A Traditional Look

If you were to go in any residential or commercial bathroom today, chances are you would see a white sink and a chrome faucet. This combination has been around for years and shows no signs of going away. Of course, there is a good reason for this. This combination is one of the most versatile and beautiful combinations you could possibly incorporate into your bathroom design. The chrome faucet matches beautifully with the white bathroom sink, making for a comfortable yet bold feature of a bathroom design.
The versatility of this design is something that can be implemented in any bathroom design. No matter what the overall color or theme of your bathroom is, this combination will find a way to work. If you are at all struggling with find the perfect sink and faucet for your bathroom, consider a white vessel sink with a chrome faucet.

White Vessel Sinks

In many bathrooms, one of the most common colors that you will see in one way or another is the color white. White is one of the most popular colors because of how well it combines with other colors. For example, the reason why white is used in so many sinks is because of how well it works with several different faucet finishes. White vessel sinks are beautiful and stylish sinks to incorporate into a bathroom due to the neutral color and luxurious design. These sinks are also versatile in the sense that they can come in essentially any design. This is due to to the popular materials that are used for bathroom sinks, such as ceramic.

Why White Vessel Sinks?

White vessel sinks are some of the most beautiful sinks you can include in a bathroom. The vessel sink combined with the white coloring makes for a simple yet effective design. For starters, vessel sinks are perhaps the most stylish type of sink. They rest nicely on your vanity countertop. Because of this, you get a nice 360 view of the entire sink. This allows the sink to show off its beautiful design elements.
There are a number of different materials and finishes that can be used in white vessel sinks. The most common and popular is a ceramic sink. Ceramic is one of the most popular bathroom materials in general. This is because ceramic is both easy to clean and very durable, making it a great choice for a vessel sink. This should be one of your first considerations when choosing a material for your sink. You can also choose something like stone. Stone works especially well in vessel sinks because it is sitting above the vanity. Stone sinks will be a bit more expensive, but they are very beautiful.
One of the most popular finishes in recent years is the matte finish. A matte white sink is a sleek and stylish sink style that gives your bathroom a breath of modernity. This is definitely something to consider if you want a brand new vessel sink with style. A chrome faucet will still work magnificently with this type of sink, so you should definitely consider this.

Sink Shapes

The shape of your vessel sink is something that you should not overlook. No matter what shape you have, it should be something that fits well with the rest of your bathroom design. If your bathroom design is more of a modern design that focuses on corners and geometric shapes, consider a rectangular sink. A warmer and softer design might want to incorporate a round sink to convey a different feeling.
There are also sinks that are shaped in very unique ways. You could get an asymmetric sink that will work nicely in a personal bathroom design. There are essentially infinite shapes to choose from, so it is important to choose one that first well with your design. Because the sink is so important, make sure you are picking the right one for you.

Chrome Faucets

Chrome is one of the most popular finishes for bathroom faucets. These are so common and popular because of how well they go with almost every style of sink. Along with that, you can pair chrome with essentially any other color, not just a white sink. This is one of the reasons why chrome is one of the most popular finishes in bathroom designs everywhere. Chrome is an easy to clean and durable finish as well. Whether the facet is wall mounted, deck mounted, tall or short, the chrome faucet is a perfect choice for any bathroom.

Deck Mounted Faucets

There are several different types of faucets that you can incorporate into your design to fit with this sink. For starters, you can get a traditional deck mounted faucet. These faucets are incredibly functional and utilize a safe yet beautiful design. Deck mounted faucets will either be installed directly into the sinks faucet holes or on the counter itself. Depending on the sink design, this will vary from sink to sink.
You also need to know how many holes the faucet is going to need. For any given faucet, you may need one to three holes for a typical bathroom sink setup. A single lever faucet will typically have only one hole, but sometimes it may have two. If you want a faucet with two separate levers, you will need three faucet holes. Neither of these are better than the others. It will ultimately come down to your personal preference. This is a pretty big decision because of how it will affect your comfort and accessibility to your faucet. You might want to go to a local showroom to see which type of faucet feels better before you make your choice. There is no difference in quality necessarily, so it will simply be a comfort and design choice.

Wall Mounted Faucets

If you do not think a deck mounted faucet is the way to go for you, consider a wall mounted faucet. These faucets are mounted at the wall at a certain height. There are recommended heights for wall mounted faucets, but because designs are different, they could vary. Typically, you will want your wall mounted faucet at about six inches above your vessel sink. Again, this could vary, so research your specific faucet to find out the most optimal height. If you have a longer or wider faucet, this could be something to look out for.
As far as installation is concerned, things can get a little tricky. First you need to make sure the faucet s going to me mounted in an appropriate location. This means that you have to make sure your plumbing will work in the wall in which you are trying to mount your faucet. If you are having too much trouble with this, contact a professional for some help. Wall mounted faucets are some of the most beautiful fixtures you can incorporate in a bathroom, so it will be worth it.
In addition to the beautiful design, wall mounted faucets are great fro saving space in a vanity area. this is especially true for a countertop. The more space you have on your counter, the easier it will be to use anything in the area. Sometimes a faucet can get in the way of certain things, so this is a good solution. Both a wall mounted faucet and a deck mounted faucet are very useful and reliable, so consider either one for this pairing.

Why Chrome?

There are several reasons as to why chrome is one of the most used finishes in bathrooms, especially with faucets. First of all, chrome is very versatile in design. Chrome utilizes a unique metallic look that exemplifies quality at a reasonable price. This metallic finish is one of the most universal finishes because of how well it goes with any color. Because chrome isn't necessarily a color, it goes well with many of them. The metallic finish helps to accentuate the colors. This is why white is so effective in this sense.
In addition to the style elements, chrome is also a very durable finish. Most of the time you can find anti-corrosion chrome that will help your bathroom with longevity. Chrome is also very easy to clean, making for an easy upkeep routine. Taking all of these things into consideration, chrome is probably the best finish out there. The combination of durability, versatility and design makes it a great finish to pair with your white vessel sink.

White Vessel Sinks With Chrome Faucets

The combination of white vessel sinks and chrome faucets is one that will always work in bathrooms for years to come. The beautiful combination of a white vessel sink and a chrome faucet can be incorporated in a number of different ways. For example, one of the most elegant looking combinations is a wall mounted chrome faucet with a white rectangular vessel sink. Another option is to go with a deck mounted faucet, which can be just as beautiful. There aren’t many combinations that do not look good. Mixing and matching chrome faucets with white vessel sinks can only end with beautiful combinations and elegant designs.