Colored Bathroom Sinks

A bathroom is an area in which you can incorporate a number of different styles, designs and colors in order to make your perfect bathroom space. One aspect of the design that will prove to be a centerpiece and focal point of your bathroom is the bathroom sink. Your bathroom sinks can also come in a variety of styles and colors that can shape the way you look at your bathroom. Should you consider a colored bathroom sink?

Which Colors Work?

There are a few bathroom sink colors that almost always work in many bathroom designs. These colors include white, black and gray mainly, but other neutral colors can work as well. For example, gold and silver may not work in every bathroom design, but if used in the right color scheme and design, they can be beautiful pieces. Sinks with neutral colors bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to your bathroom style.

Which Colors Don’t Work?

There are a variety of bathroom designs that can fit many different bathroom sink colors. There are, however, some sink colors you will want to stay away from, no matter what design your bathroom is. For example, mustard yellow, any neon/bright/flashy colors, or any bland dark greens to name a few don’t really work in any design. These colors can definitely work in other aspects of your bathroom, but because a bathroom sink is a large aspect of your bathroom, you want to make sure it doesn’t clash with other colors you are including in your design.

Does it Fit With Your Design?

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a bathroom sink is if the color works in your bathroom design. The color is both an integral aspect of a bathroom design as well as a focal point of the sink. With the vast array of colors to choose from, you need to pick one that will work great in your particular design. For example, start with the color black.
Black is a color that works in many different bathroom designs. You can essentially incorporate it in any bathroom design if it has the right surrounding complements. For example, a modern bathroom design will incorporate this type of sink beautifully. If you are at all having questions as to what color sink you should use in your modern bathroom design, black is one of the safest ways to go. This will typically vary depending on the bathroom design specific to your home.
If your bathroom centers around rustic or natural elements, you may want to consider a sink of similar color. For example, you may want to try some natural tones. Colors such as brown or gray are great for designs such as these. There are essentially infinite bathroom designs, so choosing the right color sink is an essential piece to tie the design together.

Materials Can Determine Color

An important thing to note when choosing the color of your sink is the materials that are being used. Sinks can be made of a variety of different materials. Because of this, you have many different options to choose from. For example, a beautiful material for a naturally focused bathroom is stone. Stone will usually be brown, gray or white when it comes to bathroom sinks. You can also find granite-like colors to give the sink a more natural and organic tone.
Wooden sinks are not quite as common, but you will still definitely be able to find them. Wood will often give a sink a great element of natural feel, making your bathroom feel more connected to the outside environment. If you want to use wood, expect to utilize natural tones. These colors will most commonly be shades of brown, gray and white. Wood is one of the most versatile materials, so this is something to consider.

The Matte Finish

Matte finishes are slowly becoming some of the best and most popular finishes in bathroom design. The finish can be used in a number of different areas, and the sink is no different. The two most popular colors for this finish are black and white. These colors work beautifully with many different bathroom designs due to how versatile they are. Black and white work magnificently in many different areas of the bathroom, so complementing your sink should be fairly easy.
One of the best elements of the matte finish is its unique design. The design is sleek and clean, giving your bathroom a very modern approach to style. The finish doesn't give off any reflection or shine, making it a convenient and comfortable finish to utilize. The only downside to this finish is that is slightly harder to clean due the surface. Fingerprints are a bit less visible and the design is quite beautiful to look at however.

Gold and Silver Finishes

Gold and silver finishes are great if you want a touch of luxury in your sink design. These finishes work best when they are used in open bathroom areas with several different complements around them. One of the best sink designs to use with this finish is a vessel sink. Vessel sinks will allow you to display the full beauty of the entire sink. A full 360 view of the sink will make it that much more attractive to look at.
These colors are usually associated with items such as jewelry and convey a sense of luxury. Because of this, you should complement these sinks with similarly colored items. It is important that you focus on the surrounding area to make your sink stand out and become a focal point of your bathroom.

How Color Can Help a Bathroom Design

Color is one of the most important elements of bathroom design. It helps with both comfort and overall design. Bright colors will help turn your bathroom design into something much more colorful and vibrant. You should definitely explore your options if you want to brighten up your bathroom design. Colors such as red, green, yellow and other vibrant colors work very well if your bathroom already utilizes those colors. Bright colors make a bathroom feel warm and welcoming.
If you want more of a subtle or dark bathroom environment, try some darker colors. These colors include brown, black and gray among others. These colors are commonly found in modern bathrooms or rustic bathrooms that center around a darker mood. If this is a design trait that you love in your bathroom, this should be something to consider. It is always important to do this if you are looking for a more relaxing environment. Color preference is subjective of course, so feel free to explore your options and use the colors that you like. Your sink is important not to overlook, so consider this when you are trying to choose a color for yours.

Sink and Vanity Combinations

Unless you have a wall mounted sink, you can't have a sink without a vanity. There are many different vanities on the market today, so it is important to choose one that matches well with your sink. Of course, focus on all of the important elements first. For example, build quality and comfort should always come first. Then, you can focus on the color. You should find a color that matches very well with your sink.
One of the safest ways to go here is with a neutral colored vanity. For example, no matter what color sink you have, a neutral vanity will always go well with it. If you are having trouble picking a vanity color, you should just go with white. White is a great color that will essentially go with any color you can think of. Another great color to consider is black. Black is also quite versatile, so you do have a darker option here.
One thing to consider is how the rest of your bathroom will benefit or be hurt by this. You don't want your bathroom sink and vanity to take up all of the glory. It is important to make sure that all areas of your bathroom are treated equally in this regard.

How To Choose the Perfect Color

There is a lot that goes into choosing the perfect color for your specific bathroom sink. You have to consider a number of things before you buy yours. First, consider the overall color of your bathroom. If you bathroom is centered around the color white, you can use many different colors. If your bathroom has a very specific color scheme, you will need to get a sink that matches with the current design.
You should also consider your personal preferences. This is an important element that you should absolutely not overlook. If you do not personally like the color of your sink, you won't like it in the long run. Comfort is extremely important in your bathroom design, so make sure you account for it in terms of color. You should always be looking for ways to improve your bathroom design, and sinks are great ways to accomplish this.