is important to note that some styles work while others do not. For example, one of the most important things to consider is the colors you want to use. Make sure you choose colors that complement each other nicely instead of two random colors that can clash with each other. For example, you can use white in combination with almost any other color in order to create a nice mix. Another thing to consider is the materials used for fixtures and accessories. For example, too many shiny accessories can be overwhelming.

Which Bathroom Styles Can Work?

There are many combinations you can make to have a beautiful bathroom design. One of the best combinations is a mix of a rustic design with a vintage design. Many features of these styles are similar so it will be easy to integrate them into one cohesive design. Another good design combination is a modern bathroom design with a minimalist design. Both styles keep things simple and sleek, making for a great combo. Try visualizing which designs you think will work best for your preferences. List out some colors, fixtures and accessory designs to get a good idea of what you want before you put anything into practice.

Bathroom Styles To Consider

farmhouse bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Farmhouse Bathroom Style

A farmhouse bathroom style revolves around the beautiful elements of a classic farmhouse atmosphere. There are several ways to create this bathroom design through the use of natural tones, beautiful fixtures and common farmhouse materials. For example, a good place to start is a beautiful wooden vanity. Complement your wooden bathroom vanity with a set of ceramic or stone accessories. Try to focus on natural or homey tones such as blue, brown, white and beige.
industrial bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Industrial Bathroom Style

One of the more popular bathroom styles of today, the industrial bathroom style focuses on city-like themes and materials. For example, one of the key features of an industrial bathroom style is the exposed pipes and plumbing. Consider some bright brass or chrome pipes. Materials such as brick, concrete and wood are great to use in the walls for a industrial feel. For lighting, try to incorporate some lamps or freestanding lights to brighten up the area. Neutral tones will work the best in this particular design.
beach bathroom mirror mixing bathroom styles

Beach Bathroom Style

If you are looking for a fun theme for a summer home, consider an exciting beach bathroom style. This bathroom style utilizes bright warm and cool colors such as yellow, blue, white and red among others. This theme also loves to incorporate nautical decor. Paintings, photos and wall decor are encouraged. As for your fixtures, ceramic and wood will be perfect to incorporate. This bathroom style can work in any home design, as long as you are using the right colors and design elements.
modern bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Modern Bathroom Style

A modern bathroom design focuses on sleek design features and beautiful modern fixtures. This design isn't very flashy because it incorporates neutral tones with minimalist high quality fixtures. Colors such as black, white and gray are great in this design because they help to accentuate the beautiful fixtures in the design. High quality fixtures are best for this design. One of the main focuses of a modern bathroom design is efficiency, so it is important to keep that at the top of your list of priorities.
rustic bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Rustic Bathroom Style

A rustic bathroom design is a beautiful and welcoming bathroom design for the creation of a comfortable atmosphere. Much like a farmhouse bathroom style, this design will also revolve around natural tones such as brown, white, blue and green among others. A rustic bathroom design is great when you incorporate more natural fixtures as well. Consider using natural wood, natural stone and other beautiful natural elements to make this design work as perfect as possible.
traditional bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Traditional Bathroom Style

A great design that can fit into any home, a traditional bathroom style is a beautiful and welcoming design to incorporate. This bathroom style goes back to basics in terms of colors, fixtures and design. Classic ceramic fixtures with chrome accessories will be perfect for this design. This design does not have to go overboard in terms of design due to the traditional design elements. If can incorporate a number of different tones, making it versatile in terms of personalizing.
contemporary bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Contemporary Bathroom Style

A contemporary bathroom design can be compared to a modern bathroom design in a number of different aspects. This design focuses on up-to-date and modern fixtures and design elements. the elegance of this bathroom style is great for comfort and aesthetic. The forward thinking design creates an environment for a clean and crisp bathroom to use. This is another bathroom design that isn't very flashy, but focuses on geometric patterns and neutral tones such as white, gray and black.
victorian bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Victorian Bathroom Style

This bathroom style is one of the most elegant bathroom styles due to the beautiful fixtures, classic tones and unique aesthetic. The Victorian bathroom design utilizes the color white in many areas of the design, including mainly the fixtures and the walls. Brushed nickel and brass fittings help accentuate the fixtures elegantly as well. A wood or tile floor is best in terms of flooring, completing this beautiful design. Consider an antique piece of furniture turned into a vanity for a great DIY inclusion.
southwestern bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Southwestern Bathroom Style

A southwestern bathroom style is a beautiful spacious design with a number of beautiful features. Natural tones are key, with wood being the main material that is used. Mirror frames with brushed metal is a perfect option to accent the vanity area. This particular bathroom style works well in a ranch home or simply a home that wants to utilize it. This bathroom style works best when it can use the space it needs to have. Wall mounted fixtures are encouraged for this design as well.
scandinavian bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Scandinavian Bathroom Style

