Modern Bathroom Trends of 2020

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Because current bathrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, it can often be difficult to incorporate everything you want. However, you should always be searching for ways to improve your overall modern bathroom design while keeping up with trends. All of the points on this list are meant to increase both the efficiency and quality of your current bathroom design. Focus on making your design beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Consider these 2020 bathroom trends for this year and beyond.

  • High Quality Lighting
  • Beautiful Spa Area
  • Efficient Storage Solutions
  • Matte Black Fixtures and Accessories
  • Beautiful Plant Life
  • Exciting and Beautiful Color Schemes
  • Bathroom Technology
  • Self-Adhesive Bathroom Accessories

High Quality Lighting

High Quality Lighting - Natural Light High Quality Lighting - Magnifying Mirror

Lighting has always been an important aspect to any current bathroom design, but as 2020 gets going, there are more stylish ways to incorporate it in your design. The first thing to consider is LED lighted mirrors. Many people incorporate lighted mirrors in their bathrooms. However, LED lighting is still skipped on in some designs. As we get more concerned about energy efficiency in all aspects of life, LED lighting on your bathroom mirror is a great place to start. It may cost a little bit more immediately, but LED lighting lasts longer than incandescent bulbs by a long shot. You will absolutely make your money back and more if you use LED lighting.

Stand alone lighting fixtures will also be incredibly beautiful options for a current bathroom design that needs more decorating. Natural light is also a great way for light to reach your bathroom. Because energy is so important natural light is a must. If there is any way for you to do this, you should definitely look into it. 2020 bathroom trends in terms of lighting are all about creativity. This can come in the form of skylights, bay windows, circular windows and other beautiful window designs. Some modern bathrooms struggle to incorporate larger windows, so if you can’t incorporate windows in your design, consider some LED lighting. If you have a basement bathroom, a hopper window might be a good option for you. All in all, efficient lighting is an important thing to focus on for the longevity of your modern bathroom.

A Beautiful Spa Area

A Beautiful Spa Area - Bathtub A Beautiful Spa Area - Wood Bathtub

A spa area will generally feature a freestanding bathtub. Your current bathtub can now come equipped with arm and back rests/pads, spa features such as jets, electric heating controls and several other luxury options. In addition, they can be made of very durable and stylish materials with a number of different colors and finishes for decorating the area.

Some of the more colorful modern bathtubs can be made of acrylics. Versions of some of the more neutral bathtubs can be made of ceramics, natural stone or other similar material. Of course, space is something that you need to consider. If you have the space, this is definitely something you should have on your mind. If you aren’t too sure that you can accommodate a freestanding bathtub with the space you have now, you shouldn’t try to force anything. An open shower should also be something to consider for a spa area. A modern bathtub and open shower combination can be a great duo to incorporate into your design. A freestanding tub is one of the most beautiful aspects of a bathroom design that can use it, and it is a great focal point in terms of decorating.

Efficient Storage Solutions

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom, storage space is crucial in preventing your current bathroom from becoming cluttered and disorganized. Because storage is important for every modern bathroom design, there are several ways you can go about including it. There are several ways to incorporate methods of smart bathroom storage into your bathroom and having a smart and savvy storage method can lead to a creative and unique way to store your bathroom supplies in such a way that will help you achieve a feeling of satisfaction and cleanliness. Everybody has a different opinion as far as decorating tastes go, but it is important that you choose what you like. At the end of the day, this bathroom is yours and you want it to reflect your original design. Explore your current options as far as creativity goes, especially if you want to have your storage arrangement last for the long run.

If you're struggling to incorporate space in your bathroom design, consider recessed storage. The storage can help your modern bathroom in many ways first of all, it is great at creating space. Because recessed storage is built into your wall, You will have much more space for other fixtures and accessories. Recessed bathroom storage can come in two different forms. First, you can get a shelf. Second, you can incorporate some kind of recessed storage unit. Both of these are great for saving space. If you only need a minimal amount of storage space, consider a shelf. On the other hand, you might need a large amount of space. If this is the case for you, consider a full recessed storage unit.

Matte Black Fixtures and Accessories

Matte Black Fixtures and Accessories - Baketo Matte Black Fixtures and Accessories - Bathroom Sink

One of the most popular up-and-coming design trends for modern bathrooms in 2020 is the inclusion of the matte black finish. The reason why this finish is so popular this year is due to the increasingly popular modern bathroom design design in terms of decorating. The matte black finish offers a smooth and sleek style to your bathroom design. You can most commonly find this finish on modern bathroom sinks, towel bars and accessory sets, but you can also incorporate it onto your faucets, toilets and other fixtures. Matte black is one of the most beautiful finishes because it meshes well in any area of your bathroom style. Aside from your fixtures, your bathroom can benefit from matte black walls as well. Overall, adding some matte black could be just what you need to improve the quality of your bathroom style.

