Bathroom Styles

One of the best ways to break up the monotony in your bathroom is to combine styles. If you have the same style for an extended amount of time, especially in your master bathroom, things can get somewhat boring. You can choose to mix some different bathroom styles to create a very welcoming and beautiful design.

Mixing Designs

Though mixing bathroom designs can be very rewarding, it is important to note that some styles work while others do not. For example, one of the most important things to consider is the colors you want to use. Make sure you choose colors that complement each other nicely instead of two random colors that can clash with each other. For example, you can use white in combination with almost any other color in order to create a nice mix. Another thing to consider is the materials used for fixtures and accessories. For example, too many shiny accessories can be overwhelming.

Which Designs Can Work

There are many combinations you can make to have a beautiful bathroom design. One of the best combinations is a mix of a rustic design with a vintage design. Many features of these styles are similar so it will be easy to integrate them into one cohesive design. Another good design combination is a modern bathroom design with a minimalist design. Both styles keep things simple and sleek, making for a great combo. Try visualizing which designs you think will work best for your preferences. List out some colors, fixtures and accessory designs to get a good idea of what you want before you put anything into practice.