This bathroom style is simple yet beautiful, making for a beautiful bathroom style that will fit into any home. Natural materials and neutral colors make this bathroom style a comfortable and welcoming room to use. Focus on white in this style mainly, and accent it with colors such as black and gray. For accessories and fittings, consider some brass, chrome or gold for beautiful accents to the base color. This style is great in terms of functionality and comfort due to the simplicity and efficiency of the fixtures and layout.
eclectic bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Eclectic Bathroom Style

An eclectic bathroom style is unique and versatile. This bathroom style can effectively mix and include a variety of different design elements, making it one of the most unique and welcoming bathroom designs to consider. There aren't any specific features that are unique to this particular design. The main focus is to give you the freedom to include what you want to create your perfect bathroom design. Contrasting styles make this one to consider.
chic bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Chic Bathroom Style

If you are looking for a comfortable bathroom style with fashionable features, a chic bathroom style will be a great option for you. This bathroom style incorporates a variety of fashionable features such as mirror frames, unique fixtures and beautiful accessories. The elegance of this bathroom style shouldn't be understated because it can be one of the best focal points of a home design. This design works incredibly well in small bathroom and powder rooms, but can be used in a master bath just as well.
transitional bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Transitional Bathroom Style

This bathroom style mixes elements of old bathroom designs and new bathroom designs. This mixtures creates a unique style that gives your bathroom an exciting feeling every time you use it. You can combine these design elements wherever you want. For example, consider classic fixtures with modern colors or modern accessories with vintage finishes. There are several possibilities when it comes to the style options, so explore the possibilities that you find the most appealing.
vintage bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Vintage Bathroom Style

A vintage bathroom style includes antique furniture and older themes to create a traditional feel and comfortable atmosphere. This bathroom style promotes the inclusion of antique pieces of furniture. Consider a dresser vanity with beautiful brass hardware for a beautiful focal point to your bathroom style. Focus of brass and copper finishes for a vintage feel, as well as beautiful natural tones such as dark brown, white and other similar colors.
Mediterranean bathtub mixing bathroom styles

Mediterranean Bathroom Style

For an elegant Mediterranean bathroom style, natural materials such as wood, stone and brick can be utilized to make a beautiful environment. Colorful tiles can also be used to achieve a unique design element. the earthy look of this bathroom style makes it perfect for beach homes and mountain homes alike. In addition to a beautiful collection of materials and tones, this bathroom style is one of the most comfortable designs in terms of functionality, due to the high focus on quality and efficiency.
craftsman bathtub mixing bathroom styles

Craftsman Bathroom Style

A craftsman bathroom style emphasizes the use of natural wood and high quality craftsmanship in the fixtures. Wooden vanities and mirror frames are great places to start. Natural stone or tile is used in the floor for a beautiful contrast. Warm lighting will help accentuate the beautifully crafted fixtures and brighten up the area. For a more unique design element, you can also incorporate to stained glass. Hand crafted fixtures and accessories are key in this design.
period vanity mixing bathroom styles

Period Bathroom Styles

Some bathroom styles work best when centered around a specific point in history. Period bathroom styles allow you to form your bathroom design around specific designs that you love. For example, you can create a 50's retro bathroom or something like a 90's vintage bathroom. There are many possibilities to consider for a period bathroom style due to the vast amount of ideas for each period in time. This can allow you to create a unique room for your home design.
tropical bathroom bench mixing bathroom styles

Tropical Bathroom Style

One of the best bathroom styles for a warm, beautiful and bright environment, is a tropical bathroom style. This bathroom style incorporates bright colors, mainly green, white or blue, through the inclusion of plants, paint, fixtures and accessories. The inclusion of exotic plants and materials makes this bathroom unique in its own right. An open layout allows for a spacious design with a number of beautiful fixtures that emphasize the tropical feel and aesthetic.
midcentury bathroom sink mixing bathroom styles

Midcentury Bathroom Style

This particular bathroom style utilizes vintage furniture and finishes. Brushed gold and brass are beautifully incorporated into this design on the fixtures and accessories. This style benefits from large fixtures to promote comfort and functionality, while incorporating beautiful design elements from a beautiful time. Neutral colors as well as splashes of brightness make this design both eye catching and stylish.

Which Bathroom Style Should You Choose?

The bathroom style that you choose will depend on a number of factors. First of all, consider the overall design of your home. The design of your bathroom should resemble the rest of your home in terms of design somewhat. It doesn't have to be perfect, but there should be some kind of overall theme in order to create a cohesive design. You should also consider your personal preferences. If you have a design that you like, that is essentially all that matters.
The resale value of your home could depend on the design of your bathroom as well. A well kept and beautiful bathroom design can boost the overall value of your home drastically. This is definitely something for you to consider if you plan on selling your home at any point in the future.

Importance of Planning A Bathroom Style

Before you choose a bathroom style, it is important to plan out the process. Decide which bathroom design will be the most practical and fit the best into your specific home design. If you need any help planning or implementing a bathroom style, consider contacting a professional. This is important because you need to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Take your time with this process because it can end up being one of the most rewarding projects in your home.