Colored Bathroom Sinks

A bathroom is an area in which you can incorporate a number of different styles, designs and colors in order to make your perfect bathroom space. One aspect of the design that will prove to be a centerpiece and focal point of your bathroom is the bathroom sink. Your bathroom sinks can also come in a variety of styles and colors that can shape the way you look at your bathroom. Should you consider a colored bathroom sink?

Which Colors Work?

There are a few bathroom sink colors that almost always work in many bathroom designs. These colors include white, black and gray mainly, but other neutral colors can work as well. For example, gold and silver may not work in every bathroom design, but if used in the right color scheme and design, they can be beautiful pieces. Sinks with neutral colors bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to your bathroom style.

Which Colors Don’t Work?

There are a variety of bathroom designs that can fit many different bathroom sink colors. There are, however, some sink colors you will want to stay away from, no matter what design your bathroom is. For example, mustard yellow, any neon/bright/flashy colors, or any bland dark greens to name a few don’t really work in any design. These colors can definitely work in other aspects of your bathroom, but because a bathroom sink is a large aspect of your bathroom, you want to make sure it doesn’t clash with other colors you are including in your design.