Style your bathroom with these popular bathroom patterns.


Popular Patterns

You can pattern your bathroom in many different ways. When talking about patterns, it is typically patterns on your floor or wall, whether it be from tiles, wallpaper or anything in between. Many of the most popular patterns come in the form of different tile displays or different geometric shaped patterns on the wall. There are a multitude of different patterns, all with their own own unique benefits. Both of these styles offer many different stylistic aspects to your bathroom. Bathroom patterns are ultimately subjective and vary from person to person. You want to make sure that your bathroom pattern looks good in your own eyes, while at the same time meshing well with the overall design of your bathroom. These patterns have proven to stand the test of time, so don't worry about any of these patterns going out of style any time soon.

Solid Colors

Though not really seen as a pattern per say, solid colors are always a safe choice when designing your bathroom. Solid colors will most likely work the best if on your wall instead of your floor. This is because the wall makes it easier for you to show off the colors you decide to use. Your floor will most likely be made of materials such as stone, hardwood or tile. Because you are using solid colors, you have the freedom to experiment with different colors that fit your personal design. Using monochromatic color schemes is a great way to implement solid colors in your bathroom. Another thing you can try is solid colors on your walls with accents of a different color in order to create a beautfiul contrast in color for your design.