The rustic style is natural, beautiful and well worth it.

The Rustic Style

A rustic style generally includes the use of wood and other natural materials, a balance of tones and a natural feel. A rustic bathroom uses materials such as brick, stone and other similar materials in order to simulate nature and emit a relaxing feeling. The main goal and outcome of this style is to make your bathroom feel comfortable and homey by utilizing vintage decor design. This is a popular bathroom style for a countryside home or something similar, in order to create a complete feeling of comfort. If you are drawn to natural features and simplistic designs with a large amount of beauty, the rustic style will definitely be something for you to consider.

Rustic Colors

Most rustic colors are organically based. These colors include natural stone colors and textures, wood colors and textures, beige, light greens and light blues. Shading with darker colors is recommended as well. Experimenting with natural colors allows you to be creative while giving your rustic bathroom an original touch. Bright colors such as bright yellows and pinks do not mesh well with this particular bathroom design due to the unnatural nature of the color. Rustic bathrooms tend to stay within in the realm of flatter more natural colors. This coincides with the notion that rustic bathrooms are centered around nature and simplicity in order to reach peak comfort. The color that is used in almost every rustic bathroom is brown, mainly due to how easy it is to incorporate while being extremely versatile. Being that wood and brass are so prevelent in this particular design, look to incorporate colors that complement brown beautifully, such as white and green.

Rustic Materials

Often rustic bathrooms include more “old-fashioned” materials. These materials include different kinds of wood, stone, and touches of cast iron or brushed iron. Other materials such as brick and brass will work as well.  An uncommon but beautiful material to use in this design is clay, which is often overlooked. Clay can be great for decorative pieces. Any natural materials are usually a good fit for any rustic bathroom. Wood is one of the most popular materials to use in this design, and for good reason. It is so versatile and you can implement it in essentially any area of your bathroom. The most obvious areas include vanities and walls, but there are often overlooked areas where you can incorporate wood as well. For example, The goal of using these materials is to create a minimalist and inviting space for your bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Complements

In order to complement your bathroom with rustic accessories, consider using older fashioned accessories made of wood, wicker, metal or stone. Some great complements to incorporate in your rustic bathroom include candles, baskets, vases and other similar items. You can also consider handmade crafts, which can give your bathroom a more homey look.