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Find the best trough bathroom sink for your bathroom design. This guide will highlight everything you need to know about the growing trend of trough bathroom sinks.

What is a Trough Bathroom Sink?

Trough bathroom sinks are typically large bathroom sinks that accommodate two or more faucets. Traditionally, trough bathroom sinks are single basins but the definition has been expanded in recent years to include double basins. Trough bathroom sinks can be installed in a number of ways. They can be wall mounted, integrated, dropped in and several other methods. Think of trough bathroom sinks as traditional bathroom sink with a few key differences.

As bathrooms become more of a focal point of the home, and innovation and upgrades are becoming increasingly important, trough bathroom sinks are becoming increasingly trendier. The multitude of installation types and different design options makes these sinks very appealing. With most trough sinks, you have the option to use either deck mounted or wall mounted faucets. Moreover, trough sinks are available in many different materials, giving you endless possibilities with your design.

Trough sinks work perfectly in medium to large bathrooms or simply bathrooms with large vanities. If you have a small bathroom that is struggling with space, a trough bathroom sink might not be the choice for you.

Criteria for Determining a High Quality Trough Bathroom Sink

  • Material - The material of a trough bathroom sink determines durability and longevity of the sink. Popular materials include ceramic, stone, glass, stainless steel, cast iron and several others.
  • Size - Trough bathroom sinks need to be large. Because of this, you need to make sure the sink you choose is large enough to accommodate your bathroom design effectively.
  • Faucet Pairings - Many large bathroom sinks can incorporate more than one faucet and different types of faucets. A high quality trough bathroom sink will be versatile in both of the categories.
  • Installation Type - There are a few main ways to install a large bathroom sink. They can be mounted on the wall, countertop or integrated into a vanity most commonly.
  • Price - A good trough bathroom sink will be built well at a reasonable price. High quality trough bathroom sinks should be very durable and stylish at a fair price point.


Unlimited 100 Trough Bathroom Sink - WS Bath Collections

The Unlimited 100 trough bathroom sink from WS Bath Collections is a beautiful trough bathroom sink for any bathroom design. This trough bathroom sink is wall mounted or mounted on your countertop. It is also made to highest industry design and quality standards. It is available with one, two or three faucet holes, giving you the freedom to choose essentially any faucet type you want. In addition, it is available with soap dispenser hole option to the left or right of the faucet hole. The Unlimited 100 trough bathroom is ADA compliant and very popular with architects and commercial projects. Mad in Italy, this large bathroom sink is high quality and very beautiful.



Energy 100 Trough Bathroom Sink -

The Energy 100 trough bathroom sink from combines simple beauty with comfortable functionality. It is designed with thin edges and a rectangular shape that brings a clean, refined and modern fixture into your bathroom design. This large bathroom sink is available with one, three or no faucet holes, giving you several faucet options to choose from. This trough bathroom sink is made of metal and finished in a beautiful ceramic white. This makes the Energy 100 trough bathroom sink a very sturdy and durable option to consider. It can be installed in countertop and wall-mount applications making it very versatile as well. The Energy 100 trough bathroom sink is available in several sizes and faucet hole configurations.



Unlimited 120 Trough Bathroom Sink - WS Bath Collections

The Unlimited 120 vessel trough bathroom sink is made to highest industry design and quality standards. It can be either mounted on the wall and mounted on a countertop. This large bathroom sink can have one, three or no faucet holes, giving you many faucet options to consider. The three hole option is available with both a 4" and 8" spread. It is also available with a soap dispenser hole option to the left or right of faucet hole. The Unlimited 120 trough bathroom sink also has two basins allowing for two faucets to be incorporated. This is definitely something to consider if you have multiple people using the bathroom at any given time. This vessel trough bathroom sink ceramic white, making it versatile for use in any bathroom design.



Trough 48 Trough Bathroom Sink - Native Trails

The Trough 48 trough bathroom sink is a simple yet beautiful bathroom sink. It is the perfect size for large bathrooms. The handcrafted sink is easy to maintain and very comfortable to use. It comes in four beautiful finishes, including polished copper, brushed nickel, antique and polished nickel. The basin itself it made of handcrafted 16-gauge copper. The basin is rectangular and the side are vertical. In addition, this sink can be used as a drop-in sink or an undermount sink. It has two drain holes as well. There are no faucet holes built into the sink, so you will need a vanity that can accommodate a faucet or faucets. Because this sink is hand crafted, it will truly be unique for your bathroom design.



