When you picture a bathroom, you will think of a few things. Toilets, sinks, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures will come to mind. However, it is good to know the differences in the types of bathrooms. Specifically, it is good to know the main differences between public and private bathrooms. There are some several differences that need to be taken into account. This is true for access and safety reasons, among others. This guide will go over all of the differences between public and private bathrooms that you should know about.

Qualities of a Residential Bathroom

Qualities of a Residential Bathroom
Qualities of a Residential Bathroom

A private bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Because it will be used every day, multiple times a day, it needs to be designed to your tastes. This is one of the best design projects you will have in your home due to this. A private bathroom will have every fixture and bathroom accessories that you want, as long as it fits your budget. Also, you don’t need to worry about special needs, unless they are for you.

Private bathrooms are often used by only one or two people, with some exceptions of course. Because so few people will be using the bathroom regularly, it can be customized accordingly. Personal fixtures and accessories can be installed in order to create a comfortable space. Private bathrooms will also have some fixtures that will not be in public bathrooms.

Qualities of a Public Bathroom

Unlike a private bathroom, public bathrooms will be required to follow a certain set of standards. Because they will be used by many different people depending on the situation, they need to be accommodating. For example, handicap stalls, ADA compliant fixtures and other similar features should be properly installed. In many cases, this is a legal requirement, and could result in legal action if not properly installed.

In addition to the special requirements most public bathrooms require, the layout will also be different. It is no secret that there are some obvious differences between public and private bathroom designs. Depending on the size of the bathroom especially, there are several key differences. Stalls, amount of toilets/bathroom sinks, ADA compliance regulations and several other features will be the main features of a public bathroom that a private bathroom will not have in most cases.

What You Will Find in a Private Bathroom

As previously stated, private bathrooms will have different fixtures and accessories than public bathrooms. Because private bathrooms will be used privately, or in your own home, different modifications can be made. Below are some of the main fixtures, accessories and design elements of a private bathroom that you likely will not find in a public bathroom.

Personal Bathroom Vanity

One of the best aspects of a private bathroom is your personalized bathroom fixtures. Perhaps the most important fixture will be your bathroom vanity. It houses your sink, stores items, and is one of the most used areas in your bathroom. In addition, personal vanities are often much more elegant in terms of appearance. There are no standards to follow for the most part, so finish and any other factor will be up to you. Bathroom vanities are some of the most used fixtures in a design, so it is great to have one that fits all of your wants and needs.

Custom Bathroom Accessories

Single person or single family bathrooms can accommodate more bathroom accessories than public bathrooms in almost every case. For example, both public and private bathrooms will include accessories such as soap dispensers and hand towels. However, private bathrooms will be able to include towel bars, bathroom hooks, soap dishes and many other bathroom accessories. In addition, the bathroom accessories for a private bathroom will not need to follow any rules, as they would in a public space.

Private Bathroom Floor Plans

The layout of a private bathroom is very different from a public bathroom in most cases. As mentioned, a private bathroom has much more freedom in terms of design because you do not need to worry about others. Private bathrooms should still follow an efficient layout however. A basic layout includes properly placed fixtures. For example, a simple plan of a vanity next to the toilet, with a shower opposite is a safe plan.

What You Will Find in Public Bathroom

A public bathroom will require a bit more attention to detail than a private bathroom in most cases. Because many different people will likely be using them, it is important that they are accessible to the greatest number of people possible. With certain standards in place, public bathrooms will be designed differently than most residential bathrooms.

Accessibility is Key in Public Bathrooms

Comfort and safety are two factors of a bathroom design that need to be considered. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is for the safety and comfort of the people using it. Secondly, there are rules that need to be considered. ADA compliance is something a public bathroom needs to follow for two main reasons. First, it is needed those with disabilities. Secondly, it could result in a serious liability if it is not used properly.

Public Bathroom Layouts Might Vary

The layout of a public bathroom needs to be designed in a certain way. Many public bathrooms look similar. For example, many public bathrooms will have a series of stalls or urinals, or both, depending on the bathroom. The same can be said with the sinks, waste baskets and other bathroom fixtures. Proper spacing and open floor space will be the two core ideas that public bathrooms must take advantage of in order to have access. Restroom decor ideas can come in to play as well.

Public Bathroom Fixtures

The fixtures used in a public bathroom should meet a certain set of rules. However, many public bathroom fixtures will need to be installed in accordance with ADA compliance. The main fixtures that need to be considered here are bathroom sinks, faucets, toilets/stalls, grab bars and various accessories. It is important that all elements of the public bathroom fit within ADA rules if they need to be.