Storage fixtures can be used in more way than one, serving as both a smart bathroom storage solution and a unique design factor.

4 Tips For Smart Bathroom Storage

  • Stylistic Choices
  • Vanities and Medicine Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets and Drawers
  • Recessed Storage

Stylistic Choices

Stylistic Storage Solutions- Bathroom Sink
Stylistic Storage Solutions - Bathroom Vanity

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom, storage space is crucial in preventing your bathroom from becoming cluttered and disorganized. Because storage is important for every bathroom design, there are several ways you can go about including it. There are several ways to incorporate methods of smart bathroom storage into your bathroom and having a smart and savvy storage method can lead to a creative and unique way to store your bathroom supplies in such a way that will help you achieve a feeling of satisfaction and cleanliness.

Everybody has a different opinion as far as stylistic tastes go, but it is important that you choose what you like. At the end of the day, this bathroom is yours and you want it to reflect your original design. Explore your options as far as creativity goes, especially if you want to have your storage arrangement last for the long run. If you aren't quite sure what direction you would like to go in, check  out a multitude of our other articles such as Bathroom Organization Tips, How to Utilize Shelves in Your Bathroom and How to Find the Right Measurements for Your Bathroom.

Vanities and Medicine Cabinets

Vanities and medicine cabinets are quite effective in integrating a variety of different functions into a stylish foundation for your bathroom. Choosing a vanity comes with the benefit a beautiful way to store your bathroom items. Vanity drawers can store a variety of items including most of your smaller toiletries and objects. Vanities are generally either floor standing or wall mounted giving you two main ways to incorporate them into your bathroom. One of the other features of vanities that will be helpful for storage is the installation type.

A wall mounted vanity will be effective at storing items underneath it due to the extra space it will allot. Medicine cabinets can incorporate a mirror along with a variety of different ways to store similar smaller items. This hybrid storage/mirror combination is not only a great way to save space by joining two bathroom fixtures into one, but adds the benefit of a easy to access storage method being at eye-height. A trend that has been gaining popularity among modern bathroom designs is recessed storage. This will help you save space while giving you the storage space that you need to have a clean and organized bathroom design.


Shelves are one of the more artistic ways to store your bathroom items. When shelves are visible on your bathroom wall, they will give your bathroom another charming piece for you or your guests to look at. As a bonus, the objects you put on your shelves can serve as appealing decorations as well. You can fit a variety of bathroom accessories on your bathroom shelf.

Things such as tissue boxes, trays, soaps or other visually aesthetic items can draw the eye while simultaneously being stored in a way to help conserve space in your bathroom. Displays are a great way to add style to your bathroom using your shelves. You don't have to only put bathroom items on your shelves however. Try experimenting with decorations to put on your bathroom shelves. Another great aspect about bathroom shelves is how affordable they are. They are always accessible options if you are either on a budget or just don't feel like spending an unnecessary amount of money. Shelves are a great way to open up space and create more room for other fixtures that would not have room otherwise.

Cabinets and Drawers

Stand alone cabinets and drawer units are a great way to store larger items such as folded towels, or for items you don’t want out in the open, such as toilet paper. Cabinets and smart bathroom storage drawer units can serve the same purpose as vanities or medicine cabinets in terms of storage. Their main purposes are to store items in a compact and clean manner, while doubling as a gorgeous component to your bathroom.

Cabinets and drawer units are one of the most common ways to store things that you do not necessarily want people or yourself to see as well. This includes any toilet related items such as a toilet brush or toilet paper, or anything else that you want concealed. One of the best aspects about cabinets and drawer units is their versatility. Many are available in several different sizes, making it easy for anyone to incorporate them into any bathroom. When paired with shelves and other storage fixtures, organization becomes easier, making for a more stress-free environment. Cabinets and drawers are most effective as smart bathroom storage for small bathrooms. 

Recessed Storage

If you're struggling to incorporate space in your bathroom design, consider recessed storage. The storage can help your bathroom in many ways first of all, it is great at creating space. Because recessed storage is built into your wall, You will have much more space for other fixtures and accessories. Recessed bathroom storage can come in two different forms. First, you can get a shelf. Second, you can incorporate some kind of recessed storage unit. Both of these are great for saving space. If you only need a minimal amount of storage space, consider a shelf. On the other hand, you might need a large amount of space. If this is the case for you, consider a full recessed storage unit.

This type of storage is also great if you have wall space to incorporate it. Before you install this type of storage, you need to know how much space you have behind your wall. This is very important to take into consideration. This type of storage will only work if you have sufficient space to house them in your wall. If you don't, there aren't many ways to get around this. However, if you do, this can be one of the most beneficial aspects to your bathroom design. The storage is both efficient and convenient to access. Recessed smart bathroom storage ideas are some of the best types of storage you can incorporate in your bathroom design.

DIY Storage Solutions

There are many ways for you to create your own smart bathroom storage solutions. You should always look to different types of inspiration so you can find a perfect storage method for you. If none of the previous choices are interesting to you, try some DIY storage solutions. There are several ways that you can create your own storage to match your bathroom design. First of all, you can try some bins. Clear plastic bins are always a great choice for storing your items. If you have a place to put these bins, it will be even better if your design in the long run. Label your bins and you can even decorate them how you want. It is important to add personality to as many areas of your bathroom design as you can.

You can also create some wall mounted or ceiling smart bathroom storage options. For example, you can hang a shelf unit from your ceiling that you made by yourself. You can do the same thing from your wall. This might be a little hard to actually incorporate, so make sure you are taking your time with this. You also might want to incorporate some drawer dividers for your vanity. These are very easy to make by yourself. All you have to do is measure the vanity and cut out pieces of wood to match the size. Then you can create your own compartments so you can store your items separately and access them conveniently. There are many other ways to create personalized storage, so keep your eyes open and explore your options.

Final Note

Several methods of storage are possible when designing or renovating your bathroom, all of which can prove to be an artistic, creative and organized way to enhance your bathroom. You should definitely consider incorporating some beautiful and efficient storage in your bathroom design.If you need any help with storage, it is recommended that you contact a professional. By contacting a professional, you will get expert advice on how to optimize your bathroom storage capacity. This is very important no matter what kind of bathroom size you have.

If you have a small bathroom, this could be one of the best things you could possibly do. If you have a larger bathroom it might be a little easier to organize and store your items yourself. Either way, if you are having doubts, professional help is not a bad idea. It is important to store your items in accessible locations that are easy to reach. This is the number one thing to take into consideration. However, you don't want to store your items in a place where they will get in the way. Take both of these points and remember them for when you are organizing your bathroom area.