The industrial style is a unique and creative design choice for your bathroom.


The Industrial Style

A bathroom style that revolves around the theme of industrialization is a very unique style that takes you back in time to the early 1900s. This particular style incorporates wooden fixtures, metal finishes and geometric tile patterns. Raw materials and exposed plumbing are also commonly found in industrial bathroom designs. An industrial style is similar to a vintage style bathroom, which uses similar finishes and styles, so if you are a fan of a vintage bathroom style, this industrial style is something to consider. Overall this design is all about a rough but refined style combined with a theme of minimalism.

Popular Materials

The industrial design revolves around the usage of many different types of raw materials, including woods and metal mainly. Wood is most commonly used in vanities and floor trims, along with mirror borders. Most types of wood can be compatible with this design, so as far as your options go, you are not very limited to a small selection of wood. Metal is used in sinks, faucets and any other fixture that comes directly in contact with water. Common metal includes brass, copper and cast iron to really accentuate the other fixtures in your bathroom in order to promote the industrial theme as much as possible. Brass and copper are very common for when you include exposed plumbing in your design. Because exposed plumbing is one of the most popular aspects of this design, the copper and brass finishes and metals will be something to consider.

Exposed Plumbing

Exposed plumbing is one of the most unique aspects of an industrial style bathroom. The exposed pipes are a great way to include a style aspect that many bathroom cannot include as effectively as this particular style. The best way to incorporate exposed plumbing is by utilizing a wall mounted sink. Wall mounted sinks gives you the opportunity to showcase the pipes you choose for your design. Brass or steel pipes are typically the most elegant design choices for this particular area of your bathroom. Traps and drains of the same materials can help you accomplish this goal.


Tiling is also extremely important to this particular design. Typically you will want to incorporate some kind of black, white or gray color combination. You may decide that you want to include some touches of striking color. Popular color choices are red and gold to add some eye catching design to your tile pattern. You don't want to add too many bright colors, because then your tile pattern will start to conflict with the majority of your bathroom that incorporates neutral colors and brass/copper colors. As for the tiles themselves, you don't have to do anything too special. Try to stick with common geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles, although other shapes such as hexagons can be used as well.

Final Note

The industrial design is one to consider. This is especially true if you are looking for a new or unique way to style your bathroom.