Medium Concrete Ramp Sink and Vanity - Hyde Concrete

The Medium Concrete Ramp Sink and Vanity is a beautifully simple rectangular trough bathroom sink. This large bathroom sink is offered in 62" and 74" lengths. In addition, it can incorporate up to two faucets, making it great for accessibility. There is also an option for no faucet holes. You can use this sink as a wall mounted sink or a vessel sink, making it quite versatile. It also has a beautiful slot drain, making it a unique options to consider. A hardware kit for wall mounted installation is sold separately, so you will likely want to purchase them together. It is available in cement gray, marble or basalt.


Wall Mounted Rectangular Trough Bathroom Sinks

A wall mounted trough bathroom sink can be an incredibly useful addition to any bathroom design. Wall mounted trough bathroom sinks will help you with space creation. Consider this if you are struggling with space in your bathroom. In addition to saving space, they are also great for minimalist bathroom designs. There are many designs for wall mounted rectangular trough bathroom sinks, so explore your options. Wall mounted rectangular trough bathroom sinks can typically incorporate one or two faucet. However, if the sink is being used in a public place such as a restaurant, more faucets can be easily included due to the increased size of the sink. Wall mounted trough bathroom sinks are great for both private and commercial use. These sinks will require brackets for installation, so make sure it is installed on a durable location of your wall.

Integrated Trough Bathroom Sinks

Trough bathroom sinks can also be integrated into the vanity itself. This is great if you are looking for a large bathroom sink that is built into a vanity. This will likely help you save money by purchasing two fixtures in one. Integrated trough bathroom sinks will seamlessly fit into your vanity countertop due to the fact that the sink and countertop are essentially combined. These sinks are common in both wall mounted vanities as well as freestanding vanities. Integrated trough bathroom sinks can be smaller than other large bathroom sinks due to the restrictions of the size of the vanity. However, integrated trough bathroom sinks are an affordable and beautiful option no matter what the overall bathroom design warrants. These sinks can most commonly incorporate one or two faucets.

Faucet Pairings for Trough Bathroom Sinks

Trough bathroom sinks can incorporate a multitude of different faucet types. Because of this, there are several types of faucet pairings. Deck mounted faucets are the most common. This is because many trough bathroom sinks already have faucet holes to accommodate them. If you don't prefer deck mounted faucets, you can use wall mounted faucets instead. If this is the case for you, make sure your trough bathroom sink has no faucet holes. This will make the sink look much sleeker and uniform. A great pairing is a wall mounted trough bathroom sink will a wall mounted faucet.

This will create a very cohesive design element in your bathroom. The number of faucets you need will depend on how many people are using the sink as well as how many basins the sink has. If two people are using the sink, consider a rectangular trough bathroom sink with two basins and two faucets. If only one person is using the sink, it is safe to go with a single faucet and a single basin.

Materials Used in Trough Bathroom Sinks

  • Ceramic - Ceramic is one of the most commonly used materials in rectangular trough bathroom sinks, as well as other types of bathroom sinks. This materials is both very durable and versatile in terms of color and design.
  • Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is one of the best materials for keeping your trough bathroom sink clean. It is also very effective in terms of design, especially in a traditional bathroom design.
  • Wood - Although it is not the most common material used in sinks, wood is very beautiful and durable. A wooden trough bathroom sink will work extremely well in a bathroom design focused on natural elements.
  • Cast Iron - Cast iron trough bathroom sinks have a hard durable surface. They are very easy to maintain and their smooth, glossy finish is comfortable to the touch.
  • Glass - Glass is another material that isn't particularly common, but if used correctly, it can be very beautiful. Consider glass for a trough bathroom sink incorporated into a vanity.
  • Copper - Copper can be great in a trough bathroom sink due to its durability and style. Use copper in your sink if you want a vintage style or rustic bathroom design.

Why It Works

The main reason to include a rectangular trough bathroom sink is the size. Trough bathroom sinks are typically built to accommodate multiple people by incorporating a number of sinks into one long sink with multiple faucets. This adds a unique design aspect to your bathroom as well as a very efficient sink.

Vessel trough bathroom sinks are perfect for master bathrooms as well as large public restrooms where multiple people may be using the sinks at the same time.

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