Mounting a Bathroom Vanity

When installing a bathroom vanity, you need to know a few things before you start the process. You need to know what height it needs to be mounted at, where in the bathroom it should be mounted and any variables you need to take into account. Once all three of these factors are taken into account, you are ready to mounted your bathroom vanity. This guide will go over measurements, installation tips and other helpful elements to help you implement your bathroom vanity.


Many heights are recommended when researching what height a bathroom vanity should be mounted at. It ultimately depends on your preference, but the height of a wall mounted vanity should be within a range of 36 inches to about 40 inches. This height is typically accepted height for the most comfortable and accessible for most people. However, if you are taller or tall people will be using this bathroom, another comfortable height can be around 40 inches to 48 inches. This can be more convenient for taller people so they do not have to bend down to wash their hands or brush their teeth.