Inset Bathroom Sinks

Inset bathroom sinks, also known as drop-in sinks are sinks that are dropped into a countertop or vanity. These sinks fit seamlessly into a countertop. Drop-in sinks are also affordable and fairly universal, making them a great consideration for your bathroom sink.


Inset bathroom sinks can be made of a number of different materials. They can really be made out of just about any commonly used sink material, but there are some materials that are more commonly used. Many inset bathroom sinks are composed of a ceramic material or some kind of metal like stainless steel. Other materials that are commonly used include other types of metal or stone. Depending on what kind of style your bathroom is, the material you will use will most likely vary. One example of a material that is fairly uncommon is glass. Glass is typically used in vessel sinks because they are fully exposed and easy to maintain. Inset sinks benefit from being composed of a more sturdy material for this reason.

Why They Work

Inset bathroom sinks are perfect if you want to conserve space. Because an inset sink is below the countertop level of your vanity or countertop, you will have extra space for things that you may want to store on your counter. They are also perfect for a minimalist bathroom design. The installation for these particular sinks is very simple as well. As long as your countertop has the sufficient size hole to fit the sink, you just have to drop in the sink, make sure it is fixed in place and then connect the plumbing. Inset sinks are definitely worthy of consideration if you are planning to incorporate a new sink into your bathroom design.