Sensor Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors have been a common accessory in bathroom designs for years. With the introduction of new technology incorporated, they are starting to become sensor activated. This increases the ease of use as well as the overall quality and design of both the mirror and your bathroom. There are several different features that magnifying mirrors can have in addition to a sensor feature. This is something to keep in mind as well. This guide will highlight some of the pros and cons of sensor magnifying mirrors and whether or not it seems like a good fixture for you to incorporate into your specific bathroom design.

Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors are a very useful accessory to include in your bathroom for a number of reasons. For example, makeup application and shaving are two very common activities that occur in a bathroom. A magnifying mirror gives you the best vision to do so. You also have the option to choose mirrors with different magnification factors. Some of the most common magnification are 3x, 5x and 7x. However, you can also find some other magnifications can be found as well. LED lighting is incorporated into these mirrors as well. Depending on the mirror, you can get lighting along the entire rim of the mirror or just on certain sections of the rim. Lighting is one of the most important things in a magnifying mirror and the main reason why you would include a sensor.
Lighting is incredibly useful when used in tandem with a magnifying mirror. This is because it is one of the most effective ways to see exactly what you want when going through your daily routine. As mentioned before, for shaving and makeup, among other things, this is one of the best roads to take. This lighting will also help you with lighting your bathroom as whole. With that being said, you should definitely not use the lighting from your mirror as one of the main sources of your lighting. However, it does serve as a great accent to the rest of your bathroom area. This is something to consider when you are planning your bathroom design. Take into account the size of your mirror to see how much this will actually impact your vanity area.

Sensor Technology

The main feature of this particular type of magnifying mirror is the sensor technology. Sensors are typically located somewhere along the rim of the mirror or in some cases, somewhere on the base or on the mirror itself. The sensors are motion activated, making it easy for you to keep them clean. When activated, the LED lighting that is built into the mirror will turn on. It is important to remember to not touch the sensor. This is because if you get any soap or other liquids/cleaning material on the sensor, it can affect how efficiently the sensor will work. Also when you leave the path of the sensor, the mirror will turn off.
These mirrors are very simple to use and will be extremely reliable for your vanity area if you treat them carefully and make sure you are cleaning them regularly. Popular models of these types of mirrors include the Smile 91 and Smile 92. These mirrors are extremely high quality and have some of the most durable and luxury materials that can be found in a lighted magnifying mirror. The addition of a sensor to a magnifying mirror to your bathroom will be noticeable immediately. All things considered, a sensor magnifying mirror is worth the buy. This is especially true if you want an easy to use and convenient magnifying mirror to use on a daily basis.


Magnifying mirrors come in a number of different shapes, sizes and designs, giving you various different options for when you are ready to make a purchase. The number of arms you ant depends on two main factors. These are the locations you plan on putting your mirror and the level of versatility you want. The location is the first thing to consider. If you want to place your mirror on a countertop, you most likely wont need you won't need multiple arms. You will most likely benefit from a magnifying mirror that has one stand and a mirror face that you will be able to pivot. Some mirrors will have a bendable or adjustable stand so that you will be able to adjust the mirror to a multitude of different positions. Whether you want a fixed stand or an adjustable stand is up to you and how you want to incorporate the mirror into your bathroom.
If you plan on mounting it onto your wall, you will most likely need two or three arms. You will need these in order to maneuver it more easily and fold it closer to your wall. If your mirror is mounted on your wall, you will most likely need some more versatility, so this is something you should consider. Multiple arms will allow you to position the mirrors essentially any way you want if you put them in the correct locations. One thing about mirrors with multiple arms that you should consider is that not all of these will allow for LED lighting or even sensor technology. They are definitely available for you, but they may be tough to find depending on where you look. If your bathroom design allows it, you may prefer a single arm mirror. This is always an option as well. It is up to you as to which mirror design you think will work best in your bathroom, so take your time to make your decision.


This is another aspect that will depend on your bathroom design and where you want to install your mirror. A hardwired mirror will require you to place your mirror in a location with an outlet nearby. You might have to run wires behind your wall to be able to link it up with a light switch. This can be difficult for some bathroom designs to accomplish. If you can, you won't have to worry about replacing batteries every so often. That being said, batteries are a solid option for a number of reasons. The most obvious upside of batteries is that you don't need to worry about any wiring issues. This means you can place your mirror anywhere you want without worrying about the access to an outlet or connecting any wires.
The only downside of batteries is that they will need to be replaced at some point. The choice between batteries and wiring is completely up to you. Neither one affects the quality or effect of the lighting or the sensor. If you need any help at all with installing your mirror because of wiring complications, do not be hesitant to call a professional for help. If you need them to install it, which is common, you should absolutely take care of that before you try to do it yourself. The most important thing to consider is getting the mirror installed properly and safely. This will ensure that you have a quality piece in your bathroom that will be durable and long lasting.


The prices of magnifying mirrors will vary depending on a number of different factors. The most apparent of these factors is whether or not the mirror incorporates any LED lighting. In most cases, LED lighting will increase the price of a magnifying mirror. Another thing to consider is the material used in the mirror, which often translates to higher quality. Some of the most durable and high quality materials used in magnifying mirrors include various different types of metal, with a quality finish. If you desire quality, try to stay away from plastic mirror frames because they don't do as well in a bathroom setting.
When it comes to magnifying mirrors, quality is key. Some other things that could factor in include the number of arms, size and magnification factor. These won't always impact the price significantly, but they are definitely worth consideration. And lastly, of course you have to decide on whether or not a sensor mirror is right for you. The inclusion of a sensor will generally raise the price of a mirror, but will also give you a hands-free way to improve your bathroom functionality. There isn't a typical price for a sensor magnifying mirror. If you are looking for an average price, you can expect to see mirrors ranging from $200 to $800. This is if you want a high quality mirror.

Is a Sensor Magnifying Mirror Right For You?

Is this kind of mirror right for you? If you are on the fence, consider whether or not you need an additional mirror to your wall mirror. If you have trouble applying makeup or shaving in the morning, this is something to consider for you. Lighting can also be an issue. If you are having a little trouble with visibility as far as lighting goes, this should be a strong consideration for you. If you want a beautiful bathroom fixture to fit in your bathroom to improve the overall design, this will be the fixture for you. It will ultimately come down to the design that you want, but this fixture is one of the best that you can possibly include in your design, especially if you value no touch elements.