Lighting is essential to every healthy and safe bathroom design. In a master bathroom, it is especially important that the perfect lighting solutions are used. Depending on the size and layout of a bathroom, different types of lighting may be better than others. This guide will go over the best lighting features you should consider for your master bathroom design.

What Type of Lighting Should Be Used in a Master Bath?

What Type of Lighting Should Be Used in a Master Bath?
What Type of Lighting Should Be Used in a Master Bath?

Before you incorporate any main lighting fixtures, it is important to know what type of lighting will work best for you. In most scenarios, there is one correct answer, and that is LED lighting. LED lighting is one of the most efficient and quality types of lighting to use, especially in a bathroom environment. Luckily, it is used in many modern lighting fixtures nowadays. If it isn’t you usually have the option to switch out the current bulbs for LED bulbs. In general, these are the types of lights you should go for, but other options are always available.

Spotlights Add Class and Style

One of the most fun ways to add light to a bathroom is through the use of spotlights. Spotlights can be used in a number of places, with some areas working better than others. One of the most popular and effective places to install spotlights will be above a bathroom mirror. This will provide your bathroom vanity area with sufficient light so you can get a clear reflection while making the area bright and accessible. Aside from being effective lighting fixtures for your bathroom, they are incredibly elegant and unique options in terms of design.

Dimmable Bulbs Perfect Your Design

Perhaps the best way to control the amount of light in a bathroom is through dimmable light bulbs. This is one of the best ways to set the perfect atmosphere to create a comfortable design. The best way to do this will be the incorporation of dimmer switches in your bathroom. By doing this, you will be able to perfectly control the amount of light in each area of your bathroom. This is especially effective in a master bathroom, as the space will generally be larger than most other types of bathrooms. Again, LED light bulbs will be the best option here due to the versatility and capabilities they bring to a design.

LED Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

Aside from your main light sources, you will also need some lighting accessories to fill in the empty spaces. One of the best bathroom accessories in this regard is a LED lighted magnifying mirror. These mirrors are incredibly useful and very convenient in a bathroom design. The built in lighting makes for a clear and clean reflection as long as the mirror is properly maintained. Most LED lighted magnifying mirrors will include several great features to enhance the experience even more. Dimmable lights, extendable arms, flexible positioning and various other features make these types of mirrors incredibly attractive.

Recessed Lighting is Simple and Effective

A very common type of master bathroom lighting is recessed lighting. This will generally come in the form of recessed ceiling lighting. However, there are several other possibilities to consider as well. For example, recessed floor lighting is an incredibly unique way to light up a bathroom if done correctly. Another great location for recessed lighting could be behind or on the edges of your bathroom mirror. This is a great way to make a backlit mirror if you do not have one already. One of the best things about recessed lighting is that it doesn’t stick out or get in the way. Installation could be a bit tricky if you are a novice, but it is still an amazing option to consider.

Floor Standing Lamps Add Class to a Master Bath

A classic take on lighting an area can also be transformed into something much more modern. For example, there are various beautiful stand alone lighting fixtures that can fit right into any modern master bathroom design. The traditional lamp design is definitely a possibility, but there are various modern designs that you might find to be much easier to include. Because floor standing lamps do take up a bit more space, it is important to use them wisely. Make sure you have enough floor space in order to comfortably accommodate a lamp with a base.

Vanity Lighting Comes in a Variety of Different Forms

There are various types of vanity lighting that are both unique and useful bathroom features. Because your vanity is so important to your design, it is important to have it lit properly. Thankfully, there are several ways for you to do this. One of the most efficient ways to do this is through LED lighted bathroom mirrors. This combines two incredibly important fixtures into one amazing design element. Another popular option is a set of vanity spotlights, as mentioned previously in the article. In general, it is always important to have sufficient lighting on a vanity due to how often you will be using it.

In Conclusion

To wrap things up, lighting is one of the most important pieces of a comfortable bathroom design. When you are going through a design plan or remodeling project, lighting should be one of your top priorities. Lighting needs to be beautifully designed, energy efficient and affordable. Of course, it is often to find the best of all three of these factors. However, there are various viable options for you to choose from. Make sure you have the perfect light fixtures before you complete a master bathroom design plan.