Beautiful Plant Life

Plants can be housed in pots, jars or other similar items. Just make sure that they have enough space so that they aren't touching anything that could damage them. It is important to keep your plant healthy so they last as long as possible. Some of the most current and popular bathroom plants include aloe vera, bamboo, orchids, spider plants, snake plants, ferns and some lilies. Aloe vera is a very popular option due to the great combination of beauty and usefulness. Aloe vera is commonly known as a great source of helpful antioxidants, perfect skin treatment, skin care and overall health benefits.

All of these plants work so well in a bathroom environment because there is little to no attention that you need to devote to them. The condensation that naturally gathers in a bathroom will indirectly water the plants, many of which do not need much water to begin with. If you don't want to go with real plants, you can include some fake plants. These will give your bathroom style a very similar feel as real plants do. This goes back to how important a natural element is to a bathroom design. You might just need one or two small plants to have your bathroom embrace a bit more comfort and nature into your area. Plants are great for a boost in your interior style when looking for a decorating method.

Exciting and Beautiful Color Schemes

Exciting and Beautiful Color Schemes - Black Bathtub Exciting and Beautiful Color Schemes - Vessel Sink

Color is always an important part to any current style in your home, let alone the master bathroom. However, the bathroom can be the room that benefits most from a beautiful and bold color scheme. The best thing about color is that it is always subjective in terms of which ones you prefer. If you want to use a variety of different colors in one style, it is recommended that you use a mainly white base for the main areas of your design. High quality brands are important when it comes to bathroom color schemes. Paint and wallpaper are the two most important elements to consider.

Bold accents are always great for a lively bathroom design because they help to highlight the areas of your bathroom that may otherwise not get enough attention. Bright colors will help a bathroom that may struggle incorporating light through natural means. This is definitely something to keep in mind. These colors can also be used in towels if you don’t want to use them in your accessories or smaller fixtures. If you need a boost in excitement in 2020, use your favorite colors to spice up your existing design. Color is always something to focus on, especially in a variety of 2020 bathroom trends.

Bathroom Technology

Bathroom technology is rapidly growing and innovations are coming on to the bathroom scene daily. The incorporation of new tech in bathrooms increases the overall comfort of your bathroom experience. Some of these innovations include heated fixtures, such as towel bars as well as heated flooring to ensure that you get the most out of your bathroom. If you have the room, a waterproof television could be another great fixture to include in your bathroom while you are taking a bath or getting ready for the day. Many tech brands offer great bathroom technology, so explore your options.

Another very rewarding installment could be a new sound system. There are a few ways to do this. First, you could install a speaker system in your bathroom, giving you a surround sound system. If you do this, make sure the speakers are bathroom friendly and positioned appropriately. You could also just decide to utilize a new portable Bluetooth speaker. Many water resistant and waterproof speakers are on the market today, giving you plenty of options.

Self-Adhesive Bathroom Accessories

Self adhesive bathroom accessories are great for any current bathroom design. With an easy installation method, these types of accessories can be installed by anyone. Self-adhesive accessories can be placed virtually anywhere on your wall, meaning you don’t necessarily need to look for studs or do any extra work. Just make sure your new accessories are placed in reasonable locations. For example, make sure your towel bars are close to your shower. Self-adhesive bathroom accessories are definitely worth considering and are on the rise in many bathroom designs.

One of the most effective adhesive accessories is a new towel bar. Sometimes towel bars can be a little tricky in terms of installation. Because towel bars are a necessity in every bathroom style, an adhesive one will give you an easy installation and a quality fixture. This is one of the most efficient adhesive accessories by far. Consider an adhesive towel bar for your bathroom style, and consider several other different accessories for that matter. It is important for you to go with a high quality brand for your bathroom accessories.

