Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom can’t function properly without the inclusion of bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories are essential for your bathroom in terms of both comfort and accessibility. If you aren’t sure which accessories you need in your bathroom, below is a list of the accessories that will make your bathroom design complete and functional. This guide will highlight every main bathroom accessory, and what you should look for when it comes to buying a set of your own.


Towel Bars

One of the most used and convenient items in your bathroom is the towel bar or the towel ring. A towel bar/ring is absolutely necessary if you have a bathtub or shower in your bathroom, and is especially crucial if you have multiple people using the bathroom. Towel bars can be customized through length, style and technology. There are a number of different ways to incorporate a towel bar into your design. As a general rule, you should have your towel bar within an arm's reach of your bathtub or shower.You don't want to have to struggle to reach your towels after you are done your shower or bath. Depending on the number of people in your bathroom, you may need multiple towel bars. If towel bars aren't enough, consider a towel rack. These will be able to hold a large number of towels comfortably. As far as designs that towel bars can utilize, you have many options. One of the most popular finishes for towel bars is the matte finish. The two most popular colors for this finish are white and black. Both of these colors work wonderfully in a modern bathroom design. If you want your towels warm and ready to use, consider getting a heated towel bar. They present a sleek and beautiful element of design in your bathroom area.

Towel Rings

If you have a hand towel for hand washing, get a smaller towel bar or towel ring near your sink. Towel rings will be great accessories for any sink or vanity area. You are always going to need a towel at the ready, so consider this. Towel rings can come in many different shapes and finishes, so there is no shortage of choices. Another great element of a towel ring is the towel that you incorporate. A beautiful hand towel will be both stylish and useful. You can use an embroidered towel or a simple towel, among many other designs. Towel rings can also have a number of beautiful finishes as well, with essentially the same possibilities as towel bars.

Shower Baskets

A shower can often get cluttered and unorganized with shampoo bottles and washcloths hanging everywhere. A shower basket is the immediate solution to this problem. Shower baskets can be hung on a shower head or hung on another type of hook or mount that is in your shower. They can hold virtually any cleaning item that you will use in your shower. This can include shampoo, conditioner and essentially any other toiletry you might need in your shower. Not only are shower baskets incredibly effective functionally, but they are amazing pieces of design. Shower baskets can be beautiful design elements in an otherwise mundane shower area. If you are struggling with incorporating a beautiful environment in your shower, this will definitely help you. Shower baskets can come in a variety of different materials, but you should definitely focus on high quality. Metal will be the most reliable material to go with. Materials such as different plastics can work, but they won't be as durable in the long run.

As for finishes, the most common one is chrome. Chrome is one of the most versatile finishes in any area of the bathroom. It is often used in faucets and other smaller elements of a bathroom. This is definitely a finish to consider. Your shower basket shape and design should fit exactly what you want as well. If you have an empty corner, consider getting a shower basket or two to fill the space. This will give you a boost to the design and a functional accessory. Shower baskets are one of the most useful accessories for your shower, so definitely consider
getting one. Investing in a shower basket can be one of the most rewarding accessories you can include in your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holders

Another essential bathroom accessory, the toilet paper holder is one of the most important accessories to include in your bathroom. Instead of putting your toilet paper on the counter or the ground, which looks unorganized and dirty, install a toilet paper holder to make your bathroom look more organized and comfortable. Toilet paper holders can come in beautiful designs that can hold the toilet paper either horizontal or vertical to fit your personal preference. Wall mounted toilet paper holders are the most common installation type, but you can find toilet paper holders that are mounted from the ground as well as a counter top version.

Similarly to shower baskets, one of the best finishes for toilet paper holders is chrome. Chrome is very versatile, so you should consider it. One of the best things about chrome is that you can match all of your accessories easily. Sometimes, you will even be able to find a set of accessories that will be cheaper. This makes it much easier to complete a full set of accessories. Other popular finishes are either brushed nickel or matte finishes. Toilet paper holders can be mounted next to or across from your toilet to give you easy access. This is important because comfort is one of the most essential elements of a bathroom design. Accessibility and comfort should be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to choosing your accessories.

Bathroom Hooks

Hooks are a versatile accessory that can accommodate a number of different items. For example, if you feel as though towel bars aren’t the way to go for you, you can try including bathroom hooks. Hooks can hold towels as well as other items such as robes. You can also hang other items on bathroom hooks, such as some shower caddies and other similar items. Bathroom hooks are easy to install and can be placed in a number of different areas that will give you the most accessibility.

You should use bathroom hooks in smaller bathrooms or if you simply like the design. Because they are so small, they can be used in a variety of different areas. You should be looking to the empty walls in your bathroom to see where you should install them.


Bathroom shelves are excellent at storing items that may otherwise not have any space to be located. If you want to keep your vanity counter clear, shelves are very effective holding any items you still want to use on a daily basis, but want to keep them in an accessible location. Shelves can be placed virtually anywhere, but the most effective places to place them are about eye level. However it is encouraged that you place your shelves in the most comfortable location for you. Like other accessories, you can find shelf designs that match well with your overall bathroom theme.

One of the more unique aspects of shelves, is their versatility in terms of implementation. First, you can mount them on your wall through a fixed means (screws/adhesive) or suction cups. Secondly, you can consider some recessed shelves. These shelves will be indented into your wall to create a sleek and convenient way to store your items. Consider both of these options when you are thinking of implementing shelves in your design.

Soap Dispensers and Soap Dishes

If you are going to have any accessories on your vanity, a soap dispenser is one you should definitely consider. Soap dispensers are worth the buy because of their longevity as well as the style that they bring to your bathroom design. One of the best aspects about purchasing a soap dispenser is how long it will last. You can refill it with any soap you like to keep things different, while simultaneously avoiding plastic soap bottles. If you prefer bars of soap, a beautiful soap dish could be the choice for your. Both soap dishes and soap dispensers can be mounted on the wall or placed on the counter top. Depending on how you use your bathroom, you can include either or both a dispenser or a dish.

There are many design options when it comes to soap dishes and dispensers. Soap dishes and soap dispensers can come in essentially any material you want. Soap dishes can be made of wood, metal, ceramics or different plastics. Soap dispensers are typically made of either metal or plastic, but you may be able to find some other materials. Like your other accessories, you should make sure that these match the rest of your accessories.

Toilet Brush Holders

One of the forgotten accessories in the bathroom is the toilet brush holder. People often settle for the plastic toilet brush holder that gets dirty and breaks easily. A quality toilet brush holder is a beautiful and long lasting piece to include in your bathroom. With a number of different finishes and styles to choose from, a toilet brush holder can be placed next to your toilet to make the area look more appealing and clean.

Toilet brush holders are absolutely essential for every bathroom design. You should be cleaning your toilet regularly, so a high quality and good looking brush is necessary. You have several different options when it comes to these, so take your time to pick a perfect one for you.

Grab Bars

Not every bathroom will have grab bars, but sometimes they can be some of the most beneficial accessories that you can incorporate. Grab bars can increase the comfort in your bathroom by making it easier to move around in places like showers or bathtubs. You can also install them in other areas of your bathroom where you may need them. Grab bars are tremendous aids for accessibility and comfort.