Larger fixtures can add unique style and flare to your bathroom.


Large Mirrors

Large bathroom mirrors can be both useful and stylish. If your bathroom is on the bigger side, a larger mirror can be placed over a large vanity with multiple sinks so that you don’t need a separate mirror for each sink. The reflection that large mirrors cast can make your bathroom look bigger as well. They are also useful for covering up large areas of empty wall space.

Large fixtures to add style to your bathroom:

Large Bathtubs/Showers

Being the biggest and arguably most used fixtures in the bathroom, showers and bathtubs are necessary bathroom fixtures. For some bathrooms, a large bathtub or shower can make the bathroom feel more luxurious and spacious. Often times, the more space you have in your bathroom, and the more space you have in your shower or bathtub, the more comfortable you will be.

Large Sinks

Having a large sink has a number of benefits. One of those benefits is the water containment. Large high end sinks are designed in a way to prevent splashing. This is a great feature for your ink to have, especially when trying to keep your bathroom clean. Bigger sinks are also useful for bigger vanities because they fill up the counter space and make the vanity look full and complete.

Final Note

Consider large fixtures for your renovation or bathroom design to provide a nice touch of style and comfort.