Why Following Bathroom Trends is Important

  • It Keeps Your Bathroom Exciting - By continuously following bathroom trends, it becomes easier to feel happy and excited each time you are in the room. If you have the same design for years and years, the current design will feel stagnant and boring. Try to update bits of your new design when you can in order to create a comfortable and exciting bathroom environment.
  • Guests Will Feel More Comfortable - If you plan on having guests use a bathroom in your home, updating it will be key for their comfort level. Incorporate easy-to-use fixtures and accessories for convenience. Tech incorporation will also be a great way to boost the comfort of your guests as well. Of course, this will also make you much more comfortable as well.
  • Functionality Will Improve - Many of the popular bathroom trends focus on the improvement of functionality. Increased quality of new bathroom fixtures and accessories will make your bathroom much easier to use and less likely to experience any inconvenient problems.
  • Increases Value - Updating your bathroom will increase the value of the bathroom, but more importantly, the value of your entire home. This is crucial if you plan on selling your home at any point in the future. Bathroom trends generally focus on increasing the quality of your bathroom in one way or another, so this is something to consider when updating your new bathroom design.

Bathroom Trends To Avoid

Overly Intricate Designs

An intricate design can come in many different forms. The main issue with an intricate design is the clutter. Sometimes there can be too much there as far as design goes. Oftentimes, the best thing to do with your current bathroom design is to keep it simple and easy. Whether it be tile design or wallpaper, an overly intricate design can be a little tough to look at at times. If there is too much going on, overly complicated bathroom fixtures can diminish the visual quality of your bathroom. If your tiling is composed of many small tiles or a collection of tiles with many grooves and crevices, it can become difficult to clean and you will be cleaning them more often that you may like.

Outdated Bathroom Furniture

Outdated fixtures and furniture can cause a number of problems in both the short and long term. Fixtures made of wood can require more maintenance than you may be okay with. Condensation in your bathroom can cause damage to older wooden bathroom furniture and fixtures, requiring you to perform constant repairs, such as sealing. Though, it is usually more of a design issue than anything else. If you implement newer and more effective fixtures into your bathroom, not only will you benefit from the increase in quality, but the lifespan and longevity of your fixtures and furniture will increase as well. It is important to update your fixtures for quality in 2020.

Outdated Bathroom Furniture

Just like the design of bathroom fixtures changes over time, color popularity and bathroom trends changes over time as well. Some of the most popular color schemes today include designs based on black, whites, grays and blues to name some of the most used. Try to avoid colors that can be too bright or too dull. These colors include bright yellows or variations of pink. Most bathrooms lack in natural light, so using pinks and yellows combined with artificial light may not look right. On the other hand, both artificial and natural light can be used to accentuate the more popular 2020 colors listed above.

A new bathroom that is painted one solid color can be an eyesore, especially if it is a bright color such as red or yellow. A better way to approach the color design of your bathroom is to use a more monochromatic approach. Use colors that are similar to each other while complimenting each other beautifully. You can also use contrasting colors that are opposites of each other. Colors that do this are red and green, purple and yellow, and orange and blue. It is very important that your bathroom include a variety of different colors in order to keep your bathroom exciting and comfortable. Just don't go overboard with your color scheme, because it could end up being overwhelming.

Don’t Think Too Big

We always hear the saying “bigger is better,” but let’s take a step back from that when it comes to bathrooms. Of course, if you have a bigger bathroom, it will allow for bigger fixtures. However, if you have a small to mid sized bathroom, a minimalist style is becoming more popular as well as more efficient. Bigger is not always better if you have to sacrifice space and comfort. Big fixtures are great if you have a bigger bathroom, but if you try to cram some bigger fixtures into a smaller bathroom area, you will only be met with cluttered space and an uncomfortable bathroom experience. Smaller new fixtures can promote a conservative and spacious feel to your bathroom in an era where sharp and sleek designs are in style, especially in your smaller bathroom design.

Why You Should Avoid Some Bathroom Trends

  • They Will Hurt Your Design - Some 2020 bathroom trends are better off being unused due to some wacky design elements. If you think a certain bathroom trend is too weird for your taste, it is definitely better to skip over it instead of wasting your time trying to figure out how to possibly incorporate it in your design.
  • It Might Create Discomfort - A bathroom trend might look beautiful, but it may also feel uncomfortable. You should always prioritize your comfort over anything else. Find the perfect middle ground of comfort and design in order to create a beautiful design that you can enjoy.
  • They Are Overly Expensive - Sometimes a trend you are considering might just be a bit too expensive. If this is the case, it might be in your best interest to skip it and try something else. If it is a trend that you really love, you might have to wait a few months and save up some more money in order to comfortably afford it.

Final Note

There are many new beautiful 2020 bathroom trends, but not all bathroom designs are going to work. Having an appealing bathroom design is important. 2020 bathroom trends are constantly changing, but some are just better off left alone.

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