Here are a few ways to style your bathroom in a unique way.

Trough Bathroom Sinks

As bathrooms become more of a focal point of the home, innovation and upgrades are becoming increasingly important. One upcoming trend in bathrooms in the trough style sink. These sinks work perfectly in large bathrooms or simply bathrooms with large vanities.

Common Materials

Trough bathroom sinks are commonly made out of a few different materials. One of the most common materials used is stainless steel. Stainless steel is easy to clean, very durable and it looks very nice in most bathroom design schemes. Porcelain and ceramic trough bathroom sinks are also two of the most common materials used. These materials are very common in other bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets, so they will mesh well with many bathroom design that incorporate them well. Other less common materials that are used include marble, granite, glass and metals such as copper. Though less common, these materials are still very beautiful options.

Sink Styles

Trough bathroom sinks are larger sinks, so there are not too many ways to incorporate them. Installation types are key in this aspect. The most common types of tough sinks are undermount/drop-in trough sinks and wall mounted trough sinks. Wall mounted trough sinks are great for open bathrooms and fit well into rustic and modern designs to name a few. Drop-in and undermount sinks are similar in this regard but are much easier to incorporate into large vanities.

Why It Works

The main reason to include a trough bathroom sink is the size. Trough bathroom sinks are typically built to accommodate multiple people by incorporating a number of sinks into one long sink with multiple faucets. This adds a unique design aspect to your bathroom as well as a very efficient sink.