Vanity Sinks

A vanity does not have any purpose without a bathroom sink. This is a place in your bathroom that you will be spending much of your time at, so your sink should be perfect for your vanity design as well as your personal preference. There are hundreds of different combinations you can make with your sink and vanity, and all of them come with their own unique set of benefits revolving around design, style, comfort and function.

Integrated Sinks

Many vanities will incorporate an integrated sink. An integrated sink is a sink that blends with the countertop of the vanity, so that purchasing a separate sink isn’t necessary. An integrated sink is perfect for any bathroom design. It is easy to clean and could potentially be a lower price than if you buy a sink separately. If you buy a sink separately, you will also have to deal with the installation as well. An upside about this kind of integrated sink is that the vanity and the sink can be purchased as one fixture, making it easier on you in terms of stress and your wallet.

Integrated Undermount/Trough/Drop-In Sinks

If you choose to purchase a vanity with a fitting or hole for a sink, you can still incorporate a seamlessly fitting bathroom sink. For example, undermount sinks, trough sinks and drop-in sinks are perfect for vanities for the same reason an integrated sink is. They are easy to clean, look great and give you space on your vanity, among other things. The good thing about these sinks is that you can choose the sink that will work the best in your bathroom design. The one downside is that you will most likely have to purchase the sink separately from your vanity.