Bathroom decor is a must for a beautiful bathroom design.


Overlooked Bathroom Decor

There are many options available to you when it comes to bathroom decor. Bathroom decor serves a functional purpose as well as a decorative purpose. Popular bathroom decor include tissue box covers, laundry/trash baskets, trays and stools among several others. It is easy to forget about many of these fixtures, but they can serve as wonderful functional and stylistic additions to your bathroom design. You should definitely consider all of your options when it comes to your bathroom accessories, due to the added benefits that each unique accessory will give you. It will absolutely be worth your while to incorporate some of these items in your bathroom.

Tissue Box Covers

This is one of the most overlooked decor pieces that can have a big impact on your bathroom design. Tissue box covers serve two main purposes. The first is purpose is to add a beautiful addition to a tissue box that can look otherwise unappealing. Another reason to use a tissue box cover is to protect the tissues themselves. Condensation damages paper and cardboard, and considering condensation is extremely prevalent in bathrooms, a tissue box cover serves a useful purpose. Tissue box covers also add a variety of design aspects including a multitude of colors and patterns that can benefit your overall bathroom design. You can easily find tissue box covers that will match well with your bathroom design, and if you are feeling creative, you can design your own.

Laundry/Waste Baskets

These are two items you definitely want to make sure you include in your bathroom. Laundry baskets are great for when you are done using towels, washcloths and other similar materials. You want to include a laundry basket in your bathroom especially if your bathroom is a little bigger or used by multiple people. If you keep hanging up your wet towels in a bathroom, your bathroom can start to smell bad after a while. If you incorporate a laundry basket, you can put in any wet or dirty towels to keep your bathroom smelling and looking fresh and clean. Laundry baskets can be woven, metal or other materials, giving you a wide range of options for what you want to include in your bathroom. Because of all of the disposable products that are used in virtually every bathroom, waste baskets are also a must. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need to include more than one waste basket. If you only have room for one of these accessories, definitely go with a waste basket. It will be much more practical and convenient for a smaller bathroom area.


Bathroom trays are one of the most effective pieces of decor for organizing items while simultaneously adding a stylish component to your bathroom design. Trays can be made of virtually any material, including anything from wood to metal. Basket woven trays are popular as well as many wooden or metallic trays. Bathroom trays are very helpful for keeping items organized as well and a great method for transporting items as well. This particular accessory is great for a vanity countertop so that you can increase accessibility and comfort. Overall these accessories are very useful and practical in any bathroom design.

Final Note

Bathroom decor is important for the design and functionality of your bathroom.