A monochromatic color scheme is a great way to make bold statement.


When thinking about a monochromatic color scheme, you have many options. Thankfully, this kind of color scheme is very versatile. The most common colors to choose from however are black and white or darker colors such as navy blue. It is recommended to use a three color combination in order to give your bathroom style. Experimenting with different shades of the same color in multiple ways can pay off when deciding whether or not you want a color you have been thinking about. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you are using colors that you think will look good. As previously stated, it may be best to go with black, white or blue, but it is still important to express your creativity in the process. It is important to note that monochromatic color schemes can experiment with essentially any color. This is one of the most appealing reasons why this particular color scheme is so effective. In addition, monochromatic color schemes are not only a beautiful way to incorporate color in your bathroom, but they are great ways to express your favorite colors in your home. This guide will outline some of the most effective monochromatic color schemes to help inspire your bathroom design.

Here are some examples of monochromatic color schemes:


Adding texture to your monochromatic bathroom is important to ensuring that your bathroom doesn’t get too mundane. Just like experimenting with shades and tints of a color, experimenting with different patterns and textures is just as important. Patterns can be a fantastic way to add some flare to your bathroom design if you are going for a monochromatic color scheme. An example of a great pattern you can use on your wall is an alternating diamond pattern using a chosen color combined with a neutral color. Another pattern you can use could be a striped pattern using the same kind of color scheme. One example of this is through the color blue. Try combining a navy blue with a slightly lighter shade of blue to create a contrast that is subtle yet effective. This will help break up the use of the same color over and over again. Patterns definitely make a plain bathroom look beautiful in a monochromatic colored bathroom design. Staying consistent with your color scheme but giving different aspects of your bathroom different patterns can give your bathroom a little extra flare to keep it exciting. Having a unique and effective texture is one of the most important but overlooked aspects to any design in your home, not just your bathroom. 


It is important to remember that a monochromatic color scheme should be implemented in all parts of your bathroom in order to ensure that your bathroom maintains a cohesive and comfortable style. Your bathroom furniture is important to be included in your design, because at the end of the day it is still part of your bathroom design. This can include items such as any seating, coffee tables or other similar fixtures. It is worth noting that furniture does not necessarily have to be monochromatic. In some cases, you should include some contrasting or natural colored furniture in order to create a nice and comfortable balance. Including these pieces of furniture in your color scheme is not only recommended, but it is borderline essential to beautiful and complete monochromatic color scheme. Important pieces of furniture include seating most commonly, but other pieces are also quite valuable.

Why it Will Work

The color schemes work because as long as you stay within the color scheme, it will look good. It is a natural cohesion that will be pleasing to the eye, due to simplicity and ease of the design. Because monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single color, the colors will always mesh well. Another reason monochromatic color schemes work is because of the cohesion it brings to your bathroom. With a single color implemented in several different aspects to your bathroom, you can match many different fixtures and accessories to make your bathroom a stylish and comfortable place to be. Monochromatic color schemes are also great for preventing any clashing colors that could make your bathroom design look a little overwhelming in terms of design. Not only is a monochromatic color scheme beautiful, but it is also becoming increasingly popular among bathrooms everywhere.

Final Note

A monochromatic color scheme is simple yet elegant, and a great way to give your bathroom a modern and comfortable look.